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  1. I am interested why Jed stopped selling since 11 Jan 2019? Does this means he is bullish on XRP and prefers to HODL!!! He still knows a lot of people from Ripple, including a lot of big early investors and maybe he is waiting for an announcement....maybe? https://bithomp.com/explorer/Tacostand
  2. Report this TROLL and BAN his IP @karlos . (FYI this is very poor trolling, you can do better than this) Thanks.
  3. I already ignored this idiott and I am very happy I don't see his posts or his presence on the chat.
  4. I don't know what to think guys, JK sends 2.8million XRP to Coinbase, this is like 50% of his stash from this wallet!!! Is some bad news coming out soon? Selling on these prices is crazy if you don't know something bad is coming up!!!
  5. Wow it looks like Coinbase is integrating xRapid, this is HUUUUGGGEEE!
  6. "If Jed were to create a competing protocol within 36 months of signing the Founder's Agreement, Arthur would be granted 2% of the competing project's credits. Ripple was not a party to the Founder's Agreement and the company has no duty to safeguard Arthur's XRP stake" I thought CL had the same right.
  7. Because he is also a founder and he also has the right to have ownership of the new digital asset as per the agreement they signed in the beginning. Correct me if i am wrong.
  8. What about Chris Larsen's holdings of XLM, he should also have a few billions right?
  9. THIS. I personally think that everybody needs to have basic knowledge when investing into something. Like tulo said every exchange out there have 2 wallets ONLY, one hot and on cold wallet!!! So bittrex +kraken+binance+bithumb+bitfinex+houbi=12 wallets . (there are a lot more exchanges ) These 12 wallets have at least 3-10 million XRP holders on these exchanges only. This range is based on how many users these 6 exchanges have so its somewhere from 8 to 20 million users(my guess, someone can look at the correct numbers) and my guess is that at least 30% of all the users have some investment in XRP. Of course my estimates are not totally correct but your logic is totally wrong, just 2 notes: 1. All xRapid partners could only use 2 wallets with different tags and you will never know how many are the total users of XRP 2. With the current number of the XRP wallets or 1,377,901 there could be more XRP holders than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. I hope that helps.
  10. Wow this is great new feature and very bullish for XRP. Every member from RippleNet can benefit from xRapid without even touching it or taking any regulatory risk. Than means that PNC and every other US bank can benefit from xRapid and XRP and don't have to worry about the SEC at all. I think at first there will be a few but at the end a lot of banks will also want to adopt the “Multi-hop” Feature because of the extra fees and imagine what will happen when the regulatory uncertainty disappears.
  11. Well thats my opinion yes. The percentage might be less than 90% but I thinks is higher than 50-60% for sure.
  12. Guys guys guys...... one exchange like Binance have two XRP accounts, one hot and one cold wallet! Only Binance can have 1-2 Million XRP holders so think again about your calculations :) . My speculative guess would be between 10-20 Mln XRP holders. We can't know for sure until we ask all that exchanges that hold XRP for customers.
  13. Guys another Validator is added and now Ripple dominance is at 48% - https://minivalist.cinn.app/!!! Congrats to the Ripple team for delivering on their promises! GO XRP. ?
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