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  1. What he actually wanted to answer there: Libertarians hate the fact that we own the vast majority of the supply because that goes against the whole thesis of crypto. Besides that Developers dont wanna work on XRP because they'd rather work on a network where they can get ownership of a large proportion of the Coins just like my boss did. But that doesnt sound good coming from a CTO, so he came up with the analogy.
  2. They get their info from sophisticated research entities. Everybody in the cryptospace hates Ripple. XRP still going to moon regardless of what OG cryptonerds think though.
  3. Good work i guess, but is there anyone who actually falls for this ''900% growth'' marketing?
  4. Reading this in 2017 it would give me reason to buy a cryptocurrency that was already out for years and never had an ICO.
  5. yes you can. The only purpose of this whole ordeal is to send a message to the judge. Call it a scream for help/sympathy. This case has little legal merit, but I don't think the judge will completely ignore 10.000 people asking for clarity.
  6. at current pace (9.2m) it's going to take 251 days.
  7. First thing I thought aswell. Ripple is expected to be amongst the first crypto unicorns to go public.
  8. a good backstory: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2021/02/why-democrats-are-split-over-potential-biden-pick-michael-barr/618056/
  9. For the ones complaining Gensler wasn't pro crypto enough during his nomination hearing, this is what you get when you are considered pro crypto.
  10. This whole ordeal is looking more and more like an episode of Suits. Play the game in grey area's during discovery, until either one of the parties caves and accepts the worse end of the settlement.
  11. luckily for zerpfans, BTC has no intention of stopping here
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