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  1. At first he was pretty good with his targets, then his meltdowns were entertaining for a bit, but now his constant "idiots" and "morons" combined with complete flipping from "the sky is falling" to "maybe moon now" and back became too annoying to follow. I kinda want to start commenting "you're an idiot" on every post me makes now regardless of how it plays out until he bans me.
  2. The whole market popped, it wasn't XRP specific. As to why, I have no idea, perhaps big accounts wanted to take profits and popped the bubble.
  3. Yeah I'm really not sure about the dude, he had a few good calls, and his fibs are spot on oddly often, but I think he's full of it when he claims insider info.
  4. There are 3 kinds of airdrops 1. Devs expanding supply - this has happened with a few cryptos and basically if you hold a certain amount of crypto an additional amount will be added just because. You need to take no action to receive this. 2. Devs expanding the network you're already on - another coin has been issued on an existing network (historically mostly ETH based, a few others including XRP have happened). It will be a different coin/crypto, you'll have to put your wallet address and follow up with procedures to set up a separate crypto account after. Usually fine but be wary with your security - if they ask for passwords of any sort it's 100% scam. Do some research, many are genuinely interesting projects but don't compromise your holdings by revealing too much info. If it seems fishy it probably is. 3. Most common nowadays since the ERC20 rage has died out are plain old scams. You'll see swarms of posts all over twitter and other social media of bots claiming to receive large amounts of crypto. It's click bait trying to steal your info and is easy to spot. Again just do some research before clicking on weird links, a quick google search will clear everything up. If someone claims to have received over $100 worth of crypto as they usually do it's 100% ********.
  5. Did he leave? I haven't read the Zerpening thread in months, but I occasionally see bullish XRP tweets from him.
  6. Where's the fun in imagining your investment losing even more value though?...
  7. Up we go, thanks BCH? Edit: pumps and TA sometimes seem so eerily coordinated, makes me wonder if the news release team pick the most opportune moments (from TA perspective) for greater price effect.
  8. @Molten @dr_ed what are your thoughts on diamond patterns, that's a new one for me?
  9. @Hodor I fully support your decision, as much as I've enjoyed your posts and blogs, they would carry more weight without anonymous avatars. Wish you well in your future endeavors, and a heartfelt thanks for your contributions!
  10. Would anyone like to chart BSV for siths and giggles?
  11. I would have to disagree, while they technically could do that, the SEC would be so deep up their ass they won't find a third world island to hide in. There is an ethical reason they let third parties handle the XRP sales. It would make no sense for them to compromise the already phenomenal profits.
  12. I don't know the facts 100% so this could be wrong, but I've read he owns 800,000 btc, and is handing over half, which will be taxed at an up to 40% rate.
  13. Craig Wright has to hand over 50% of his bitcoin, on which Kleiman estate will have to pay taxes on. Possible epic dump incoming.
  14. I love how constructive the discussion is in this thread, after reading the mess that is crypto twitter you guys are a breath of fresh air.
  15. While I don't recommend for anyone to do so, I did a similar thing in '17 and it worked out pretty well. Worst case screnario bankruptcy is not all that terrible.
  16. How badly are we oversold here? Relatively speaking.
  17. 1. Pick assets 2. Draw triangles 3. ??? 4. Profit. Just a joke, still enjoying the hell out of this thread ;)
  18. 1. Travel, nature, whiskey, sex, and a large dose of hallucinogens once a year. 2. $10+ 3. House/condo 4. A dude?... 5. Fast
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