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  1. Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoy them
  2. So i've been in this forum since 2017 and will forever be grateful to it not only for the support of my channel but the healthy discussions that take place here (there are bad apples everywhere but are extremely rare here). Anyways i wont ramble on and get straight to the point. Though i enjoy creating content for those who enjoy video form rather than written (Wish i was as gifted as @Hodor to write blog posts), i do understand how it might sometimes feel like spam to those who don't prefer that medium, therefore my question to see if maybe the community would agree to have a video section for those interested. I understand this may be an unpopular opinion and i completely respect that and will make sure to limit the amount of content i publish here. Thank you all for your time, hope you have a wonderful day -Andre ps. #XRPthestandard
  3. are you reffering to the role XRP could play in the ILP to benefit from the surge of FB's GC?
  4. Thanks @Hodor! Feels good to be back & a big thank you to you for pushing out such great content for so many years
  5. Really appreciate the support i know a lot of my viewers are XRP vets and most of the time already read the article but as you said sometimes we feel like just listening a vid in the background to get up to date, thats why i try my best to eliminate all the typical shoutouts and unnecessary info out, just a quick layout of the fact as you'd see in a news channel. Once again thank you for all the support you and everyone in this community have given me throughout the years, i'm very grateful for it
  6. i'm sorry it feels like it, it's definitely not. I'm always looking and open to constructive criticism, what make it feel that way?
  7. i will indeed start doing that! thank you for the suggestion
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