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    DMV Ripple Plates!

    My post got flagged and I got a strike on my account. WTF am I supporting XRP on this website for, if I’m going to be punished for supporting XRP???
  2. When someone is in need of help, I step into a telephone booth and change to my super hero costume. RIPPLE TO THE MOON! my super hero costume.
  3. If XRP market cap and leapfrog ETH before Swell is over, that be great
  4. XRP: BLOOD IS COMING https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/pAt5moSs-XRP-BLOOD-IS-COMING/
  5. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1897622.0 my bad. Didn’t think anyone would care. Google keyword search: crypto delisted. Lots of links with similar responses as the link above.
  6. Disregard. A quick google search and I felt like I was just taught something by doing a little reading. Wish I could delete this post. My bad.
  7. If I were to have a position in a crypto that ends up getting delisted for not having much trading activity/volume, what happens if I have a position sitting in that wallet on the exchange that delisted it? Most curious, this padiwan is.
  8. Damn I’m really late to the party. Got in and been HODL since $0.20. Pfft ima buy more just to feel better.
  9. We are all entitled to our opinions and sharing our experiences. My experience with all these shirts is different from yours. Regardless of graphics screenprinted on them, these shirts are all great quality and fit very well. 2XL fits me great, and I hope they don’t shrink a lot after the first wash/dry cycle. If they do, I’ll buy Polyester next time. The quality of the image is terrific on my shirts. I will follow up after I’ve washed them all, if the quality diminishes. Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion.
  10. NERD

    NEW to XRP

    I keep an ad on Craigslist to buy BTC LTC and ETH at market price and the seller pays the Tx fee. I have no problem getting these cryptos then using my Trex BTC wallet to buy XRP. Its a few extra steps but the fees are very minimal compared to buying on an exchange using USD and having to wait for transfers. The turnaround time from start to finish for me is never more than 2 hrs and that’s because the stinkin legacy BTC transfer takes forever compared to XRP.
  11. And we got it while we were here, and the fame won’t feel the same next year.
  12. I saw older posts of people selling stuff for XRP, so I hope this is the right place. I am determined to get to my goal of 100k XRP short term, and I’m almost there. If this isn’t the place for this, please let me know. 2014 Apple Mac mini i5 1.4GHz 4GB 500GB MGEM2LL/A A1347 Serial: C07Q540FG1HV. Comes with retail box. Day 1 immaculate condition, no signs of use. You are purchasing only what you see in the photos. Nothing else is included. Price: 1,350 XRP Free USPS priority shipping with signature confirmation to the lower 48 contiguous states in the USA.
  13. I wonder how Ripple would respond if I took out a billboard ad promoting Ripple and our forum? I’d have my car wrapped in Ripple logos....with a depiction of a rocket moon-bound.
  14. That was beautiful man. We almost hit 27 cents not too long ago. We are well on our way there.
  15. Okay here I was thinking I was already paying a super low fee compared to BCH Tx fees and I was doing it in an efficient manner. I see this is now an issue I can improve upon. Thank you all. I am purchasing BTC ETH & LTC locally with cash, trading stuff for the crypto. After I get home I move the crypto from my mobile device’s wallet apps to my Trex acct wallets, then use BTC to buy the XRP. For LTC and ETH I sel that off in Trex to my BTC wallet then repeat the process to get XRP. Finally I move that XRP off the exchange to my Ledger nano S, because I feel it’s a safer HODL move than leaving up on the exchange. I feel I need to be taught something. I feel like I am under the tutelage of the XRP ninjas right now. What’s the most efficient method to go about adding XRP to my hoard while minimizing my expenses in the process? Thanks.
  16. Observing the difference in transaction fees for transferring BTC vs XRP from Trex exchange to my Ledger nano. I transferred almost 67k XRP and the friggin Tx fee was only 5.00000000 XRP ($0.90 USD fee at the time of the transfer). I was like WTF am I seeing things? buahahahaha. I can’t wait for my next XRP purchases before Swell.
  17. Me too! I want it in black, white, and dark grey.
  18. Here's a bunch more I found in Google Shopping with search: Ripple Shirt XRP. I like the polyester options. Cotton shrinks too much on me after the first wash/dry cycle.
  19. We need a shirt that says "Hodor for PRESIDENT!!!" with your avatar on the front, and your blog on the back.
  20. The theme song from Cheers. ".....where everybody knows your name....and they're always glad you came."
  21. NERD

    XRP meme competition?

    Does anyone have high res photos of Ripple pics? I want to print some out in poster size and hang them up at work.
  22. I think I saw someone here identify as an employee. So attn: employee(s) who can see this post: I'd like to reach out to your company and purchase gear that Ripple buys through it's promotional supplier. Things the employees may already have an adubance of around the workplace bearing the Ripple/XRP logo: shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, beanies, gloves, keychains, mouse pads, windshield covers, coffee mugs, socks, beanbag chairs, posters, boxer briefs, writing pens and writing tablet paper, post it notes, frisbee, squishable stress toy, a flag, license plate frames, inflatable toys (ie: beach ball), stickers, pillows, promo fliers for the new gateway, you know.....stuff (= Can I wander over to the SF office and buy a few boxes of promo goodies off the company? Or place a credit card on file with your promotional products supplier and order stuff that Ripple already orders from them? XRP MOON plates from the DMV alone isn't going to cut it for me. I need to wear it, write with it, sleep with it, bling my gadget out with it, and just make Ripple stand out everywhere I go. I work in a corporate environment where the dress code is business professional so I can't wear the t-shirts I bought on Amazon to work. Needing to purchase work appropriate dress/polo shirts is what motivated me to create this post. Thank you and May the Force Be With You!!!!
  23. I wore that one out in public today. Nobody had a clue, but everyone smiled at it.
  24. +1 @Coretex I found these by typing in Ripple XRP in the Amazon search bar. These shirts are available in many colors. There's also a women's and kid's option on the shirts. I'm going to order 5 more on payday in a different color.
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