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  1. https://coinlib.io/global-crypto-charts
  2. Gepster

    XRP is not going anywhere

    Coming live from you @Davos, our main man the Schwarles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-ktBd9H9mo&t=2h16m24s Edit: From which planet are you @Night_?
  3. Gepster

    XRP Standstill

    Yeah you are right my statement wasnt correct.
  4. Gepster

    XRP Standstill

    The SEC isnt commenting, because the SEC does not make or rule on US law.
  5. Gepster

    CoinMarketCap Korean exchanges

    Its not about what you are comfortable with. All XRP have been distributed on inception. They have been in circulation for a long time now. Ripple deciding to escrow most of their holdings changes nothing. If I put my holdings in escrow it doesnt go out of circulation. You cannot cherry pick what you think should be excluded from circulating supply.
  6. Yeah, making annoying youtube video's one thing. Be he definetly is not a representative of the XRP community. That besides the fact a bunch of people holding the same digital asset doesnt even count as a community. Are all the people holding Euro's also in a community??
  7. CSW is a high functioning sociopath who can make young boys like AC cry for mommy in no time.
  8. Gepster

    XRP funds stolen from Kraken

    Who has acces to that piece of paper ?
  9. Gepster

    XRP funds stolen from Kraken

    -Krakens level of security is actually quite high. You can set 2FA for almost any action, require email confirmation for new adresses and they are one of 3 exchanges that support U2f two factor authentication(!!). This should say exchanges instead of kraken. Sorry for your loss and i hope Binance can be of service to you!
  10. Is there a place we can see those statistics?
  11. https://www.blockchaintransparency.org/exchangerankings/ This is how legit they are. Good day to you sir.
  12. If you believe the volume indicators on lcw and take it for the truth, i don't know what to say. ZB.com is the biggest exchange according to LCW, and it is a known wash trading exchange.
  13. I don't like it, but this statement is not true. Here's a source that shows a more realistic estimate of exchange volume and rankings than coinmarketcap's ''adjusted volume'' : https://www.blockchaintransparency.org/exchangerankings/
  14. Will the main stream users see through their lies (we have a framework yadda yadda) and start using a different platform? I think most people that are into crypto at this point, don't give a damn about brand recognition.