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  1. I bought everything my salary allows me. I have 26k and no problem saying it. Pd.: If you are a hacker please note that Viggo has 5 times my stack so please be smart and target him.
  2. I can retire with 1M after taxes and continue living the same way as today. I dont need anything else.
  3. https://www.pumabrowser.com/ Will try it when its published at play store, i do not recommend to install their website apk.
  4. In my opinion we are just retesting resistance, i expect to test the upper diagonal resistance in the following days. Global view:
  5. Thanks. I thought it was the same office. I didnt saw the original image.
  6. Un saludo a los españoles que están por aquí que sé que hay más de uno. ?
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-25/india-and-mexico-get-an-early-taste-of-the-bank-of-amazon
  8. I was thinking in this, if i were a whale, it would be interesting to make people think the price is going to 589 so i can sell easily my stack at 100 for example.
  9. But banks? What banks? All together? If not are all banks why would the others trust it? You need a third party.
  10. I hope we do not have to sell, just spend.
  11. Sorry, I could not avoid making the comment. https://bigthink.com/scotty-hendricks/the-dark-forest-theory-a-terrifying-explanation-of-why-we-havent-heard-from-aliens-yet
  12. Be careful when revealing your position in a dark forest. Even more when it is possible that very soon we are traveling by the stars.?
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