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  1. Do NOT use the jatchili wallet with the Safari browser. Jatchili wallet isn't maintained anymore and there is a bug that only seems to exist with the Safari browser where you can lose the xrp. It did worked for me fine with Firefox in the past and I like its simpleness but unless you know what you are doing there probably are better options. I don't know what is the best offline generator at this moment. You can have a look at the links page. You can also try Xumm which is seen as a reliable app that should be able to generate secrets but I haven't tested it. Generally, a hardware wallet works very well and keeps your key secure as long you keep a copy of the keys somewhere. Handling raw secret keys on an internet connected computer maybe allows malware to steal it. Using a hardware wallet prevents that, while you can still sign transactions. If you have the money I think a Ledger Nano (from the original webshop, NOT from ebay or unreliable sources) works well and is secure.
  2. None, but there are plenty of options See https://www.xrpchat.com/links/ Best is to generate the secret offline on an unused computer that's not connected to the internet to make sure the secretkey is only for you. Always backup the secret and check if it still works, try it with small amount of xrp first
  3. Oh that project is still alive? Seems they changed the website layout too this month. And even their Twitter account only has tweets from this month: https://twitter.com/mojaloop Seems they shifted gear. The well prepared project 2020 (cause shock, reset global financial system and blame something while maintaining control) starting to evolve? (/hides)
  4. Everyone please be careful As with any new exchange be sure you know who they are There was a Twitter account claiming to be NitroEx which is now down (search NitroEx at Google, first result) There seem to be two domains, nitrotoken and nitroex The nitrotoken company registration number (GMT 26584529) does not seem to exist The website nitroex.io immediatly fowards to the non existing site: https://www.nitorex.io/ With the 'www' prefix the site says 503 service unavailable: it does not work at this moment. My opinion: stay away for now
  5. Interesting that YouTube / Google ads still facilitate *very* obvious scams. Ripple sueing YouTube did not help, some giveaway scam video's are up for weeks again and placed as top result when searching for XRP at YouTube. Twitter also fails miserably. My advice is that the techcompanies hire me, or some kid that just finished school, as just basic AI / better algo / improved monitoring could change the situation a lot. What they allow for years now is seriously unprofessional and unresponsible. The reporting response is also very bad. All Google ads should have a direct Report button instead of some confusing and hard to find complaint form that's hidden somewhere, with quick response. In history a popular livestreamer asked many thousands of viewers to report an ongoing giveaway livestream scam, I also did multiple reports, the XRP community at Twitter and Discords reported it too and it stayed online for several days. 100s and maybe 1000s of reports was not enough. It was number one in the results, with a hacked account, with faked identity, with many many thumbs down and YouTube did not care. I hope governments punish these companies and Ripple has success sueing YouTube.
  6. Interesting, the Shapeshift CEO always seemed anti banks / anti regulation to me and they did not have KYC for a long time. Whatever the reason is (changed opinion, or just focused at generating more revenue?), nice to see XRP is added to another platform
  7. The mentioned website is a scam. Many people got small transaction with spam in memo field https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33970-ripple-claim-xrp-mumbo-jumbo/?tab=comments#comment-805685
  8. Interesting. If I'm correct Bitcoin mines about 1800 Bitcoin each day, which I assume is at least partially sold to the market to cover operation costs. That's about 1800 * 8600 = 15,480,000 usd of NEW Bitcoin each day So about 54,000 new bitcoin (552 million usd) each month. Ok, not all if them are immediatly sold but they can if they want to. Compare that with XRP's 13m usd strategic sales in a quarter Ok.. we still got Jed too, selling 771k xrp (185k usd) each day, about 5,6m each month. And perhaps some other big investors ... can we go up now ?
  9. You're welcome. Hope I don't go too much offtopic here but have a look at this too: https://ar.linkedin.com/in/silvina-lisanti-44a2a029/en
  10. See this post for some more speculative companies / domains:
  11. IT'S A SCAM Scammers are trying this method to lure xrp holders to the domain. It redirects you to a domain with unicode letters that looks like 'ripple.com' but actually has different letters. It also uses a faked Bithomp site (BithoNp dot com) to steal your secret key if you enter one. Do not enter your secret keys anywhere. Do not send xrp to strangers, do not download untrusted apps etc.
