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  1. It reminds me of the Singapore MRT logo:
  2. hammertoe

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Or, one of you tied to a chair, gagged and a copy to todays Times newspaper in shot? Sorry... just thought this was getting to sound more and more like a hostage situation! Bob... thanks ever so much for your insight, it is great to get a feel for how Ripple works a bit more and someone to talk about some of the historical elements of the company. I agree about the 'Ripple have an amazing team with the markets and products teams' bit. I have worked in software long enough to know that too many project fail for reasons unrelated to their technical aspect... you can have the best tech in the world, and unless you get it in the right hands then it will never go anywhere. I have yet to see any cryptocurrency besides XRP that has a company such as Ripple putting so much effort into all the 'other' aspects needed besides just the tech. -Matt
  3. Yes to profit. E.g I run a market maker bot on a few exchanges and make a reasonable profit on it. Each trade I make a tiny profit, 0.05% or so, but it adds up. -Matt PS see my other recent post on an xRapid simulator I wrote, to explore the question of liquidity:
  4. Hi All, I knocked up a quick and dirty 'simulator' to simulate xRapid transactions based on actual live orderbooks from various exchanges. Full details here: https://www.quernus.co.uk/2019/02/13/ripple-xrapid-simulator/ -Matt
  5. I think what you are referring to as a 'private ledger' is actually ILP and xCurrent. ILP is a mechanism for connecting *between* ledgers and is not a ledger itself. So using ILP then Bank A could deduct 1000 XRP from it's internal ledger and debit Bank B's internal ledger. But if both banks have an account on the XRP Ledger then nothing there has changed. But you are right, that even if XRP was moved in this way it would still require 'settlement' on the actual XRP Ledger at some point. -Matt PS. I'll be covering this in my show in about 4 hours time.
  6. Have you checked out IBM's Node Red project? It allows you to very easily create things like this in which you are streaming data from sources, and running it through various processing pipelines and then visualising it somehow. You have full access to IBM's Watson AI services, one of which is a sentiment analyser. An example of building something with it here: -Matt
  7. Hi all, Plug for tonight's show... tonight (9pm UTC) I'll be talking about ledgers, exchanges and trading. I'll also be trying to dispell some of the misinformation around the whole 'two ledgers' conspiracy theories that are going around at the moment. So tune in, and I look forward to seeing you there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1le3PvwndE -Matt
  8. ...and yet you still maintain on your website that the value of XRP is zero, and it always zero. If XRP is the only thing crossing the border.... ...and the value of XRP is always zero How is any value moved? -Matt
  9. I have done repeatedly. On both here and on Twitter. As have several other people. It seems the main things you still don't appear to understand are: 1. That XRP/USD and USD/XRP are the same orderbook on an exchange, and that one is just the inverse of the other. 2. That buying XRP with USD is the same as selling USD to get XRP 3. That neither of those two points has anything to do with the execution order of the trades xRapid does -Matt
  10. You keep bringing up Joel Katz on this. Your misunderstandings are at a much more fundamental level. It is like you are trying to understand how a Formula 1 race car works, but you still won't accept that the car has 4 wheels until Schumacher himself tells you. It is like if Schumacher was being interviewed about how they replace tires in a pit stop and he says "We have to replace each of the four tires in a specific order during the race due to specific wear and tear patterns" and you have seen it and gone "F1 cars have 4 wheels! I knew it! This is groundbreaking! So far no-one has said they have 4 wheels!" and when someone then says "But all F1 cars have 4 wheels [ignoring that weird double front wheel concept]" and you say "I don't believe they have four wheels unless Shumacher confirms it with me directly!" In short, you have had your multiple misunderstandings corrected multiple times so far already. -Matt
  11. I'd be happy to cover this in my Cryptocurrency Explained show on Monday night, if people think it would be useful? -Matt
  12. Indeed, the price could go either way. So Ripple (or the customer bank) may be willing to accept that as a risk and that 'on average' it will balance out, and they are happy to cover anything beyond that. Of course xRapid could easily build in a small buffer for this. e.g right this instant the asks on the order book for XRP/USD looks like: price vol 0.32850 77761.69 0.32911 8495.27 0.32913 3000.00 0.32936 497.66 0.32938 1733.03 so I can buy up to 77761 XRP at a price of 0.32850 USD per XRP. If I want more then I end up at the next level and paying slightly more 0.32911 USD per XRP. xRapid *could* decide to just bid a bit higher, so it could look at that orderbook and decide to place an order to buy at 0.3292 USD, which would mean it would match the first 3 orders if needed. The exchange will give the 'best' it can though, and so although the price quoted to the customer was based on 0.3292 it might do slightly better (and xRapid, the FI, or the customer could get the slight benefit). -Matt
  13. This makes no sense either. The value of XRP is whatever the market (and in particular the counterparty in the specific trade you make at the time) decides it wishes to buy it for. -Matt
  14. I've no idea what the original bet was, but just to say what you've written above (if I understand it correctly) is wrong. I could be say here 'trading charts' and have put a buy order in to buy some USD with my XRP. xRapid comes along and needs to buy some XRP and places an order to buy XRP with USD which matches my order and is fulfilled. xRapid does 'trade' in the fact that it 'trades' one currency for another at a specific price. There is a buyer and there is a seller. They are matched and some of the assets from the buyer are assigned to the seller, and the assets from the seller are assigned to the buyer. This is what a trade is. Does xRapid sit on tradingview and talk **** in the chat box about "Fibonacci's" and "barts", no, it doesn't. -Matt
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