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  1. Oh definite 50%+ cashout probably well below $50, unless the price rise is caused by massive devaluation of the dollar.
  2. I'm so sorry the position of our natural satellite did not affect XRP price. Would you perhaps like a tea leaf reading?
  3. Wouldn't it be easier to fork their own coin then?
  4. manateehunter

    It's Happening?

    XRP vs BTC is looking pretty, but I'm gonna guess nothing's happening yet, just another post-dip bounce.
  5. I think the chances of indirect use are higher than 25, but for flat out signing on to xrapid or actively using the ledger - less than 1%.
  6. manateehunter

    Bart Simpson Pattern

    Eat my shorts!
  7. manateehunter

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    I think you do. People don't post here unless they're interested in hearing or influencing opinions. I think you got burned. Sorry buddy.
  8. I think this won't be doable simply because the exchanges will crash from volume. Think back to coinbase during peaks, withdrawals were impossible.
  9. manateehunter

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    I'll post here monthly just to re-disappoint you.
  10. manateehunter

    2019 is gonna be epic

    We do tend to get some grade A fud...
  11. If you send 20 xrp to my account I pinky promise you will get 40 back?
  12. manateehunter

    2019 is gonna be epic

    I agree with this, historically it takes a few years after a bear market like we had before a bigger push can happen. After this year I would think it's rational for 2-3 years of mostly sideways trading as long as Ripple team doesn't drop the ball. Obviously there is potential for exponential rise or fall depending on things we don't know. Strap the f in lads!
  13. manateehunter

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    I mean the MS paint skills here desire praise, right? Pretty damn excellent.
  14. IMO a weak bull market started mid-september, we're hitting higher lows now. Looks even better when compared to Bitcoin.
  15. manateehunter

    EOY 2019 XRP predictions

    Same price prediction I've been giving since last august. Tree. Mothereffin. Fiddy.