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  1. edwin90

    Global cooperation in crypto regs coming to light

    The Netherlands Source doc, released today: https://www.dnb.nl/binaries/Crypto_tcm46-381603.pdf?2019011817 Dutch news article: https://www.emerce.nl/nieuws/afm-dnb-pleiten-cryptoregulering-internationaal-niveau
  2. edwin90

    Please Help - Funds Lost from Android Wallet

    Seems like someone got your private key and stole it. I hope you are not financially hurt too much. Now I wonder how this was possible. Did you save the key / 24 word passphrase on your computer? The Simplify xrp wallet seems from to be made by caramba-apps.com but I can't find it back on their website. If you really want to investigate you might want to ask the developer of the app what he thinks about this.
  3. edwin90

    Ripple & XRP wallets

    Yes, withdraw limit previously was 20 XRP per month. I read something about the creator of xrptipbot (Wietse) had talks with bank (or some other instance) and they said changing the withdrawal limit was ok. Can't find it back at the moment, so can't point to source.
  4. edwin90

    Ripple & XRP wallets

    1 It may be changed in future by fee voting. See https://developers.ripple.com/fee-voting.html (account_reserve) 2 Tipbot has max of 5 XRP per tip. You can send more tips Withdrawal limit is 1000 XRP per month. See https://www.xrptipbot.com/about
  5. edwin90

    Please Help - Funds Lost from Android Wallet

    So you have a 24 word passphrase and the address of your account (rsbGAp8MhKaftdM8LGL4mSGmh9Hp2u3vXZ)? You really have to figure out what wallet you used to generate the private key & public address. Ledger Nano S? Some (shady) online paper wallet generator? A (shady) android app? Are you sure the 24 word passphrase belongs to that address? Does any app detect your passphrase as valid? If so, which public address it belongs to? If you use the bip39 tool I think (not sure) you only have to check the top generated address/key (not the 1999 others). So maybe try again and see if the top result is valid. Important: did you try all derivation paths? You have to try it for every BIP32, BIP44, BIP49, BIP84, BIP141. In future always test a new wallet with a small amount and see if you are able to transfer back (to check validity of the key).
  6. Assuming no extreme things happen (law changes / hacks / big whale dumps etc) and there is a genuine market, in my opinion 25c is bottom (I don't count 1 hour candles that maybe touch 23c during high volatility events), around 30c is a good entry. I do have reasons for that incl TA, comparison with other bubbles, global context things that are happening but currently don't want to write an essay about that. And nothing is certain so keep that in mind. There are many people who bought higher than you and wait. I personally would not worry about your entry price if you can miss the money for a while. If you wait several years and XRP ecosystem works out well I think there are good chances of seeing profits. When buying things that have volatile price always use money you can afford to lose / don't have to think about Note: I'm biased and not an expert. My expectations might be complete crap.
  7. Zoom in on the whiteboard in this picture (at Ripple.com). Icici (among whats seems to be amex, yes and ifx or something). Of course a bit speculative but still interesting.
  8. People who immediately say "no, that's crazy" are just as crazy as people who do crazy predictions imo, or perhaps never took the time to investigate themselves. There are significant ties to be found the more you investigate about Ripple including (indirect / direct / speculative) ties to key players in the financial world. There also are possibilities of major near term economic problems where digital currencies may get more attention for various reasons. Current problems are for example shadowbanking with no overview of lending by banks, complex regional regulations, high stock market possibly run on margin buying, high national debts, dependence on fiat like USD, little market competition (hi swift) and some more stuff. Decentralisation of payments, financial inclusion, less complexity, open banking, blurring fintech lines with more focus on innovation and optimalisation of services and keeping the customers happy, maintaining overview of value being moved around, open market competition, near instant and secure settlement are current topics afaik. I don't know if XRP may be 'the one' (I think it will be part of a global interconnected network) but saying XRP goes to 3 dollar in a month, when it was less than 20 cent, was also crazy. It's like I now say we go past ATH within a month. Or saying the stocks will crash this year -60% with major global crisis. Or perhaps as crazy as some of the things Rachal says. There *are* global economic issues, Ripple has the connections, the tech, the money. Don't forget they talk with tens of central banks for example. This is uncharted territory so we will see how it evolves. I do see possibilities for surprises so immediately shutting the door and saying it's unicorn talk is something I personally don't agree. Edit: Note that I don't necessarily agree with Rachel. My point is that people sometimes immediately say "crazy" and shut down the conversation, when I do believe suprising things are possible
  9. This week Rabobank will decide if they continue the project. Related sources (28 feb 2018): https://fd.nl/beurs/1245101/rabobank-blijft-sleutelen-aan-opslag-voor-cryptomunten Statement they will decide this week (20 june 2018): https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/hoe-houden-bezitters-hun-cryptomunten-veilig-voor-hackers-~b440cd46/ Rabobank Moonshot aftervideo (15 june 2018) mentioning Rabobit: 0:50 rough translation: "What I really like is that from the 3 options that were left; two food and agriculture related, both on global scale and on Dutch scale. How nice does that fit with our strategy? And of course the third one, Rabobit, fits beautiful to the world of horizon level three [(vista, groundbreaking, potential disruptive)] , where we are searching for the model the Dutch do possibly seem to wait at." Seems positive to me, he acknowledges that the Dutch possibly *do* want Rabobit. Edit: The latest update I could find is this tweet (19 july 2018):
  10. 1 march 2018 product video If I understand it correctly they are busy creating a similar solution for the energy sector within the Commodity Trading Consortium. Test results were very positive, aims to go live by end this year. https://www.infosys.com/campaigns/Documents/PDF/2018/blockchain-revolution-full-report.pdf Announcement by ING 6 nov 2017 regarding this solution: https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/ING-joins-forces-on-blockchain-based-platform-for-energy-commodities-sector.htm Many significant fintech developments happening at this very moment
  11. edwin90

