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  1. XRP as a bridge asset works were there is friction between legacy rails. At this point in time using XRP is cheaper (partly because Ripple subsidises) and has a 2-5 working day time advantage. If all the CB's on the planet are using their version of XRPL (or any other DLT), there is no need for a bridge asset. They could just have some MM's collect a small arbitrage fee and send funds in near real time. All CB's on DLT will probably take half a decade, so it's important that XRP is liquid and the cones sufficiently spread out before that happens. ODL is here to get that going, with the help of money transmitters like MGI. When XRP is liquid and network effects have firmly taken place. Holding XRP will be more like a hedge against FIAT. It wil be called the poor mans Bitcoin by then. The only good thing regarding this news, is in terms of development: It coul be beneficial having more devs working on the same code.
  2. A confirmation hearing is like a job interview. I expected nothing other than vague politically correct answers. Fact is that Gensler is friendly with Peirce & Roisman, and has a deep knowledge regarding digital assets. This man at the helm of the SEC is definitely **not** the worst outcome for XRP holders.
  3. This means: 1: he will treat all digital assets the same: As securities. or 2: He will treat all securities the same, regardless of underlying technology What's become obvious to me is that it depends on the nature of the transaction. Obviously XRP transactions on open market between me and you aren't securities transactions. Watching some of his MIT lectures it's clear Gensler thinks Ethereum foundation did a securities offering back in the day. If eth's not safe (in essence) then none of the DeFi projects are. You are aware Gensler is a professor at MIT, teaching a course called ''Blockchain and Money''? He is the most knowledgeable commissioner on the board.
  4. That's fine as long as this is applied consistently throughout the space. If all have to jump through the same (US) hoops, that's advantageous for Ripple and my security tokens.
  5. Not saying he is wrong of topic above, but here's an indicator as to how serious you should take twitter statements, its all about the engagement people. (all he had to do was click the tweet and see it debunked in the first couple of comments):
  6. I agree with everything you said. We all knew there were problems with regulatory bodies in the United States. Archbob is attacking the ''xrp community'' and I see no reason why. Maybe he thought he was part of that community before and now feels bad? I don't consider people holding the same asset to be a community, so I don't care what he says about XRP army, no offense taken. That said it's pretty obvious the SEC never had US investor protection in mind, letting Ripple do their thing for the better part of a decade. Filing a complaint on the second to last day of your term, severely harming those same investors. Then only to have the acting chair do a 180 on policies that have been in place for years. That's just not how it works in a civilized country. The United States are looking more and more like a banana republic in my book. I'm not from the States. Let's go at it from a broader angle: This whole securities debate is all FUD. I'm getting pretty tired of this ''America world police'' attitude that US governmental bodies are showing. Let's face it, US days as the center of attention on the world stage are waning. In fact, im actually looking forward to the end of US hegemony. This whole securities debate will fizzle out, it's just a matter of time. Americans can either join the party or be left behind. If this doesn't go Ripples way in a settlement or better, they can just move HQ to another part of the world. Ripple is already building ODL in other regions. XRP volume has never been as high as it is now. Things are looking splendid. Greetings from a European.
  7. If you can get your hands on some Ripple shares, i'd say go for it.
  8. Archbob over here trying to justify his panic sell. In fact you are doing the very same thing you accuse the ''army'' of, which is turning the points around until they fit your narrative. Why don't you pack up and leave, move on to greener pastures? If i wasn't interested in XRP i'd certainly move on. We'll be over here waiting out a settlement with the SEC or a Ripple HQ move to a friendlier regulatory environment.
  9. Ofcourse this is just your opion, which you are entitled to, but that is just so far from the truth it's ridiculous. Very classy throwing in the Ad homimem btw.
  10. We should have a sign at the door that says: ''Facts not fluff''.
  11. For a maxi he's been relatively reasonable, true. I've personally got most of the army blocked. I saw he's done the same. He was right not only concerning XRP, but almost all other tokens. Mostly saw him tweeting about that darn banksterscamcoin though.
  12. The same can be said for every single lawyer that has a connection in the crypto space. In particular; Mr Chervinksy is a BTC maxi. He might aswell come out and say out loud he wants Ripple and XRP to die.
  13. At current prices he still needs to leech 1800million dollars out of the market. It's safe to say when that's not happening anymore it increases the likelyhood, yes.
  14. Cryptocompare top tier volume today: BTC: 18 Billion 45million = 0.25% XRP: 2 Billion 20million = 1%
  15. He could be right, but it's important to note that Palley has an extreme amount of hate for XRP and Ripple, and it's clouding his judgement. He has been hating on it for years together with Shin and her (pardon my french) dumb podcasts. He wants XRP to go to zero and is confused it hasn't gone there yet. You have to ask yourself: Why would the likes of Palley waste this much time on a thing they clearly don't care for?
  16. This is not over. Peirce and Roisman disagree with Herren Lee: https://www.sec.gov/news/public-statement/peirce-roisman-statement-contingent-settlement-offers-021221
  17. Wogo. I'm going to tell it to you straight: Nobody gives a rats arse The point you are trying to make is not even mildly interesting.
  18. Could indeed be that there's some other factors involved. Or it's just a coincidence that the increase is 50%
  19. I don't think your calculations are necessarily off. It looks like sales increases are capped at a max of 50%. 19093375,26/12693308,88*100= 150,4
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