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  1. 11 hours ago, Seoulite said:

    Was just about to post this to see what people thought! Anyone with the technical knowledge willing to weigh in on this? "a far superior way to implement most smart contracts" are big words when everyone knows Ethereum and even XRP fanboys don't know Codius...

    IIRC Codius smart contracts are hosted.  Putting smart contracts on a decentralised chain is expensive.  Not everything needs to be decentralised. 

  2. On 4/26/2021 at 10:05 AM, r0bertz said:

    I wish I can understand your thinking: has deficit == lives entirely on debt. I guess I am too dumb to understand it. I don't want to continue on this either.

    Sure, taxes flow in. Thing is: If you can't operate without the ability to take on cheap debt, you essentially live entirely on debt. 
    The US goverment is technically insolvent. It's a zombie enterprise on a whole new level. Meaning it has to rely on loans and defecits, to maintain operations. 
    But the US can always raise the taxes, you say. Like the US Government, 20% of US listed Corps are also insolvent. It's a house of cards.

    All this to say; We don't dont hate American's, we are merely asking for a little modesty.

    *peace out*

  3. On 4/23/2021 at 11:34 PM, NightJanitor said:

    Please provide the name of your country and we'll cancel all of your foreign aid, immediately

    If you look at the stats as % of gni, the US ranks extremely low mate.  Bottom of the list kind of stuff. One might wonder if you are even participating..


    please settle up before you get taken to "camp.

    Yes, do the world a favor and ''settle up'':  https://ticdata.treasury.gov/Publish/mfh.txt

    Here's some other stats that a person like you needs to see:

    US ranks 17th in ''the freedom index'' (lol) https://www.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/2021-03/human-freedom-index-2020.pdf
    US ranks 38th in ''the good country index'' > https://index.goodcountry.org/



  4. 18 hours ago, r0bertz said:

    But if you live in a west European country that has a disproportionately low military expense. You might want to thank US tax payers. You are welcome.

    US taxpayers need to take it up a notch if they want to receive a ''thank you'': https://www.usdebtclock.org/   
    The debt is mostly owed to China. How to say thank you in Chinese?

    On topic: I think it's likely Flare will come with a solution for all that are worried about taxes. Time will tell.

  5. 1 hour ago, r0bertz said:

    But your sense of numbers is not good TBH. Nearly half of potential recipient all over the world is not "a few" by any standard.

    Source please. I'll call bulshit right now, since these statistics don't exist.

    I feel Flare should look into feasability of launching all tokens at zero with release schedule intact, but djees can you Americans cut down on the entitlement?   The world doesn't care about you.


    BTW, I hear nothing about this: It's actually good for the network if FLR changes hands to an actual buyer from the get-go. 





  6. 7 hours ago, brianwalden said:

    In an interview this week, David Schwartz used the analogy of a veggie burger with bacon. Lots of people like bacon on their burgers and lots of people veggie burgers, but not many people want a veggie burger with bacon. It's perfect. That's what Ripple is.

    What he actually wanted to answer there: Libertarians hate the fact that we own the vast majority of the supply because that goes against the whole thesis of crypto. Besides that Developers dont wanna work on XRP because they'd rather work on a network where they can get ownership of a large proportion of the Coins just like my boss did.

    But that doesnt sound good coming from a CTO, so he came up with the analogy.

  7. 16 hours ago, PlanK said:

    I can see where they're coming from if they get their 'crypto news' from the likes of Twitter or recommended vids on YouTube. 

    They get their info from sophisticated research entities. Everybody in the cryptospace hates Ripple.  XRP still going to moon regardless of what OG cryptonerds think though.

  8. 41 minutes ago, Gambaard said:

    Any chance us foreigners can join in too? :P

    yes you can. The only purpose of this whole ordeal is to send a message to the judge. Call it a scream for help/sympathy.

    This case has little legal merit, but I don't think the judge will completely ignore 10.000 people asking for clarity. 

  9. 26 minutes ago, thinlyspread said:

    I expect the Coinbase IPO (and general bubble fever in stocks, SPACs, etc) is driving a frenzy of demand and expectations for cmpanies like Ripple. 

    First thing I thought aswell. Ripple is expected to be amongst the first crypto unicorns to go public. 

  10. 19 hours ago, KarmaCoverage said:

    I was thinking more retaliatory.

    SEC, "Oh you want to see our communication about BTC & ETH not being securities?" "Well then we want to see all your personal bank starements"...

    because B&Gs personal bank statements are part of the Howey test, or somehow prove XRP is a security?

    This whole ordeal is looking more and more like an episode of Suits.  Play the game in grey area's during discovery, until either one of the parties caves and accepts the worse end of the settlement.

  11. On 3/11/2021 at 7:51 PM, aavkk said:

    Exactly.  In fact, while the CPI figures are "right on track" for the Fed estimates I know a lot of very smart people that feel CPI isn't a very good representation of inflation for most people.  Many of those same people feel that at least some of the recent asset price appreciation is due to the underlying FIAT weakness.  The Fed would like us all to believe that inflation may be coming and we'll even gladly accept 2+% but we just aren't seeing that yet.  

    Also, thanks @lucky for explaining the BTC incentive structure much more eloquently than I ever could.  I'm beginning to wonder how BTC would react should we actually pull off nuclear fusion.  Maybe in the next 7-8 years?

    Healthcare and Education costs are not included in CPI, to name some..

  12. 5 hours ago, JJJ2 said:

    1. The crime was not to say to the public: be aware that we sell at price below market and those we sell to cannot and don't want to hold their stack and resell to you. 

    2 own a huge amount of xrp hoping it will go up.

    3. But I can tell you that it will NOT go up until at least 80% of the max supply will be spread a

    4.I really ask myself how can there be so blind people here. 

    5. That's the truth. wake up! XRP is the only coin which did not go up during this bull run. WAKE UP!

    1. If you buy a big amount OTC, it is very common to get a discount because you take on risk with vesting. That discount shares the risk between buyer and seller.  Basic stuff.

    2. Here you described basically everyone holding crypto not actively developing. 

    3. Looking at the facts: Ripple hasn't actually been selling XRP on the market for a year.  XRP flowing in the market through odl is net zero.

    4. It's called confirmation bias.  You show exactly the same qualities, but steer your emotions to the other side of the coin.

    5. The truth is a: XRP was participating fine in the bullrun before SEC ruined it, and b: bull market or not, XRP will melt faces once this SEC debacle is settled or Ripple decides to move to Asia.   

    Try to get some nuance in your thinking bro.

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