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  1. Ripple: Enabling Others to Connect

    Do you have an answer to the fact that SWIFT clearly indicates DLT in its 2017/2018 roadmap ? SWIFT gpi Bochure https://www.swift.com/our-solutions/global-financial-messaging/payments-cash-management/swift-gpi/document-centre I am convinced that there is a partnership between ripple and swifft !

    Ace number 3, is that SWIFT is studying DLT and that it is planned in its roadmap 2017/2018 and that there is necessarily a partnership between SWIFT and RIPPLE !!!
  3. Ripple attend SIBOS???

    and DLT in the SWIFT Gpi roadmap phase ???
  4. Ripple attend SIBOS???

    If there is a partnership with SWIFT it is not the moon, it is the sun ???
  5. Ripple attend SIBOS???

    And why would there be no partnership in the air with SWIFT?
  6. What are you smoking?
  7. In your opinion, over the long term, 8 to 10 years, how much XRP will trade?
  8. Buy XRP with creditcard

    The best site to buy XRP with Paypal or with credit card : http://etoro.tw/2wpUB9P
  9. I think it will be at 0,83 $ !
  10. XRP holders - Where are you from?

    French Riviera - Cannes