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  1. FF Monitor is based on haveibeenpwned dot com , which is based on real leaked data Yes, Gatehub data was leaked
  2. The same scammer is back in a livestream at youtube, copying the identity of Brad in account profile. Ripple address mentioned: rG5yJ5CoGQrjdVA1xpWMq1Y6ntmm88p7Ey They included a link to show the 'balance' which is bithomp dot IO WHICH IS A FAKE BITHOMP SITE. The actual balance is 30406 xrp at the moment so again there seems to be victims in the last few days. Edit: Also another livestream now restreaming the Alex Cobb stream. 'Giveaway' address: ra6AZFWNZ5MHgYqonDzsGTHe7dV6tTsGPc Again with a fake Brad Garlinghouse account with 11k subscribers ... sigh Edit 24h later: Scamstreams continue and many reports and YouTube does NOTHING. For archival, link to scammer channel: youtube dot com/channel/UCEj0KFkQtkYshC7TCCIqz7Q Account copied Brads photo and name, 185k subscribers, unbelievable Twitter doesn't recognize such abnormal account behaviour.
  3. Having a big bag is good to become lender of last resort, which might be a theoretical possibility. Of course not everyone can become this, trust is most important and perhaps there need to be some changes before it's even possible, if ever (like giving XRP to another entity / law changes / changing the view of important world economy people) https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/31381-this-is-a-really-stupid-post/?do=findComment&comment=700389 I also remember an employee write something how this distribution 'problem' actually became something good but I can't find it at the moment. I would be more relieved if Jed sells or burns his stash
  4. About a year ago this also was a problem, many people got banned for no reason. There's is also some undercover video where Twitters employees ban people at will. Imo Twitter is a degrading platform, for many years they fail to detect obvious scams for example, the response is slow and the (de-)prioritizing of tweet visibility is insane nowadays
  5. Any aspect of XRP Ledger is a chance. From community to promotional wear to the builtin decentralised ledger to payment forensics or issueing your own tokens and some people even got creative with the memo field (for example chatting or signaling IoT devices). And of course XRP itself which is very broad, from normal online payments to lending to crowdfunding to marketmaking to speculation to tipping to swapping currencies / liquidity on demand to streaming payments for live cams, live cats or just YouTube style movies (Cinnamon Video), or to pay visiting websites or premium content per second (Coil). How about POS payments, or making XRP friendly for the very oldest and nontech people in some way? Or just raise general awareness of XRP in some way (perhaps in some mainstream media) If you really want to go crazy perhaps launch some satellites that people can receive from/connect to use XRPL (like Bitcoins Blockstream satellite). And for all topics here above you can create subtopics: speculation is very broad like making a website that helps people use TA with charts, or help people speculate on XRP perhaps based on future contracts, or only provide basic info, or set up a big company and only target the richest and help them enter xrp markets with big amounts; there are corner cases everywhere How to brainstorm my way: eat banana + lot of coffee and start a brainstorm session. Some people also get good ideas in bath / while showering / at the beach / getting wasted at the bar, whatever works. And then just write ANYTHING that comes up, no matter how ridiculous. After that you can scrap away the things you don't like
  6. How is this stream still up? I hope Cinnamon Video gets better detection of fake subscribers and better complaint response. In a world of AI and proactive risk detection the tech giants are still poor at using it Current address: rUd2331drCFxrF2dM7yj2HQNFiQqApbUqt
  7. If YouTube was nice they can immediatly ban all subscribers which are fake, they are bought on the internet. User just started a new stream so above link doesn't work anymore Please report: www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxuBLE3GhGJgast3MB1w2Q (THIS IS A FAKE RIPPLE ACCOUNT) Seems 20k xrp already stolen in a few hours, sigh A part is send to Binance with tag 103998310 , another part to Binance with tag 104075457 https://bithomp.com/explorer/F805D7F4EFEFCB87D31FA51FA5AA3CFFBE61BD2DADC0771BB912CFF372E7AA87 https://bithomp.com/explorer/33FDBEE7B3FD2959CCB1400FDCA7EA6A2275F6AB7E43A72F9CC26A49DF410DCF
  8. Seems that the JP Morgan's IIN customers also includes customers of Ripple (Santander, Axis, MUFG, Itau Unibanco, Westpac for example) There probably will be multiple networks pretty much as expected. They will be interconnected at some point I guess but some banks probably already want access to all Theoretical future scenario by Everis / NTT data (source1, source2, source3) still possible
  9. I think the "global cash dashboard" at 6:07 is interesting. Note the 'pay from [select bank]' for ordering business stuff, and an overview of cash in different currencies at different banks from different continents. Easy and quick payment request, digital identity, quick overview of corporate funds from many different banks, quick screening, quick payments, traceability.. that's how it should be Reminds me of this podcast (50:40 -> treasury department of big corporates 'have many banks around the world' -> difficult connection problem -> Ripple released software to connect corporates and banks in q3 2018)
  10. In worst case scenario they legally continue selling and nothing more. No succesful projects, no communication, nothing. That's the other extreme side of the coin and probably sounds like a terrible idea too, isn't it? It's totally legal. That's my point. Both extremes are legal (I think) but there simply is an informal dynamic between the market and Ripple (in my opinion). Being part of the market I have to trust their goals keep aligned with me. The sales when the market is -90%, no legal limits and in my opinion perceived lack of communication gives me some doubt at this moment. Tomorrow I'm probably excited again about w3c web payments, coil, xpring, interledger, mojaloop, talk with 40+ central banks, 200+ ripplenet customers, the things they say and how it's aligned with the market etc.
