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  1. hammertoe


    Oh well... got moved to 'off topic' lol
  2. hammertoe


    Hi All! So.... I've not been on here for about a year, as got a bit bored of same old discussions, mostly hype around price... anyway, just came back to answer a DM someone sent me about PayID and noticed this.... Hahahahahahahahahahah! The world has a sense of humour! I'm also aware that by posting this message it will likely destroy my perfect reputation. -Matt
  3. Hi! The backslash in there is needed as it is a regular expression, and + means something specific in regexes (matches one or more of the previous item). I don't see anything obvious otherwise in your setup. Someone has created a validator tool, you can try at: https://payidvalidator.com/ -Matt
  4. I applied a couple of months ago: https://discourse.elixxir.io/t/node-application-10582939893-submitted-2019-03-10-1622/211 Not heard anything since, but Elixxir does look pretty interesting. -Matt
  5. Wow. Thank you very much for your kind words. This is the reason why I like doing chats and videos like this. I think I have a knack for explaining things. It also force *me* to understand them. If I can't explain it adequately to someone else... I don't understand it well enough myself. And in terms of potential and scope... yeah! There is so much potential there. And that is only the things we can think of. As David Schwartz says, there are so many things we can't even conceive of yet when we can transfer money like information. -Matt
  6. Hi all, last night I had an amazing chat with a chap called Bitcoin Ben about XRP. He is a LTC and BTC supporter... a 'regular guy', who is really interested in crypto and has his own Youtube show. We had a blast... and talked for over 2 hours (grab a long coffee or a case of beer for this one!). We talked about all sorts, XRP, the XRP ledger, Coil, Kava labs, Ripple, etc. Ben asked a bunch of really good questions that gave me a good opportunity to explain things about how it all works and how everything fits together. Oh... and the best bit? He is a Coil subscriber now so he will actually be getting paid XRP when Coil subscribers watch his video! Enjoy!
  7. I had my differences with P3T3RIS here on xrpchat and on Twitter.... but regardless of that, he was a fellow human being and for that I'm very saddened to hear he passed away. -Matt
  8. As others have said, an index is a key part of many other financial products. Crypto Facilities (bought recently by Kraken) have been the only one so far that have had an XRP index. And obviously Nasdaq is a hell of a lot better know than CF were. If you are to place some sort of futures trade that says something like "I bet the price of XRP will be $0.375 on 8th May 2019" then you immediately open up the question of 0.375 according to whom? Kraken? Coinbase? Bitstamp? And when on the 8th May? Midnight? 13:59? So you need an 'index price' that everyone can choose to agree on. These index prices are a reference price usually composed of taking some kind of average over multiple exchanges to lessen the risk of manipulation. So the fact that Nasdaq is producing one, is a vote of confidence for them that they think XRP is going somewhere, and that there is a market for more mainstream financial products to be based on it. -Matt
  9. Well... my gut feeling was similar after chatting to them at the start and what they were trying to achieve. Just curious as to what happened. Amersfoort was a fantastic meeting! And yes, great to meet Nik, Tiff, and many others that I've chatted to so much on here and Twitter. I look forward to the next one! -Matt
  10. So I guess Vokez / SystemD gave up on trying to fork the XRP Ledger then? No activity on their Github account (https://github.com/VokezOfficial) for a few months Website offline (https://vokez.io/) -Matt
  11. hammertoe

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Or, one of you tied to a chair, gagged and a copy to todays Times newspaper in shot? Sorry... just thought this was getting to sound more and more like a hostage situation! Bob... thanks ever so much for your insight, it is great to get a feel for how Ripple works a bit more and someone to talk about some of the historical elements of the company. I agree about the 'Ripple have an amazing team with the markets and products teams' bit. I have worked in software long enough to know that too many project fail for reasons unrelated to their technical aspect... you can have the best tech in the world, and unless you get it in the right hands then it will never go anywhere. I have yet to see any cryptocurrency besides XRP that has a company such as Ripple putting so much effort into all the 'other' aspects needed besides just the tech. -Matt
  12. Yes to profit. E.g I run a market maker bot on a few exchanges and make a reasonable profit on it. Each trade I make a tiny profit, 0.05% or so, but it adds up. -Matt PS see my other recent post on an xRapid simulator I wrote, to explore the question of liquidity:
  13. Hi All, I knocked up a quick and dirty 'simulator' to simulate xRapid transactions based on actual live orderbooks from various exchanges. Full details here: https://www.quernus.co.uk/2019/02/13/ripple-xrapid-simulator/ -Matt
  14. I think what you are referring to as a 'private ledger' is actually ILP and xCurrent. ILP is a mechanism for connecting *between* ledgers and is not a ledger itself. So using ILP then Bank A could deduct 1000 XRP from it's internal ledger and debit Bank B's internal ledger. But if both banks have an account on the XRP Ledger then nothing there has changed. But you are right, that even if XRP was moved in this way it would still require 'settlement' on the actual XRP Ledger at some point. -Matt PS. I'll be covering this in my show in about 4 hours time.
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