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  1. That would be Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is well used to eating dissembling rogues and charlatans - in this particular case, one Jay Clayton - for breakfast: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-03-23/sen-warren-sees-clayton-recusals-as-an-sec-concern-video - and she is at the heart of that "active law making process" to which you refer, and understands full well that Wall Street banks are still ripping off their customers with outrageous fees for overseas money transfers. Have faith. All will be well. Eventually ...
  2. @ 5' 12" Thank you, Chair Powell. You may not have named them specifically, but I believe that's good enough for me.
  3. I'll have whatever he's ingesting.
  4. Especially as this particular conference was streamed live in - wait for it - September 2018 ... Give me strength.
  5. Thanks for posting this, Peanut56. She makes a very forceful argument. Let's hope that the incoming Chair of the SEC takes heed and is swift to act (no pun intended).
  6. The one statement of fact amid all this speculation. Perhaps it's time for a change?
  7. The poster to whom you refer may just be wired that way ...
  8. Thank you so much, Tripple, for your comprehensive response to my question. I shall do as you suggest and open an account with them.
  9. Thanks for the tip, Tripple. I've been away from this site for quite a while and must admit that I know nothing of Uphold. I have been using Bitstamp which I'm told is 100% secure, but this sounds like better value and, frankly, a lot less hassle as it deals in GBP. However, before I sign up for an account, two obvious but rather necessary questions: 1. Is it as secure as Bitstamp? 2. Is there a useful 'how to' page? Thanks in advance.
  10. Enjoyed your latest blog, Hodor. I particularly liked the way you mention, almost in passing, the fact that NYSE is owned by ICE. Such understatement makes me smile. Thank you!
  11. Not a summary, no, but Dan Morgan does quote from a recent report of Central Banking's Committee on Market Payments and Infrastructure, saying that when it comes to cross-border payments: Oh, how we chortled. The Committee has been nominated for, and will win hands down, the Understatement Of The Year Award for 2019, 2020, 2021 and Beyond. Patience. Keep the faith. HODL
  12. Thanks Mom. Regulation - or rather the lack of it - still seems to be the elephant in the room, but one thing I've acquired with age is patience. Amazon wasn't built in a day...
  13. For ******** read the waste material that comes from the back end of a bull.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Gottfried is working way too hard to try and look totally relaxed about the whole thing. I don't buy it. He also talks too much. The game's up and he knows it. That horse and pony v Ferrari line from Brad Garlinghouse. Thanks be to all the Celtic gods that he never made the comparison using that dread word, Lamborghini. From 17' 05" to 17' 35" Brad Garlinghouse calls out SWIFT's ******** for what it is - ******** - in 30 seconds flat.
  15. Given the way in which the reciprocating mower has superseded the scythe I believe that, in due course, it will. Why? Well, perhaps the clue is in the word 'reciprocal'... The above quote is from the Old Lawn Mower Club and refers to the original inventor Edward Bear Budding of Stroud, Gloucestershire, who had the business acumen to do what he did. I believe Brad Garlinghouse has embraced a similar long-term philosophy when it comes to large scale adoption of xrp as a bridging currency. Just my 2xrp's worth. https://www.oldlawnmowerclub.co.uk/aboutmowers/history
  16. And there, I would suggest, is the fundamental difference between chalk and cheese, especially when it comes from someone who worked at Swift for 20 years. Electric motor cars? Nah, they'll never catch on ...
  17. The small yet crucially important word "all" seems to have escaped your attention there, @jabit.
  18. Since when did banks lose interest in improving their bottom line? I always thought that was their very raison d'être. Anyway, I'm not here to argue. Time will tell.
  19. It was equally simple for me but not quite so smooth. I've contacted Ledger who tell me that it's nothing to do with them, but I should still like to know who took 20 xrp off me to open an account I already have on my Nano S. To add insult to injury I was charged 41.21 GBP for it. Given that one xrp = £0.28 or thereabouts, something smells fishy here. Someone, somewhere, is ripping me off.
  20. Thanks for getting back to me. Not only did they take 20 xrp off me but they've charged me 41.12 GBP for the privilege. Is it Nano who's done this? If so, am I able to send them a screenshot of the actual transaction - which has both 'from' and 'to' addresses on it as well as the transaction number and date - or is that giving the game away?
  21. Ah yes, compromise. In a world where dog continues to eat dog it is the one given that - sadly - has yet to catch on. Give it time. We're still evolving as a species.
  22. Hello Having invested in some xrp around December 2017 I was given a lot of sound advice on this forum about safe storage, and duly bought a Ledger Nano S. I then checked it a couple of times using the (Chrome app-enabled) Ledger Manager, saw that it was all there, and locked my device in a safe place, Today, I plugged it again in case there were some security updates that I needed to have, and discovered that I now have to use Ledger Live. I opened an xrp account and lo! I was charged 20 xrp for doing so, although by whom I simply have no idea. Have I been royally ripped off, or is this simply 'custom and practice' when opening an xrp account? Will I ever see my 20 xrp again? And does it matter in the great scheme of things? Please be gentle with me. I shall be three score and ten in less than one of your earth years...
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