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  1. I don't know if this has already been posted. Apologies if is has, but I wanted to share what I think is a very public declaration of faith from the IMF: https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2018/11/13/sp111418-winds-of-change-the-case-for-new-digital-currency
  2. emsemporium

    Busting the SWIFT Hype

    From 3' 22" to 3' 51" is, it seems to me, very telling: a perceptive observation followed by a short and succinct answer, and Marjan Delatinne's body language is nothing short of "et voila!" Time will tell, of course, but it strikes me that Marjan Delatinne must have had good reason to leave SWIFT (after nearly a decade in their employ) for Ripple, and then to go straight from Sales Director, Europe to Global Head of Banking in just under two years would suggest that she knows something that neither we, nor the interviewer, nor, indeed, Alex Cobb knows... Me, I'm HODing while the markets decide. Live long and prosper.
  3. If it's any comfort to you, so are we all...
  4. Thanks for sharing this, @xrpmommy I thought Patrick Griffin gave a very enlightening interview. The guy seems very much on top of his brief. It was interesting to hear him claim (around 3' 48") that the underlying technology dovetails quite neatly into some existing regulations. Great. So can we have that in writing, please, Mister Regulator? Soon?
  5. An analogy with Henry Ford's Model T comes to mind...
  6. The punchline of this short piece on the future of banking in a digital age neatly sums up what Brad Garlinghouse and Joel Katz have been saying all along, and I paraphrase: If you can't beat 'em (the big banks), join 'em, and then show 'em how it's done more rapidly, securely and efficiently, whilst simultaneously reducing costs and increasing profits. Adapt or die are the only two choices open to these banks. Everything comes to s/he who waits; regulation, mass adoption, liquidity, all of it. Patience is the key. HODL Live long and prosper.
  7. emsemporium

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    There's no rush. If this is the first mile of a marathon, then that's fine by me.
  8. At 40' 50" - I'd like to think that it might be the other way around...
  9. Thanks, Lamberth. And thank you, Galgitron, for this latest contribution. Waves go up and waves go down but, yes, the ride has truly begun. Gybe-ho!
  10. 1. Yes 2. No 3. Maybe Hope this helps your understanding of what drives any speculative market, be it in tulip bulbs or xrp: fear and greed (but not necessarily in that order) Patience. That's the thing. Patience.
  11. emsemporium

    Ryan Zagone on Parliament Panel... and deep dive

    No idea, but what I do know is that the current governor of the Bank of England, one Mark Carney, was the governor of the Bank of Canada - which, thanks to him, survived better than most major banks during the financial crisis of 2008-09 - and, before that, spent 13 years working for Goldman Sachs. Mr Carney is a straight shooter in a day and age where ******** and bluster seem to rule the day, and, at the moment, the inept Conservative government of this Disunited Kingdom are busy pleading with him to extend his contract with the BoE in order to help the idiots sort out their myriad problems post-Brexshit. Being a good egg, Carney has - in principle - agreed to do so. In the meantime, I suspect he's buying as many XRPs as he is legally entitled to do. Mr Carney is way ahead of the curve, as always. What exactly are we saying here? Search me. DYOR.
  12. No sooner posted than read! Perfect for me. Thanks, Hodor.
  13. emsemporium

    massive money moved on XRP ledger...

    That makes sense to me. They don't call you Plato for nothin', obviously...
  14. I can't answer for the veracity of the website but when I read that their address was Last Chance Gulch I was sceptical to say the least. I looked up the history of the name in: Holmes, Krys (2008). Montana: Stories of the Land (PDF). Helena, MT: Montana Historical Society. pp. 103–104: Let's hope that it augers well for the future prospects of XRP...