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  1. I think Xpring should be rebranded and renamed to XSell or XrpSell!
  2. I don't know about you guys but I am also ****** about this XPRING just using XRP as cash to invest in blockchain startups that more than half of them will be using other protocols and not XRPL!!!! Look at the tweets: and @JoelKatz :
  3. I agree with you on your point of view but the contract between them should be done in a better way, for example you do 20% of the job you get paid in 20% of the XRP, do the rest and then get paid in full. Should I remind you that they also made mistake with R3 contract and even the outcome there is a one big unknown for all of us.
  4. Of course I am bashing Ripple strategy and YES they have a lot of people that have to be FIRED!!!! Ripple doesn't promote XRP because it would be then classified as security! In stock investment Ripple received around $200 million, only the last quarter they received close to this number from XRP sales!!! I never said Ripple is a scam and I believe in Ripple and I am for the long term vision but you are saying I shouldn't question them and some of their stupid decisions? I will say that you are totally wrong and we should all question their wrong movements and criticize them when Ripple make mistakes. In the past Ripple employees like @nikb and @JoelKatz said numerous times that we should always question Ripple and what they do!
  5. Again great discovery from @Silkjaer, just look at what he found A project that is already dead is dumping 1mil XRP every day. Can you imagine what a mistake Ripple did to invest 1.5bln XRP in clever coin I mean common.....clever coin.....are you serious?!?!? A lot of mistakes done by Ripple and continue to pile on top of the big mountain of mistakes regarding their most valuable asset - XRP! I am really disappointed if this is true!!!!!
  6. Good summary and also the main reason why the price of XRP is so suppressed!!!! Because all these not XRP related projects are selling like crazy XRP and Ripple programmatic selling based on fake volume is killing the price...............
  7. So Xpring is just another way to sell more XRP. @miguel I know you will not respond to this but do you think this strategy is healthy for XRP? Why use XRP to invest in projects that will not use XRP at all? @JoelKatz, @nikb You guys found out how to cash out more of your XRP holdings!!!!
  8. This number is a lot less, the 1% club. All these are ledger accounts of which most of them or 1.2mil accounts has between 20XRP and 500XRP. Also these stats don't include all the exchanges. I think that the accounts that hold XRP in exchanges are over 10 million. (my opinion)
  9. So why investing in stable coin? How would they profit from it? From what i heard it would be backed by fiat so there won't be any inflation!
  10. Do we know if they stole other assets beside XRP, I see that Gatehub have also BTC,BCH,ETH,ETC,REP and Dash? The other assets are worth total $17 mil of today prices. https://gatehub.net/stats
  11. Its gatehub.net And the thefts didn't need to bypass 2FA because most likely they got the secret keys somehow. All the victims never got emails that someone is logging from different IP. If all the victims here are imported wallets from RippleTrade, the problem might be coming from RippleTrade not Gatehub!!! Could guys share if your stolen wallets were imported from RippleTrade?
  12. And I really think that since Chris Larsen is big investor in @gatehub , should just move his finger and resolve all this and reimburse all the victims!!!!! Please get this to Mr Larsen. @nikb , @miguel, @JoelKatz
  13. I really thinks is @gatehub fault and they should return the XRP to you and the rest of the victims. It seems that their vault got compromised or its inside job. Either way its their fault!!!
  14. How do you know this for sure, where do you get your info from? Where is this reported?
  15. This thread is screaming TROLL TROLL TROLL!!!!!! @karlos ?
  16. Well this troll is weak, you can do better "buddy"! Its time for this thread to be locked and deleted. Sir @karlos could you please end this. Thanks.
  17. I am interested why Jed stopped selling since 11 Jan 2019? Does this means he is bullish on XRP and prefers to HODL!!! He still knows a lot of people from Ripple, including a lot of big early investors and maybe he is waiting for an announcement....maybe? https://bithomp.com/explorer/Tacostand
  18. Report this TROLL and BAN his IP @karlos . (FYI this is very poor trolling, you can do better than this) Thanks.
  19. I already ignored this idiott and I am very happy I don't see his posts or his presence on the chat.
  20. I don't know what to think guys, JK sends 2.8million XRP to Coinbase, this is like 50% of his stash from this wallet!!! Is some bad news coming out soon? Selling on these prices is crazy if you don't know something bad is coming up!!!
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