    Money20/20 Europe

    Ripple is there incl Joelkatz. Also significant speakers from fintech industry like Wechat Pay, Dutch bank suggesting announcements etc. Monday, June 4 • 11:30am - 11:55am (Brad Garlinghouse) Blockchain, digital assets and reimagining global payments Tuesday, June 5 • 4:00pm - 4:40pm (Lordkatz, Stefan Thomas) Currency or commodity – how do we approach the shapeshifter that is crypto? Details: How should we be viewing crypto? Its volatility has shocked even the most knowledgably of experts, and the ‘currency vs asset class’ debate rages on with no definitive answer. Join our panel of certified crypto experts as they discuss, debate and de-mystify the classification of bitcoin and its cohorts. Wednesday, June 6 • 10:25am - 10:45am (Marcus Treacher) How blockchain is making instant cross-border payments a reality Details: American Express and Ripple are working together to make instant cross-border payments a reality using blockchain technology. SMEs and businesses worldwide can benefit from the innovation of blockchain-powered instant payments, helping to drive global commerce. This is the use case for American Express’ use of Ripple’s blockchain solutions for payments. SMEs still make up the backbone of most major and developing economies, and they are most impacted by the inefficient, costly global payment system. Companies like American Express and Ripple are innovating to provide businesses the ability to transfer value as easily as sending an email. Ripple booth info
  12. edwin90

    $, ¥, XRP?

