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  1. SIBOS is fast approaching, Mon, Sep 23. Ripple is well positioned to make a huge announcement, don't believe me. look at the convention floor-map below ;) .
  2. Why is Everis so confident in Ripple ? connecting the dots.....from the recent article ( https://www.coindesk.com/old-flames-new-code-ripple-hyperledger-reunite-interledger-effort/ ) regarding Hyperledger and Ripple's joint efforts through NTT Data....."The story begins with NTT Data (through its subsidiary Everis) working on a new version of Ripple's open-source Interledger protocol beginning in July 2016." Seems Everis is orchestrating the Ripple / Hyperledger efforts and has a front row seat as to how things will unfold.
  3. http://observer.com/2016/09/ripple-xrp-standard-chartered/ As more good news comes in from SIBOS and the market recognizes the legitimacy of the ripple network, focus will inevitably turn to the native currency, XRP...............and then look out !! "If big banks come to use XRP in that way, that drives more non-speculative demand for XRP, which could keep the gains in place. Maybe."
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