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  1. I’ve read a few other links on the chat regarding the relationship between kiva and ripple and it does look like there is some sort of connection. 3 days ago in the Financial Times I saw this article and to me it looks like ripple underneath the hood. Below is a copy of the article as it’s subscription only: Sierra Leoneans will be able to sign up for bank accounts with a press of their thumbs, thanks to a blockchain-based financial inclusion programme that could serve as a model for countries with large unbanked populations across the developing world. The Kiva Protocol, launc
  2. I think it’s possible as the US has a backward stance to crypto’s
  3. Thanks, I understand the Banesco Panama part but the article states: “The test consisted of a transfer between a bank in Peru and Banesco, “ Do we know what the bank in Peru was or was it just inter branch transfer?
  4. Anybody know what the bank in Peru that they tested with is?
  5. The social investing and trading platform eToro announced that it will finally be launching its platform in the U.S. The platform, which already operates in more than 140 countries, will be available in 30 states and two territories with plans to expand elsewhere in the U.S. after receiving the necessary regulatory sign-offs. The U.S. platform will only support trading for crypto assets at launch, but eToro plans to add additional asset classes within the next 12 months. In eToro’s existing markets, the company’s 10 million-plus users are able to trade and hold more than 1,500 different a
  6. Agree , it makes sense to change the perception by having a 3rd party host the charts/tx info.
  7. In addition to the mentioned pairing there are also xrp/usd and xrp/eur. The much awaited eToro wallet is now in beta in selected territories and does enable users to take xrp off the exchange and move to a nano. In addition they will allow trading between crypto pairs. XRP is their most traded item on eToro with 99% of trades long. Only shorts are CFD’s with any purchases after September 2017 being actual XRP purchases held in cold storage by eToro.
  8. Brilliant, who do you think would be the guiding hand here? IMF or the countries central banks themselves?
  9. Wow this is literally the most telling video I have yet seen! We are on course to mass usage. Brilliant!
  10. C’mon people let’s leave the PC bull**** out of this and just enjoy the awesome graphics. Is it important that 80% of bag holders are pimply white teenage boys living in moms basement? Not particularly but if in a year the revised graphic shows middle age Asian men as the biggest group then personally that’s info I can use. Its not about the demographics but the change in demographics!
  11. Nice, my feelings too. Majority of my holdings in XRP with a little dab in ADA edit: although saying that I do still think BTC has some legs left in the race with the upcoming ETF and the fact that when the public hear the word crypto then they automatically think BTC and that will take a while to change
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