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  1. @Django this might help https://qz.com/1285209/bitcoin-pizza-day-2018-eight-years-ago-someone-bought-two-pizzas-with-bitcoins-now-worth-82-million/
  2. zenkert

    XRP chat

    Life is full of problems. Some Valid and Important. Others not. - Damn I cannot access XRPChat
  3. zenkert

    I see Ripple... everywhere!

    Here´s a more detailed read. https://qz.com/1285209/bitcoin-pizza-day-2018-eight-years-ago-someone-bought-two-pizzas-with-bitcoins-now-worth-82-million/
  4. But sometimes it feels like this.
  5. Maybe you got BOS then? (Balls Of Steel)
  6. HODL is a pain. You really have to be strong. Or stupid
  7. They think they can make more moeny than they are making now, with the addition of their own Crypto Currency. Simple as that.
  8. zenkert


    Bitstamp is and has been, from the beginning, my gateway to DA land with FIAT. The AML/KYC was a bit tedious (at least in 2017) when I registered there.
  9. They should invest in some CSC then
  10. Never keep your Crypto on a exchange. NEVER (unless they are there for trading purposes, always move the ones you HODL to a wallet). At least you should get yorself a software wallet.
  11. zenkert

    SEC commissioner Hestor Pierce on DA's

    I agree on that conclusion @Fazzyfocus
  12. zenkert

    SEC commissioner Hestor Pierce on DA's

    So, moon is getting closer
  13. You can borrow mine . . .
  14. zenkert

    Clean up the forum

    XRP is a Scam. Useless. Just Hyped, and in the end it will be worth nothing. BTC is the real deal
  15. zenkert

    Clean up the forum

    Hmmmmmmmmmm . . . Regurgitate a word not anyone understands.
  16. zenkert

    I’m out!!

    Hi Zerpening Chicken Brother! Hope all is well. My stash of XRP is slowly growing. My CSC is what it is. Not buying anymore. Into BNB and BAT right now. For Fun. There are some other DA´s worth noticing and gamble on. I guess it comes with age in DA world
  17. zenkert

    Is it ok to clone someone’s avatar?

    BTW anyone else noticed that @KaaKaRmA has changed his Avatar. Thank you for doing that
  18. zenkert

    Is it ok to clone someone’s avatar?

    Nope. Never happened.
  19. zenkert

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Who is He?
  20. zenkert

    Clean up the forum

  21. Who cares? I mean, why worrie about this. If the ability to buy XRP with a Credit Card at Binance is crucial for XRP, XRP is a dead. Sell and get out while you can. It´s a Bear Market right now, and have been for a year. It might last long.
  22. zenkert

    Clean up the forum

    @flanman isn´t that bad as some poses him to be. To me he seems OK, let him speak his voice.
  23. zenkert

    I’m out!!

    I am still in. I HODL and occasionally buy more. Not much anymore. I have put enough fiat in this "game"
  24. zenkert

    Is it ok to clone someone’s avatar?

    If I was a Mod I would erase the Avatar, and if the user changes it back to same, I would lock block "him" from the forum for 1 week as a starter. The avatar is more than just a picture, it is a type of Brand/Trademark for a user in this chat, @Tinyaccount And the human brain reacts much faster to a picture than to a word. That is common knowledge. So to copy a Avatar is very misleading. And just plain bad behaviour, which shows a lack of common sense and disrespect for how to interact with other humans. My 2 drops on the subject. Zen