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  1. That way I can literally call it a shtcoin. Flooring 20's yo.
  2. I'm making a tp coin. It'll run on ripple network and each token is redeemable for 1 roll. ICO next week *******.
  3. Don't have an answer for any of those questions, but there's gonna be a new minister of finance. It's plausible that s/he may be more inclined to check out fresh tech.
  4. For all your tinfoil hat types - what is essentially Russia's senate just resigned in it's entirety.
  5. I'm gonna have to wait until it's up for purchase, all the screenings are hours away. Edit: since you mentioned shamans - my ayahuasca shaman has a nice fat bag of xrp lol
  6. I feel like we're just gonna bleed. Slowly, surely. Holders will give up. Traders will give up. People who just watch the charts will give up. When it goes up few will notice because most will have stopped caring.
  7. At first he was pretty good with his targets, then his meltdowns were entertaining for a bit, but now his constant "idiots" and "morons" combined with complete flipping from "the sky is falling" to "maybe moon now" and back became too annoying to follow. I kinda want to start commenting "you're an idiot" on every post me makes now regardless of how it plays out until he bans me.
  8. The whole market popped, it wasn't XRP specific. As to why, I have no idea, perhaps big accounts wanted to take profits and popped the bubble.
  9. Yeah I'm really not sure about the dude, he had a few good calls, and his fibs are spot on oddly often, but I think he's full of it when he claims insider info.
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