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  1. I think it is a weak response not to say anything here, I am pretty sure they are aware of the hack. So, be open and fair, and let the community know your position in this. If Ripple is not in a position to comment because of legal consequences, at least they can let us know just that. I was not hacked, but i sure did believe Gatehub was safe because of the "recommendation" from Ripple....
  2. That is just a standard part of creating a transaction. Without the hash, the transaction would be invalid and can never be included in the ledger Nope, if it is not included in the ledger, it costs no fee. Check the difference between error codes (tef, tec, etc.)
  3. When a ripple wallet is imported in Gatehub, the secret key is stored encrypted by Gatehub. Whenever a trade is made, the Gatehub password would decrypt the stored secret, and sign the transaction. It was some kind of trade off between user friendlyness and security as stated earlier bij Enej. Sadly, most people that have been hacked never traded, but only used gatehub as a wallet to HODL....
  4. I also did not receive the confirmation emails. In the end, support changed my login email, so now I get them again. (and can login!) I do have a feeling this somehow connects to the hack. It has only been a few months since i did not receive these emails anymore... To check your account, you do not need to login to Gatehub. use any ledger tool like Bithomp and see if there are any XRP left Hope you are lucky!
  5. Maybe create a small dutch-speaking subgroup or keep it English here, so other people can benefit from it... Ik snap t wel, maar de rest....
  6. But to me it is not clear if this is a Gatehub wallet. Is it?
  7. The attack is still ongoing. This is a payment from yesterday. I have not seen the address in the overview yet... @Silkjaer TX HASH: 95A2CAFCE8BD2CE6B2D9EC4038078F19997E4021E36B026FA65F2FAE043FFEAF
  8. It shows the value of all coins, IOU etc in XRP. If you have some dollars there, your XRP value has gone up (the XRP price was down..)
  9. I agree that it is slippery, and should be treated with care. But this is consensus, we just decide who we trust (most), right? And we decide what is channged on the network. There sure could be a point where the network after a hack has significant less value than the network before. Imagine we have 100 banks on the network, and 50 got hacked. They could stop using the network, leaving it with much less value than before. I am sure there will be a point where it will be tried at least. Anyway, at this moment it is not helping the victims, so another thread another time.....
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