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  1. I think if you are quick enough, there isn't much he can do about it
  2. For everyone that is scammed by this guy: with your secret you should still be able to claim your flare airdrop. At this point, the XRP wallet is deleted (yes, this guy wanted your last 15 XRP too...) But if you do it like this, you can re-enable the wallet 1. fund your wallet again with at least 20 XRP and immediately after that, change the regular key AND disable the master key. The scammer still has access, so you need to do this before he deletes the wallat again and you losse another 20 XRP... 2. check if it all works. You should be able to sign a transaction with your regular k
  3. The xumm app has the possibility to do it, check this link: XUMM
  4. Yeah, they are not the most common transactions... I'll check if I can find some info for you. BTW, someone send an interesting memo with a payment to the scammer address. Dont know if its right, but you should check it. r3Ke7BFJGeB7gBZT2r4fpquFXLQmtMWb6V (bithomp.com)
  5. But don't do any of this with the compromised software!! So no Toast Plus etc.
  6. The Flare address you need is just any ether wallet address (that only you have access to(!)) You can find info on how to set the correct address here on the forum. Wietse also provides clear instructions on how to do it.
  7. They cant change back the regular key, when you have disabled the masterkey. They only know the masterkey, so disabling is important. As long as you keep the regular key safe, you should be fine.
  8. Sorry for your loss. I was just thinking about the spark tokens for all the hacked accounts. The snapshot has been taken, but since your account is deleted, I don't think Spark will be able to read your flame address if it was set. Maybe it is possible to re-activate the wallet with your existing secret, immediately change it to a different regular key (and disable master key) After that, set the flare address with the new regular key. If that works, I think you should be able to recieve the spark tokens. You will lose another 20XRP for activation... @nikb would this work??
  9. Thanks, should have found that myself Anybody knows if they have to comply to consumer laws? This looks only directed at money laundering/financial crimes..
  10. Hi, I tried to find Bitstamp in the FCA database, but did not find them. Are they regulated by the FCA or any other body?
  11. You should be able to import your current address into the Xumm app. Trading is possible, but limited to the XRPL. With Xumm, you can also tansfer to any other exchange. Check their website for more info
  12. I also think she is one of the brightest there Also keep in mind, they should make sure laws are followed, and the laws are not fit for the new reality anymore. Legislators are just too slow to change laws to the new situation...
  13. Well, if you want a desktop tool, probably the bithomp tools are best for you. You have to create a payment transaction from your address to the exchange address and don't forget to include your Destination Tag. Not 100% sure, but you probably can make a delete wallet transaction, so the wallet is inactivated form the XRPL, and the last XRP are send to the exchgange If you only want to make 1 transaction, I don't think there is much of a security risk. If you are ok with phone apps, try the Xumm wallet
  14. They do. How reputable they are.... Please remind how they handled their hack a year ago, so be aware of the risks. Trading volume is depending on the XRP ledger, and quite low compared to big exchanges. Sending your XRP from your wallet to other exchanges does not require a new wallet. The exchanges use a Destination Tag to credit the XRP to your account. Remember, keeping crypto on exchanges also has risks. If the exchange get hacked, you might loose all your precious XRP...
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