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  1. Great article. I hold a significant position in XRP. I really like the company and their moves to date. But we should be careful to write off all digital assets/ICOs as scams. The issue with most XRP supporters is that they are blatantly “one eyed”. Slogans such as XRP the standard etc are bandied around. Truth is that the blockchains from China are phenomenal. HPB is capable of 1mil TPS. Unless XRP can adapt and continue to improve scalability there is a chance it could become archaic. Banks will be very unlikely to hold this digital asset. 3rd party liquidity providers possibly will come into play.
  2. Ok. Take me through a market marker. Or a 3rd party liquidity provider. Who are they? Do they exist?
  3. Volatility defeats the ENTIRE use case for this Crypto. I think you have missed the point.
  4. This makes me think that banks are very unlikely to hold XRP as an asset due to such transparency.
  5. So this is a big question that needs to be answered before we can make assumptions about widespread XRapid adoption. If these providers are not readily available then the only holders of XRP are speculators which is not an attractive option for banks. I wonder if @JoelKatz or @Hodor can shed some light on the matter.
  6. If banks fail to actually hold XRP but rather use 3rd party liquidity providers as that has been suggested prior by JK etc. Who are these providers? Do they exist? Anyone who can shed some light on this would be appreciated.
  7. Ok, lets be open about this. Is this Chris Larsen or Jed? If it is Jed is he not tied by the legally binding rule?
  8. It’s obviously Chris Larsen. That’s not a great sign.
  9. That is great. I am long on XRP and there was a prominent youtuber who basically was spreading FUD stating that XRP was being sold monthly by Ripple and the company pocketing the billions. The I read the comments feed (all 80 of them) and everyone was congratulating the author of this. The misinformation about this coin is really starting to get to me. I want to scream at the naysayers but I guess it falls on deaf ears......I guess we can't all get rich....
  10. Does Ripple sell the escrow 1bil/month on the open market and pocket the money from that?
  11. Sorry to burst the bubble but NPP has nothing to do with ripple or XRP.
  12. Scott, I’m blown away by your insight and knowledge. Please forgive my basic understanding as I’m not a tech person. But for an enterprise to have trust don’t they need a layer above the public blockchain. From what I understand Stellar has ties to Ontology which is a mechanism for large organisations to have trust. Ontology is a unique concept and I wondered if there is a way for Ripple to also utilise this. The biggest barrier to banking implementation will be the availability of all their data on a ledger that we too can see.
  13. I agree and heavily invested. Can you guys please give me some critical analysis of this article? I’m not a technical person. Thanks I’m advance. https://hackernoon.com/the-ripple-currency-problem-why-permissioned-blockchains-will-devalue-xrp-d79aef84c074
  14. https://hackernoon.com/the-ripple-currency-problem-why-permissioned-blockchains-will-devalue-xrp-d79aef84c074
  15. Guys, just trying to generate discussion and not FUD. I would love some thoughts. Neo has employed a layer of trust (Ontology) to deal with enterprise, so it is clearly an issue for organisations. Just wondering if Ripple has a strategy for this. I am well read on XRP and was an early adopter. I follow @Hodor articles religiously (he is brilliant). This was something that stuck in my mind and thought it may make a good topic.
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