  12. A quick search indeed shows there are likely some personal issues (which is ultra common so nothing wrong there) Imo it's fine he is taking a break and likely has nothing to do with Ripple's performance or company culture or whatever
  13. I'm a bit confused by lightnet dot systems and lightnet dot io websites Especially lightnet dot systems website shows some app with some redflags to me: - 'Get it on Google Play' icon links to app - 'Available on the app store' icon link does not work (Apple is usually more secure/restricted) - Spelling errors and weird stuff in charts - Too many good promises imo Regarding lightnet dot io team, i randomly checked a few names: - "Trithip Sivakrishkul" no results - "Athi Pisuthipun" not much - Photo quality differences DO NOT INSTALL UNTRUSTED APPS!!! I've seen cryptocoins set up multiple completely fake partner company websites and identities Note I only checked it for a few minutes, do your own research
  14. @LeonidasH perhaps interesting for someone who seems to keep track of everything Ripple/XRP related: https://twitter.com/AinoLaadne Recent speculative activity: nubi (paypal related, same day had 'pp-receiver' subdomain activated), currencybird, sotados, transferdirecto, SAP, TCSX (Tata Consultancy Services?), North Bank BCA, b&t corretora, elkapp Also some recent annual reports that contains fresh references to Ripple. FIS integrates Ripple stuff for example (FIS actually doing implementation which is quite cool I think), bacflorida etc
  15. Reiteration of the 5 nov. 2019 Blockchain in Payments Report: https://ripple.com/thank-you-blockchain-in-payments-report https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33396-findings-from-ripple%E2%80%99s-blockchain-in-payments-report-2019-the-flywheel-set-in-motion/
  16. Maybe not related to your case as the cpu usage is high but I believe that SSD's sometimes got weird behaviour, like sudden delays and system instability, which I think is caused by poor caching or a damaged area which the onboard controller works around. Also the wear levelling might affect performance I think. To think even more outside of the box: be sure voltages are ok and everything is grounded, I sometimes still see people running modern hardware without proper grounded socket. Also make sure there is no thermal throttling for cpu/ram/bridge/ssd or whatever has that feature nowadays. I don't know much about this topic but maybe worth some investigation. Also Google if your type of ssd has any problems, some Samsung ssd's have slowdown problems on old data for example. Maybe the cpu usage was always high and the I/O slows down each week (?)
  17. FF Monitor is based on haveibeenpwned dot com , which is based on real leaked data Yes, Gatehub data was leaked
  18. The same scammer is back in a livestream at youtube, copying the identity of Brad in account profile. Ripple address mentioned: rG5yJ5CoGQrjdVA1xpWMq1Y6ntmm88p7Ey They included a link to show the 'balance' which is bithomp dot IO WHICH IS A FAKE BITHOMP SITE. The actual balance is 30406 xrp at the moment so again there seems to be victims in the last few days. Edit: Also another livestream now restreaming the Alex Cobb stream. 'Giveaway' address: ra6AZFWNZ5MHgYqonDzsGTHe7dV6tTsGPc Again with a fake Brad Garlinghouse account with 11k subscribers ... sigh Edit 24h later: Scamstreams continue and many reports and YouTube does NOTHING. For archival, link to scammer channel: youtube dot com/channel/UCEj0KFkQtkYshC7TCCIqz7Q Account copied Brads photo and name, 185k subscribers, unbelievable Twitter doesn't recognize such abnormal account behaviour.
  19. Having a big bag is good to become lender of last resort, which might be a theoretical possibility. Of course not everyone can become this, trust is most important and perhaps there need to be some changes before it's even possible, if ever (like giving XRP to another entity / law changes / changing the view of important world economy people) https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/31381-this-is-a-really-stupid-post/?do=findComment&comment=700389 I also remember an employee write something how this distribution 'problem' actually became something good but I can't find it at the moment. I would be more relieved if Jed sells or burns his stash
  20. About a year ago this also was a problem, many people got banned for no reason. There's is also some undercover video where Twitters employees ban people at will. Imo Twitter is a degrading platform, for many years they fail to detect obvious scams for example, the response is slow and the (de-)prioritizing of tweet visibility is insane nowadays
  21. Any aspect of XRP Ledger is a chance. From community to promotional wear to the builtin decentralised ledger to payment forensics or issueing your own tokens and some people even got creative with the memo field (for example chatting or signaling IoT devices). And of course XRP itself which is very broad, from normal online payments to lending to crowdfunding to marketmaking to speculation to tipping to swapping currencies / liquidity on demand to streaming payments for live cams, live cats or just YouTube style movies (Cinnamon Video), or to pay visiting websites or premium content per second (Coil). How about POS payments, or making XRP friendly for the very oldest and nontech people in some way? Or just raise general awareness of XRP in some way (perhaps in some mainstream media) If you really want to go crazy perhaps launch some satellites that people can receive from/connect to use XRPL (like Bitcoins Blockstream satellite). And for all topics here above you can create subtopics: speculation is very broad like making a website that helps people use TA with charts, or help people speculate on XRP perhaps based on future contracts, or only provide basic info, or set up a big company and only target the richest and help them enter xrp markets with big amounts; there are corner cases everywhere How to brainstorm my way: eat banana + lot of coffee and start a brainstorm session. Some people also get good ideas in bath / while showering / at the beach / getting wasted at the bar, whatever works. And then just write ANYTHING that comes up, no matter how ridiculous. After that you can scrap away the things you don't like
  22. How is this stream still up? I hope Cinnamon Video gets better detection of fake subscribers and better complaint response. In a world of AI and proactive risk detection the tech giants are still poor at using it Current address: rUd2331drCFxrF2dM7yj2HQNFiQqApbUqt
  23. If YouTube was nice they can immediatly ban all subscribers which are fake, they are bought on the internet. User just started a new stream so above link doesn't work anymore Please report: www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxuBLE3GhGJgast3MB1w2Q (THIS IS A FAKE RIPPLE ACCOUNT) Seems 20k xrp already stolen in a few hours, sigh A part is send to Binance with tag 103998310 , another part to Binance with tag 104075457 https://bithomp.com/explorer/F805D7F4EFEFCB87D31FA51FA5AA3CFFBE61BD2DADC0771BB912CFF372E7AA87 https://bithomp.com/explorer/33FDBEE7B3FD2959CCB1400FDCA7EA6A2275F6AB7E43A72F9CC26A49DF410DCF
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