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  1. Well spoken Blubber. On the pessimistic part however, do you refer to the XRP price or to the XRP fundamentals, as to me the latter is leading and therefore I say, what a Swell year 2018 has been so far, and that even without having had the 'traditionally' exciting last month of the year.
  2. Okay, fair enough (at least good to hear you'r a hodler). But are you aware that a lot of the time the expressed hoptimismium is mostly a bed of facts covered with tinfoily humor in order share the (founded) excitement in such a way that there is share in excitement and an entertaining way to keep each other hanging in this chat environment?
  3. Okay, opening pandora's box now. Can you elaborate your hatred against XRP as to the extend that you invest time in fudding at this forum?
  4. Swift = Payment layer vs Ripple = Settlement layer, you even included this (and correctly) in your picture. Payment is not settlement, that is why your conclusion is not correct, Swift can not settle real-time, unless they use XRP in some way, which we and Ripple would encourage ?
  5. Still looking for that lamboshop though,.. or did it leave becouse no new crypto mils are made these last months?
  6. Tricky grounds we arrived on now, where ends the personal opinion and where starts an insult........ its in the eye of the beholder and an acusesant will quickly see an opinion as an insult....
  7. Hey, can someone tell me which turn I should take for the lamboshop?.?.?
  8. Well, even in that case it is still very clear that BTC is dictating the movement of all others as all almost always move in sync with BTC. Meaning all bots trading in alt-coins are set to move in selling or buying based on what the bots do at BTC. So XRP holdings don't matter what soever, it has never stopped XRP from breaking out of the BTC market movement (aside from the selective runs we have had).
  9. I second that @RegalChicken, very interested in learning more about smart contracts and Codius.
  10. Anyone? Nope, nothing yet known on the current market drop, but now you ask, could be the rumor that XRPchat was possibly going to introduce market.. ehh page caps. But it turned out that this cap does not apply on clubs, so we will probably see a huge market upwards correction any time soon now...
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