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  1. I'll have a collection of useless tokens on a remote storage device to educate my kids about poor financial decisions. If I was gonna sell in fear I would've done it a year ago, dgaf gonna ride that titanic to the sea floor, broke even in '17 either way.
  2. Over the course of 10 years I expect the value of the dollar to drop enough that by being at $6-30 we'd still be worth 20c in today's valuation. Maybe I should invest in phones for cats instead...
  3. Unless you purposly change the order of seed words and throw a few extra words in there for good measure.
  4. Did everyone notice the massive tether printing that just happened? I have a good feeling about this...
  5. Just fyi, everyone who said to sell was right. Doesn't matter, still hodling. The risk of missing the spike outweighs the loss of prolonged bear market to me even now. Xrp is either gonna buy me a house or disappear into obscurity. I give no fukcs.
  6. Yeah, I didn't even know it was that easy until my gf surprised me with a new phone already transfered to my network one day. The phone company didn't id or question her, just moved my service right on over without my consent.
  7. Someone determined and skilled enough could find your ip and/or email, or just read through all your posts - if you're not careful you can reveal more than you want about yourself. If you're not on a secure network you're even more exposed. If you use a 2fa security on exchanges that includes your phone number text auth it's a major security flaw.
  8. Your first post is blatantly practicing necromancy? I like your style.
  9. That way I can literally call it a shtcoin. Flooring 20's yo.
  10. I'm making a tp coin. It'll run on ripple network and each token is redeemable for 1 roll. ICO next week *******.
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