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  1. Old FUD rehashed again and again, and completely ignores Ripple's other target markets like money transfer companies e.g. Moneygram, Western Union and giant multinational corporates like Airbnb, Uber, Seagate, etc. The points brought up in that article has been addressed multiple times by David/JoelKatz. Please see his replies on Reddit.
  2. Well technically it doesn't directly affect non-Korean exchanges. Short term it may attract panic sellers who have short term memory. New Japanese exchanges being launched (DMM, SBI), Chinese exchange Huobi making a big comeback, another Chinese exchange Binance going strong because they are targeting worldwide users, potential Coinbase launch in future, Moneygram/Transferwise, household names...I'm holding LOL.
  3. LOL why are you even considering Gatehub for your corporate account? It's too risky dude. There are better exchanges for your needs.
  4. Don't fall into the Tron hype. The white paper is full of buzzwords and the English is...terrible. What are they actually working on!? What is the problem they are solving? They keep mentioning "content entertainment" but what really is the value they are creating? I think Tron is a perfect example of the "science experiments" that Brad talked about in previous interviews. From their website: What nonsense am I reading? LMAO
  5. If you have a Revolut account, you simply wire the funds to Revolut and exchange your USD to GBP. But IMO it's not worth it to save a few hundred in conversion fees (maybe a bit more). Just convert directly using your bank. Revolut is also subjected to KYC/AML laws so you will definitely be asked to provide proof of origin of the funds, etc. etc. especially when the sum is significant. Why go through the hassle?
  6. Yes Genesis is open to anyone worldwide (except maybe the usual suspects) and the minimum per trade is US$75K, buy or sell. Quoted from their email:
  7. Use Gemini, buy ETH there then exchange at Binance. No minimums, and my wire deposits are always credited the same day. I heard verification will take weeks though like every other exchange now.
  8. LOL I'm pretty sure Coinbase/GDAX/Bitstamp/Gemini etc. allow for million-dollar withdrawals. You just have to go through their KYC review. Plenty of whales on all major exchanges.
  9. I hope their current buy pricing is NOT what is listed on coinmarketcap because that would make Genesis the worst exchange for non-Koreans. Edit: Good news! Looks like they don't use Korean exchanges. See the list of exchanges Tradeblock uses (Genesis trading platform is by Tradeblock) - https://tradeblock.com/markets/
  10. Laughing my a$$ off while waiting for my ETH to (not) be deposited to Binance from a shady exchange.
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