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  1. Get out of crypto now, this may be the last chance to avoid achieving financial freedom.
  2. True (although more than just one address for sure), but I think only traders or idiots would keep anything significant on exchange wallets, and more security minded individuals would keep multiple wallets to hedge against breaches.
  3. Well, if you count in exchange accounts, tests, lost keys, and the sleuth of accounts created for sale with only 20 xrp on them in 17-18, I'd be surprised if there are more than 500k of actual users.
  4. They average prices from different markets.
  5. I'm all for it of course, but I would be thoroughly surprised. Dec 2017 blew my mind as is.
  6. Will start selling 35-40% of my stash at around $10, will be enough to buy a modest house. The rest will stay put until mass adoption or complete bust.
  7. I thought of rebalancing to own at least a bitcoin or two during the 17-18 peaks, and definitely regret not doing so, but doing it now just seems like the dumbest move I could ever make.
  8. Should we rename crypto winter to "the big dip" now?
  9. Sold most my ether, btc and ltc at peaks, haven't bought or sold any zerps since just before the first swell. Its just not tempting to sell this low after seeing that peak...
  10. Don't get me wrong, i strongly believe in success of ripple and xrp otherwise I wouldn't be here, but I feel like everyone should be reminded of the probability of failure. High risk, high reward. Thats what we invest in.
  11. There is a strong argument for holding nothing. What are you trying to achieve and how much are you willing to sacrifice? Would your life be ruined if the investment tanked? This is not a sure thing. This is a serious risk. Anyone saying otherwise has his head up their ass.
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