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  1. Thanks for sharing constantly and almost instantly:)
  2. "Rapid Transfer is instant bank transfer payment option part of Paysafe Group. Using Rapid Transfer allows you to instantly deposit money from your bank account using your bank credentials directly to your wallet." This could definitely be a upcoming use case for XRP as banks begins to use XRP to transfer assets from a bank account instantly to pay to payment services like Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, and moreover maybe directly to Amazon. I wonder how the Paysafe group makes it possible to transfer instantly from almost any banks in these 13 countries(?). Trustly is also a company that does the same as Rapid.
  3. Surprising huh! it is going mainstream on articles, and criticism vanishes as they prove to be trustable. Probably attracting FOMOs as well. Can´t wait for the US market to heavily join with a potential Coinbase distribution:)
  4. If XRP is used as a bridge currency, would it not be a little problematic thinking of that more and more XRP will be destroyed during the transactions (over time)?? Didn´t Ripple say this was NOT one of their use cases?
  5. How many XRP can you store inside a nano ledger s?
  6. I have an essential question about how transactions of xrp works. If the banks are going to make a transaction, do they have to BUY XRP in order to make the transaction (say from canada $ to germany (€)) OR just use the ripple network in order to make the transaction?
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips, guys! Appreciate it.
  8. What excatly do you mean by derivatives? Do you mean sites like bittrex and other wallets?
  9. I am planning to invest on ripple for the long term (minimum a year), and wonder if the most profitable is to actually buy xrp (through bittrex) or to invest trough CFDs like Etoro?
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