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  1. The mentioned website is a scam. Many people got small transaction with spam in memo field https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33970-ripple-claim-xrp-mumbo-jumbo/?tab=comments#comment-805685
  2. Interesting. If I'm correct Bitcoin mines about 1800 Bitcoin each day, which I assume is at least partially sold to the market to cover operation costs. That's about 1800 * 8600 = 15,480,000 usd of NEW Bitcoin each day So about 54,000 new bitcoin (552 million usd) each month. Ok, not all if them are immediatly sold but they can if they want to. Compare that with XRP's 13m usd strategic sales in a quarter Ok.. we still got Jed too, selling 771k xrp (185k usd) each day, about 5,6m each month. And perhaps some other big investors ... can we go up now ?
  3. You're welcome. Hope I don't go too much offtopic here but have a look at this too: https://ar.linkedin.com/in/silvina-lisanti-44a2a029/en
  4. See this post for some more speculative companies / domains:
  5. IT'S A SCAM Scammers are trying this method to lure xrp holders to the domain. It redirects you to a domain with unicode letters that looks like 'ripple.com' but actually has different letters. It also uses a faked Bithomp site (BithoNp dot com) to steal your secret key if you enter one. Do not enter your secret keys anywhere. Do not send xrp to strangers, do not download untrusted apps etc.
  6. A quick search indeed shows there are likely some personal issues (which is ultra common so nothing wrong there) Imo it's fine he is taking a break and likely has nothing to do with Ripple's performance or company culture or whatever
  7. I'm a bit confused by lightnet dot systems and lightnet dot io websites Especially lightnet dot systems website shows some app with some redflags to me: - 'Get it on Google Play' icon links to app - 'Available on the app store' icon link does not work (Apple is usually more secure/restricted) - Spelling errors and weird stuff in charts - Too many good promises imo Regarding lightnet dot io team, i randomly checked a few names: - "Trithip Sivakrishkul" no results - "Athi Pisuthipun" not much - Photo quality differences DO NOT INSTALL UNTRUSTED APPS!!! I've seen cryptocoins set up multiple completely fake partner company websites and identities Note I only checked it for a few minutes, do your own research
  8. @LeonidasH perhaps interesting for someone who seems to keep track of everything Ripple/XRP related: https://twitter.com/AinoLaadne Recent speculative activity: nubi (paypal related, same day had 'pp-receiver' subdomain activated), currencybird, sotados, transferdirecto, SAP, TCSX (Tata Consultancy Services?), North Bank BCA, b&t corretora, elkapp Also some recent annual reports that contains fresh references to Ripple. FIS integrates Ripple stuff for example (FIS actually doing implementation which is quite cool I think), bacflorida etc
  9. Reiteration of the 5 nov. 2019 Blockchain in Payments Report: https://ripple.com/thank-you-blockchain-in-payments-report https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33396-findings-from-ripple%E2%80%99s-blockchain-in-payments-report-2019-the-flywheel-set-in-motion/
  10. Maybe not related to your case as the cpu usage is high but I believe that SSD's sometimes got weird behaviour, like sudden delays and system instability, which I think is caused by poor caching or a damaged area which the onboard controller works around. Also the wear levelling might affect performance I think. To think even more outside of the box: be sure voltages are ok and everything is grounded, I sometimes still see people running modern hardware without proper grounded socket. Also make sure there is no thermal throttling for cpu/ram/bridge/ssd or whatever has that feature nowadays. I don't know much about this topic but maybe worth some investigation. Also Google if your type of ssd has any problems, some Samsung ssd's have slowdown problems on old data for example. Maybe the cpu usage was always high and the I/O slows down each week (?)
  11. FF Monitor is based on haveibeenpwned dot com , which is based on real leaked data Yes, Gatehub data was leaked
  12. The same scammer is back in a livestream at youtube, copying the identity of Brad in account profile. Ripple address mentioned: rG5yJ5CoGQrjdVA1xpWMq1Y6ntmm88p7Ey They included a link to show the 'balance' which is bithomp dot IO WHICH IS A FAKE BITHOMP SITE. The actual balance is 30406 xrp at the moment so again there seems to be victims in the last few days. Edit: Also another livestream now restreaming the Alex Cobb stream. 'Giveaway' address: ra6AZFWNZ5MHgYqonDzsGTHe7dV6tTsGPc Again with a fake Brad Garlinghouse account with 11k subscribers ... sigh Edit 24h later: Scamstreams continue and many reports and YouTube does NOTHING. For archival, link to scammer channel: youtube dot com/channel/UCEj0KFkQtkYshC7TCCIqz7Q Account copied Brads photo and name, 185k subscribers, unbelievable Twitter doesn't recognize such abnormal account behaviour.
  13. Having a big bag is good to become lender of last resort, which might be a theoretical possibility. Of course not everyone can become this, trust is most important and perhaps there need to be some changes before it's even possible, if ever (like giving XRP to another entity / law changes / changing the view of important world economy people) https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/31381-this-is-a-really-stupid-post/?do=findComment&comment=700389 I also remember an employee write something how this distribution 'problem' actually became something good but I can't find it at the moment. I would be more relieved if Jed sells or burns his stash
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