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  1. Seems like Kitao's term ended is all. Japan virtual currency exchange Dealers Association (JVCEA) director seat changes on a yearly basis. The election was a week prior to resignation..
  2. It's quadruple counterparty risk. In case of tether: 1:You have to trust the issuer of the stablecoin (tether ltd). 2: The bank where the pegged unit is held. 3: The issuer of whatever it's pegged to (USD: FED). And 4: the largest holder (China). Assuming crypto is sufficiently decentralised and custody is sorted, the only current risk in crypto is the big holders. Which is a problem that should be getting smaller with adoption. Re: Adoption. Ripple's holdings are currently XRP's biggest blessing, but also its biggest curse.
  3. You go on a massive rant, but the core problem @MrH is on about, is that these Youtubers (because they need to act fast) are often wrong in their assumptions, spreading misinformation, fake news and hype, only for the views. They should be held accountable for this behaviour, because the type of audience they serve is easily mislead. Sure, Alex Cobb has some entrepreneurial blood, which can be admired, but putting him on a pedestal hardly seems appropriate, when he gets it wrong more often than not.
  4. Besides keeping the keys offline (on encrypted devices) at multiple locations, i think people should not forget to implement a way of emergency acces to the funds for relatives (What if you die tomorrow?).
  5. Ripple is not pursuing anything video game related. I suggest you read into Xpring
  6. Gepster

    Hi! I'm Bob

    If rebalancing is such a costly pain in the arse and no trader wants to do it: Can Xrapid function on scale in the illiquid, one way corridors, that Ripple is currently targeting?
  7. Gepster

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Could you elaborate on the rebalancing? Thanks Bob!
  8. Coming live from you @Davos, our main man the Schwarles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-ktBd9H9mo&t=2h16m24s Edit: From which planet are you @Night_?
  9. Yeah you are right my statement wasnt correct.
  10. The SEC isnt commenting, because the SEC does not make or rule on US law.
  11. Its not about what you are comfortable with. All XRP have been distributed on inception. They have been in circulation for a long time now. Ripple deciding to escrow most of their holdings changes nothing. If I put my holdings in escrow it doesnt go out of circulation. You cannot cherry pick what you think should be excluded from circulating supply.
  12. Yeah, making annoying youtube video's one thing. Be he definetly is not a representative of the XRP community. That besides the fact a bunch of people holding the same digital asset doesnt even count as a community. Are all the people holding Euro's also in a community??
  13. CSW is a high functioning sociopath who can make young boys like AC cry for mommy in no time.
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