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  1. I mostly agree with what you're saying, but I feel like i have to reply on this. Nobody bats an eye when Bill Gates wants to sell part of his shares, because we all agree he delivered with MSFT. Brad en Chris profiting 100's of millions on a promise to deliver the IOV is not the same thing. In the normal world they would have to ask for permission to sell their ''shares'' and they would be given a time window to sell after a quarterly report. Crypto is the wild west and they can do whatever they like, but what they have done is just in bad taste and they know it.
  2. You don't have to guess. These are the facts: Garlinghouse was granted 750 million XRP over the years, of which Ripple transfered 521 million to Garlinghouse. He sold 321 Million XRP. and that makes him "long" 200million xrp. Including the grants he hasn't received: 450million.
  3. @Chivat & @kip As explained in posts above there's no way to get acces witth the backup code.
  4. Your trolling efforts are boring. Apologies if my realism hurts your feelings. Now shoo. I don't think you've actually read the complaint. Heres a link of the complaint with notes: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ac136ed12b13f7c187bdf21/t/5fe2c21fb47c395086f89430/1608696357583/SEC+v+ripple+.pdf
  5. From Ripple's side i'm not expecting anyting new. The usual arguments as to why XRP doesn't satisfy any of the prongs of the howey test. How the sales were always only as a percentage of total volume, done with the Fincen license in hand. How Ripple got their Zerps ''gifted'' (lol). The SEC has the best cards in hand. Ripple's time is running out and money isn't infinite (with the warchest unusable).
  6. Nah man, obviously she'll be like; Drop the case ******* it's me Mary Jo. My brah Henry needs moon. Does anyone remember Benjamin Lawsky? Oh wait nevermind...
  7. Atleast @Parabellum's understanding of American politics isn't based on ''senses". Although a regime change could potentially be a good thing (mostly because it couldn't be any worse). At this stage there is no indication that Gary Gensler suddenly changed his opinion about XRP being a security.
  8. You *actually* think they didn't know? In the end the leadership makes the decision. 150m is quite a chunk of cash.
  9. I'm not all that positive, looking at the broader picture. The first mover advantage that Ripple has/had is ticking away. Looking at this Tetragon lawsuit specifically: Ripple's argument is hanging by a thread, which is: r Edit; If the court finds that the SEC is alledging that XRP is a security on a forward going basis, then Ripple needs to pay up. In that case its time for Chris and Brad to put their money where their mouths are to keep the ship afloat. FYI: I'll be on the main deck listening to the band while we sink.. It's been a hell of a ride.
  10. This morning I thought it was a good idea to check if the Zerpers at XRPchat might have some interesting insights regarding Zakinov v Ripple. When I opened the first topic on the subject, I was not at all surprised the discussion derailed on the first page with personal attacks and other off-topic posts. It's a shame really.
  11. The word you are looking for is clout. Would the network actually come to a halt at some point, if some of the current validators (or 2 people, like Tiff is claiming) would decide to call it quits? Seems to me real stakeholders will emerge (or could be temporarily be incentivized by Ripple) to run nodes that are up to par, as the ecosystem matures. If you are pushing lot's of transactions, wouldn't you want the reliability of your own validator? The expense of running said validator would be nothing in the books of ODL exchanges. BTW: Personally i wouldn't count on reliable
  12. The average succes rate of VC investments are between 10 and 6%. This was to be expected, but OMNI burned though their funding unreasonably fast indeed..
  13. They base ''fair value'' on this: ''we have decided to use a 2 weeks exponential moving average of transactions in our calculations.'' As you probably know, someone has been spamming the ledger by sending a shitload of BTC IOU's back and forth. If this calculation of ''fair value'' had any merit, it is way off because they include every type of transaction that is happening on the XRPL.
  14. Pago FX hasn't launched. Blockchain based remittance> One Pay FX. Its got 100% nothing to do with ODL/XRP. John is a massive ETH fanboy btw..
  15. Maybe it helps if you watch the complete 40minute keynote.
  16. He didnt say it, but Onepay FX is Santanders ''blockchain based remittance service''. Until recently it was only open for a select group of people( employees iirc). So 4-10 corridors sounds right.
  17. It's the title that does it... There is simply no way they are using XRP as an intermediary asset with Onepay FX. They've publicly stated there are no plans for using it in the future either. - You could Google for statements by Ripple, Santander (from Ana Botín or John Whelan) or - Monitor transactions on XRPL. The Billions they are running through Ripplenet would show on the XRPL. Even if they wanted to run it all through ODL, they couldn't because the Liquidity isn't there. I'll see myself out.
  18. That may be, but the real crime is that the shitposting is what destroyed this forum, which was once filled with valuable discours and information. No doubt i'll receive a "witty" response to harvest precious internet points, medals and stickers, demonstrating the root of the problem.
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