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  1. ooopsa

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob you say the DEX on the XRPL is something this time isn't ripe for and it would be something for the future. Can you paint a picture how an DEX on the XRPL would work/look like and why you think it is something for the future? I am very interested in how it would look like. And what kind of an exchange it is as the word exchange is still a bit abstract in my opinion. What would it exchange for example?
  2. @buckanor Twitter just suspend people without any clearity when you ask for the why. The only reason is: "You violated several rules", but when you ask which rules they come up with the same answer. Twitter just sucks big time, so it is not just me. It is all of XRP related news. Twitter sucks
  3. My condolences. I wish you and all the loved ones strength for the time to come. Nice to read you again since my twitter was banned.
  4. They can't just "sell" XRP. But what ever money they fall short off next to selling their software. Bills need to be paid so they can sell a bit to fill up that gap. They can "sell" it cheaper to FI's but these FI's need to sign a contract where they are prohibited to sell it on the Market. They can't sell XRP simply to give themselves a bigger pay cut. But bills need to be paid and the part they sell isn't even that big. It is even less now as the average of 300 million a month before oktober last year. Ripple Labs will benefit when XRP has a higher value. It works for the FI's, Retailers and consumers also better when XRP has a higher price. If you want to send 1 billion with XRP at $0.50 or with XRP at $5,- makes a big difference. First they need less of it to send the amount of money and thus is easier to get your hands on. Resume: Ripple Labs doesn't just sell XRP nor could they even if they wanted to. It is not possible as it is well documented when and for what they can sell XRP. And when they do it, what conditions are even valid in the particular reason for selling XRP. You can take a look and see how much they sold since escrow started. You will see that this amount isn't even close to the amound Jeb McCaleb can sell. Which is in turn also documented as it is decided in a court ruling. And that also has some measurement limits. Such as the volume etc. So just selling isn't even possible. But yes they do sell some or would you see them rather not be at FinTech conferences and advocate for the software solutions they offer or all the TV appearances they do? Just selling is a very simplistic way to explain why they sell some and why so much goes back now into escrow if you consider the amount of 300 million on average before escrow and did you hear anyone about that amount complaining? Just look at the numbers and you will never say they "just" sell.
  5. Do you know the market was at January 1st 2017 just 17.6 - 17.8 billion dollar and it is now flat at 340 -350 billion dollar?
  6. I can say something but my honour and respect for almost all guys prevent me from saying what I want. But I agree with you, he is as stupid as a horses ***. The group isn't what it used to be, things happened and people feel important because they have a lot of members now. I was a longtimer so people who were there will know who I am. And these people are a great and fun bunch of guys, it just went down the drain since ego's came into play among others. the last few months even more as where you are hinting on.
  7. ooopsa

    Sold out from XRP

    Good luck and we need to believe you on your word. You have been working on the W3C AND you DON'T believe anymore. What a FUD. Don't buy if you don't believe!
  8. So you activaded your wallet only. And you own 0 XRP?
  9. Q4: this one or next one? Q4 did announce some CC's. Are they household names? I don't think so. Was it after JK tweeted "friday 5 pm" on a moon and lambo question? Are they able to make the announcement by the "Name" itself? Who knows! Check out https://www.discord.gg/4NmTrj2 And discuss it with us, and more. [emoji6]
  10. Hahaha you really have no idea do you? Ripple's main focus is to increase the value. The higher the value the more liquid it becomes the better it works But please stay away from XRP, and stop this FUD. I hope you have fun with your Doge.
  11. Don't buy it, if you don't believe in it. When you don't see all the possibilities of the usage of XRP. Don't do duediligence and believe what you want. Just stop this FUD. Just don't buy it please, the more I can scoop up. I am not going to educate you as your the professional who doesn't know his part of what XRP can do. I am not talking payments even here. It can do so much more.
  12. Cointal has free xrp online wallets. Or get a Nano S for example.
  13. Get a off-line wallet. Like the Nano S add www.ledgerwallet.com Ripple as a company has nothing to do with an exchange as Gatehub.
  14. Hahahaha, nice comparisons.
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