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  1. Well... for a start the account file is not the selected .exe file. But I guess you knew that already?
  2. Maybe also inform Bityard the can easily prevent this by enabling the DestinationTag required flag on their wallet address. That way, transactions will not process if the sender forgets the DT...
  3. Well, I believe there is a leaked database with all hashed secrets available on the web. I believe it was even downloaded by some XRPchat members. If yours is in there, you might be able to decrypyt the secret with the old password or recovery key? Doesnt Gatehub offer any more assistance??
  4. If you used the wrong destination tag, the only thing to do is contact the exchange you send it to. Once the transaction is on ledger, the source exchange cannot change anything anymore. If you are lucky, the destination tag does not exist, and the payment cannot be processed. If not, the payment is done to the account holder that owns this destination tag. If he/she is honest, they can return your money, but the recieving exchange needs to assist you in contacting the reciever. So step 1 is contact the recieving exchange. They could charge you for this service....
  5. Final answer was to contact Bitrue support. No company info provided. I contacted support, they send me to the footer info, but there is no company information there (as they say in their shady terms). Asked again, no response. Stay away from Bitrue! Any company not willing to disclose this information is too shady to trust your XRP (or any other coin...)
  6. I did get a reply on my question what company is behind the Bitrue website: What do you need that info for? So I told her to file a complaint. No response since then. My advice to everyone holding funds at Bitrue: withdraw while you can!
  7. On LinkedIn they say the company is in California. I have contacted a LinkedIn employee, but till now no response (what a surprise...) A press release on Nasdaq states the company is based in Singapore....
  8. @Silkjaer Do you have any company information? I guess victims should file a complaint in their jurisdiction.
  9. It is very shady. There is no company information on the website. These terms are so unclear, they would not be accepted by any judge. Stay very far away. @BitrueOfficial Care to comment??
  10. If I remember correctly, the XRPL did not allow disabling the master key if there was no regular key enabled. Maybe check your address in Bithomp, and see what it shows. It sure looks like Gatehub has a problem, so you probably should wait what they say about it...
  11. Hi Reemy, Once the master key is disabled, you cannot use it anymore to sign transactions. I have not seen the wallet protection, but i guess they co-sign a transaction once it looks fine, and you initiate it by signing with the regular key. So I guess it all starts with that: do you have the secret beloning to the regular key?
  12. Hi @Reemy, what is your issue? Cant you create a regular key?
  13. Very shady business. I have not been able to find any real company information on the website. They say something like: offices there and there, but no address whatsoever. Be very cautious! I had an account there, but deleted it as soon as I found out the n-grade arbitage thing. First of all, arbitrage is allowed on every exchange I know and use. And what is n? 1? 2?? And if they say you violate it, your funds are gone? No support anymore. I would say: stay very, very far away. And Ripple, maybe reconsider your friendly words for them...
  14. It's the time the consensus needs to determine all transactions that are included in this ledger. (and added to the XRPL) When the ledger is closed, all transactions are final. 3-4 seconds is already fast compared to other crypto, but I guess it can be faster. there are some websites that show the average ledger closing times, so you can monitor them there. If a transaction is in a queue, it can take a few ledgers before it is included. That's what the lastledgersequence is for. If a transaction is not included, and the lastledgersequence has passed, it will never be included, and mu
  15. Well, after a tesSuccess, i guess only the consensus can fail. I don't think I have seen any of my tesSuccess fail. More common issues are the terQUEUED. In that case, the transaction is in a queue, and can fail if you include a maxledger, and that ledger has passed.
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