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  1. While I don't recommend for anyone to do so, I did a similar thing in '17 and it worked out pretty well. Worst case screnario bankruptcy is not all that terrible.
  2. How badly are we oversold here? Relatively speaking.
  3. 1. Pick assets 2. Draw triangles 3. ??? 4. Profit. Just a joke, still enjoying the hell out of this thread ;)
  4. 1. Travel, nature, whiskey, sex, and a large dose of hallucinogens once a year. 2. $10+ 3. House/condo 4. A dude?... 5. Fast
  5. Let them at it, either it will be a non-event, or the flaws will be addressed. Better sooner than later anyways.
  6. Well, Tool announced their new album release date, and if I could wait 13 years for that, I could wait for zerps to moon...
  7. Sell, trade, or wait. All of those options might make you rich or insolvent. I recommend fine whisky.
  8. And to answer my own question I present to you the fat finger award of the year
  9. Well, so much for that... I wonder if that was a syntax error, or whomever the whale was quickly withdrew realizing people follow this.
  10. Um, guys, I hope you're all strapped the fk in, cause this just happened... That's more than the whole fn market cap was.
  11. It wouldn't directly cause a crash, but a flaw in the system can contribute to lower confidence.
  12. Block too big, failed to verify, transactions didn't go through so it forked.
  13. $15 for $500 transaction fee though, and at least 24 hours before international deposit settlement. Also from the safety standpoint, I'd trust crypto over paypal, although the difficulty of use and thoroughness to make sure you're sending to the right account offsets that.
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