    More info: The website: www.xrpsymbol.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/xrpsymbol Github: https://github.com/xrpsymbol For those not as tech savvy [to use github], send your idea to suggestion @ xrpsymbol.com Please use “New XRP Symbol Suggestion” in the subject line. SUBMISSIONS ARE STILL OPEN: Everyone feel free to send suggestions. Imo don't worry about professionalism, sometimes perspectives are more important than cutting edge photoshop skills. This is a community project. It's NOT officially supported by Ripple but several employees have responded at Twitter already. I would suggest to change title to clearly include xrpsymbol.com as this is a welcome community driven project imo
  13. Are Bitcoin Bubbles Predictable? Combining a Generalized Metcalfe’s Law and the LPPLS Mode March 16, 2018 Spencer Wheatley, Didier Sornette, Tobias Huber, Max Reppen, and Robert N. Gantner ETH Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich) , Department of Management, Technology and Economics, Switzerland Swiss Finance Institute, c/o University of Geneva, Switzerland ETH Zurich, Department of Mathematic https://arxiv.org/pdf/1803.05663.pdf My view: I wonder if they are aware that people buy cryptokitties and dentacoin 'just because thats why'. Not everything is pure math imo. I also wonder if there are multiple metcalfe law cycles possible (within 1 big cycle)? Maybe the young tech people comfortable with internet already had the quickest growth curve. But, if accessability keeps improving, new cycles might start with other groups of users entering crypto. If btc somehow keeps a good name / market / use, and the general cryptomarket continues developing, who knows how the curve looks like. Ecosystem growth + geographic expanding + easier accessability + emotions + networking effect of people telling each other how to buy etc + regulation getting shape etc etc = possibly new groups of people buying and raising the marketcap There are multiple groups each with their own metcalfe entering curve imo. For example businesses, funds, governments, tech people, people used to stock trading, average joe moms and dads who dont even know how to turn the computer on but still have family in other countries which they like to send money etc. Disclaimer: i don't know if my view is possible and i have no idea how stuff turns out but i bet many experts didn't believe bitcoin would touch 20k relatively quick when it was 30 cent, and also many experts didn't expect xrp's ATH. For me it's just interesting to watch how it plays out and look back at this paper a few years from now
  14. As big players seem interested in accelerating blockchain adoption this might help moving a lot of value in general into blockchain. So no testing or doubting but real worldwide use with lot of value on the move. Big players are a bit cautious at the moment because blockchain is new territory so some standards, best practices (for security for example), a smooth ecosystem and regulatory clarity will help big players to really use blockchain in their business Like the WEF survey, some people expect about 10% of GDP into blockchain. If just a little part flows through xrp ledger that would be noticable in volume and demand i guess. Also lets not forget the W3C Web Payments standard that makes mobile payments (through ILP or other solutions) easier, another sign of maturing fintech. In summary: both Ripple and XRP benefit from a matured industry with standards, clarity and adoption
  15. Sharing my findings as I couldn't find them all at xrpchat. There is some good stuff happening (in my opinion) regarding the progress towards real blockchain adoption in general (which I assume is profitable for XRP usecase adoption too). First let's again view what a survey by WEF World Economic Forum with "over 800 executives and experts from the information and communications technology sector" says: From Ripple insight: Original PDF by WEF Ripple Insight regarding this survey Of course this is an averaged estamation based on the responses and the survey was done in 2015. Stuff already seems progressing quicker than expected (incl for Ripple). It shows the expectations the respondents in the ICT sector have. Blockchain ISO standards developments There are ISO standards being developed for "blockchain and distributed ledger technologies". Such standards are necessary (imo) for real worldwide adoption. Currently the stages of those ISO standards are 'Preparatory' (stage 20.00) at most. Here is an overview of participating and observing countries: https://www.iso.org/committee/6266604.html?view=participation This standard is an initiative by Australia. From the roadmap for blockchain standards of Standards Australia (march 2017): Small overview of roadmap here. So even though the current status is 'Preparatory' at most, the ISO standards ARE being developed at this moment. Boiling fintech in Luxembourg; Infrachain From website: Q1 2018 introduction paper Now lets view Infrachains members page: This shows that big players in the industry like Ant Financial are actively busy progressing to realworld usage / adoption. Also interesting Ant Financial is active in Luxembourg it seems. Talking about Ant Financial, their brand Alipay has some plans. Exciting blockchain/fintech times ahead imo. For speculation; Snapswap, KPMG, Telindus, Deloitte have some connections to Ripple. SnapSwap USA (a Ripple gateway) stopped but the key executive was Denis Kiselev, which is still active at SnapSwap International S.A. in Luxembourg. KPMG slide mentioned Mastercard tested Ripple payments blockchain solution (just noticed the slide author is Unilever, big Dutch company that had 52.7 billion euro turnover in 2016) Telindus has a Ripple validator running Deloitte (37.8 billion usd turnover) senior manager for innovations talking Ripple here and here. Maybe he is in the community somewhere. Also in Japan the selfregulated Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Association was created which fits above progress (ISO standards under development / Infrachain trying to accelerate blockchain adoption by community created regulation). Good to see these initiatives which should help accelerate blockchain and/or crypto use by setting standards & guidelines at a moment there is still some regulatory unclarity.