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  1. You are missing the big picture! You are a old member but you are either missing the point or have an agenda to talk down on every possible subject related to XRP! Yes the news is not about XRP directly and that Uber drivers are not going to use it now directly, but its about creating connectivity its about building infrastructure for possible future use!
  2. Not directly related to XRP but still it could be the implosion point. Moneygram uses XRP ,then Uber drivers can use XRP. Its a big news but the price doesnt matter. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moneygram-uber-launch-partnership-support-190000642.html
  3. You shouldn't have this fear! Read about the Jevons paradox and you will understand why https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jevons_paradox You will thank me later.
  4. You have a vary good point indeed. Although the IPOs are made so the biggest investors in the private company to cash their profit and of course the natural way and next step for a Unicorn like Ripple to expand and grow, the public capital is the best thing for a company. But yeah to be able to file for IPO the company needs to play by SEC rules and be transperant about everything, which i believe its a good thing for XRP. Of course there are cases that the best thing for a company is to be private.It depends from the strategy and vision of the company.
  5. Xpring companies that dump XRP its true that they are creating a short term pressure on the price, but they are a few(1-2-3?) billions XRP that they invested in these startups and really this is nothing compared to Ripple holdings of $56 billions XRP which they can't use all at once because of the ecrow. So my point it that this is not a concern if you are watching longterm.
  6. Of course its a long term game, but after all I am investing becuase of the tech, XRP is a lot more supirior than BTC in every aspect so that 50% that are not distributet doesn't mean anything. This didn't stop the price of XRP to reach $3.7 right. Also look at Oil and how much Saudi has and how much is distributing every single day.
  7. The current supply Ripple and 'friends' are puring into the markets is less than what ETH and BTC miners are dumping into the market. Do you know how many Bitcoins are mined everyday? 144 blocks per day are mined on average, and there are 12.5 bitcoins per block. 144 x 12.5 is 1,800, so that's the average amount of new bitcoins mined per day. So that makes 1800x $10 000= $18 000 000 or 18 million buck per day. Now multiply this 18mil X 365 days = $6.6 billion dollars per year or this is 3.7% compared to the current market cap of 177billion. I am calculating it by using the dollar value so you can see how much money it needs to be poored in Bitcoin yeach year just to keep the price stable.
  8. I really don't understand how this exchange Huobi is allowing this, their reputation is going down the drain. Also if proven, the people form Huobi can also go in jail for laundering money.
  9. So this motherfrukers are selling like crazy their BTC and XRP holdings. They have still 384mln XRP out of 484. So 100mln is sold on a regular basis. On the BTC side they have around 20k BTC out of 180k BTC. You can see detailed research - https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/plustoken-scam-bitcoin-price
  10. The main issue here and the BIG problem arise from that Ripple are investing with XRP and not with dollars. They are selling XRP on the open market and Ripple say its just fraction of the total supply and then they 'invest' in startups with XRP, which is basicly another way to SELL MORE XRP!!!
  11. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-backed-rental-firm-omni-shutting-down-with-coinbase-snapping-up-dev-team-report So one of the projects its closing down and the money from XRP is gone. XPRING should seize it operations. XPRING its only hurting XRP ecosystem. So far XPRING is useless and some people should be fired! @nikb@JoelKatz@miguel Guys your opinions are greatly appreciated here and needed in times like these!
  12. And what is the purpose of all this? Are they not losing money by spamming? What do you think is all that?
  13. I think this PLUSTOKEN scam started selling all their stolen holdings. I am still amazed how they got ahold of so much crypto......
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