  11. Of course they may sell as much as they want and keep the money. Just as community may hardfork xrp ledger to exclude Ripple wallets. Formally it's probably all ok but informally there are some dynamics in my opinion. I'll probably soon regret this post as I know Ripple did/does great things but emotionally, to be honest, I don't like 100m's of quarterly sales in a row when the price is about -90%, not even knowing which data they use for the programmatic sales (CMC?), after being hit by founder wallets, OTC sales and XRP donations paid in USD by the community. I hope they have smart market analysts who know what they are doing or perhaps some cat in the bag, but the lack of communication (perhaps for a good reason I don't know about) combined with such sales and having a bad day annoys me a bit.
  12. To clarify, this has nothing to do with XRP being a security or not. The way they offer it (certificates) makes anything a security as far as I understand. They also have btc based securities: In October 2015 Bitcoin Tracker Euro became the second bitcoin-based security available on a regulated exchange
  13. At XBT Provider - our mission is to democratize access to digital assets for investors of all types. [..] We look forward to continuing to bring investors more access to investments which currently may be out of their reach. In 2019, XRP Tracker Euro / One became the first XRP-based security available on a regulated exchange in the EU when it listed on NGM in Stockholm. The certificates are non-equity linked securities traded in the same manner as any share or instrument listed on Nasdaq exchange in Stockholm. XBT Provider's prospectus is approved by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen). https://xbtprovider.com/ https://xbtprovider.com/products/xrp-tracker-one https://xbtprovider.com/products/xrp-tracker-euro Final Terms dated 05 April 2019 under the issuance programme of XBT PROVIDER AB (publ) Found only 1 mention about XBT Provider here so I think it's worth a topic
  14. DeCurret aims to become “a major financial servicer for digital currency” that sets standard for secured and convenient digital currency transaction. As a registered service provider, DeCurret will launch spot trading services from Tuesday, April 16, 2019 in Japan. It will start trading with BTC, BCH, LTC and XRP. Shareholders: Internet Initiative Japan Inc., ITOCHU Corporation, QTnet, Inc., K-Opticom Corporation, Sompo Holdings, Inc., The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Nippon Life Insurance Company, Nomura Holdings, Inc., East Japan Railway Company, BIC CAMERA INC., Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., MUFG Bank, Ltd., YAMATO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporationand DENTSU INC. https://www.iij.ad.jp/en/news/pressrelease/2019/pdf/DeCurret_E.pdf Capital 25 jan 2018: JPY5.23 billion (including capital reserve) (about 46.85 million usd) https://www.iij.ad.jp/en/news/pressrelease/2018/0125.html https://www.decurret.com/
  15. XRP on XRP Ledger is fully neutral, everyone can use it. Just generate a secret key and deposit XRP to the address that is derived from the key. The public address is what people see as 'an account' on XRP Ledger. Putting everyone at equal level is a nice thing, you only have to trust the sourcecode which specifies the same rules for all participants. This allows financial inclusion for anyone with internet access imo. The only hurdle is to actually get some XRP which is often done through exchanges which may be restricted by local laws (often for a good reason like anti moneylaundering / know your customer stuff). Once you have XRP you can use it whenever you want, no restrictions
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