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  1. The good news that I read into it, is that even though they're trying to push adoption of their solo coins, I believe that xrp will be the heavy lifter until, or even if, they're able to get solo liquidity (& trust) up to a sufficient level where it will actually be utilized to any significant extent. It's as if they know that they've gotta ride on the coattails of xrp to even have a chance to get their coin up and running. This ultimately may prove to be another positive development for xrp as the solo coin might never see any significant adoption, while xrp enjoys hauling some more traffic on the network. We'll see....but yes, a lotta hype by Coinfield.
  2. What a great thread to follow - even though I don't know squat about what goes into your analyses, for the most part, everyone is doing a pretty decent job at forecasting what's actually been to come: my having gone back and reread the earlier posts. My overall impression is that Ripple has been really nailing it in building out a network built on superiorly engineered products, and that this will ultimately result in xrp one day really taking off. That they themselves are so unconcerned about the day to day price tells me that their minds are in the right place - what they can do to build a bright future. And I don't think it's one bit of "hopium" to say that the future of the IoV is going to be almost inconceivably "massive" and that Ripple is perfectly positioned to capitalize on what's surely to come. Ten years will race by almost too fast, however, I can hardly wait to see where all of this will have progressed to by 2030. I don't believe it to be an understatement at all to describe any of our involvement with xrp and Ripple, to have been an opportunity of a lifetime. I personally can't wait to see the positive effects that this is going to have on the third world, unbanked, as it's going to open up the very real opportunity for these people, via the internet, to sell arts and crafts of all sorts, at minuscule prices, to others all over the world in an efficient manner. This simply isn't currently possible and yet it's coming - like a wave that starts out with just a ripple, and although it's currently unnoticed by most, it's already on its way around the world.
  3. Being cool is just being yourself and doing whatever makes you happy, irrespective of other's opinions.
  4. After reading through the SEC's web page and other sources about how the rules and regulations that the SEC relies on are actually formulated, I'm left with the impression that it's Congress who ultimately writes the laws. The SEC works to help guide them, but in general, they aren't the one's who ultimately craft them. They do however, have the authority to interpret and implement the law as they see appropriate. If my understanding of all of this is correct, then yes, this meeting will be a very big deal for moving forward on regulatory clarity.
  5. "The footnote also adds that “because XRP is a currency,” it cannot also be a security under law. The filing states that the court itself does not need to determine “whether XRP is a security or currency for purposes of this motion, which assumes Plaintiff’s allegation that XRP is a security.” The filing also states that “the federal Departments of Treasury and Justice publicly concluded that XRP is a ‘convertible virtual currency,'” in its “factual background” section. “This is consistent with the CFTC’s position that virtual currency is a commodity,” the filing states." I don't believe that Ripple is very concerned about this whole security issue, as the above three agencies and departments have already labelled xrp as being a virtual currency. Even the SEC more or less agreed, when they recently stated that some cryptocurrencies that initially might have once been considered as a security, have now progressed into legitimate use-cases which negates the security classification. The regulatory clarity that Ripple is seeking, is almost surely focused upon the ability of banks and other financial institutions to actually hold xrp. PolySign, the exchanges, and now MoneyGram, are the work-around solutions for xRapid being able to provide the necessary liquidity.
  6. This is my point with all of the hundreds of millions of dollars that institutional buyers have been pouring into xrp. (much to the whining of those critics overly focused on the short term price) When xrp breaks $1, there will literally be billions of new found equity in the very firms' war chests, that are best positioned to actually utilize xrp. The potential for a synergistic "snowball effect" of logarithmically increasing utilization, could easily dwarf even what many of us have dared to imagine. Time will tell.....
  7. Fiatleak is showing a significant xrp trading increase in Asia right now. Wondering if some of SBI's group of banks have started to roll with xRapid? The trade volumes have been fluctuating between 1 and 8 million PER MINUTE! Utility is THE game changer with xrp - nothing else in the crypto world really compares. I believe that it won't be very long before a lot of FUDsters are going to be "massively" disappointed. Let this sawtoothed climb begin......
  8. 215 for the 12th, and then 182 on the 13th. The charts are putting up some strong liquidity gains - this is what I've been expecting to see. I'm predicting that these numbers will steadily climb over time, and that this is really just the beginning. Almost any, even modest rise in xrp price, will result in a massive funding of hundreds "institutional" war chests, which will in turn, light fire to the Xrapid ecosystem. I highly doubt that any substantial increase in the price, and accordingly, the liquidity of xrp, will result in anything other than an almost immediate increase in utilization: and therefore value. As always.....we'll see.
  9. Wow, what a spike on the chart for today! The overall liquidity trend looks extremely promising. On another front, a comparison of the Total XRP Trade Volume and the XRP Ledger Payment Volume (xrpcharts.ripple.com) shows that today's payment volume ($136,874,395.46) actually exceeds today's trade volume ($118,801,458.54) - I'm not sure how this is even possible but I get the impression that it's due to increased xrapid use. Could someone clue me in on how payment volume can be differentiated from trade volume and/or how the two interact?
  10. FUD seems to me to be the "new" term for propaganda. As I was attempting to get a more rounded and objective view of the crisis in Venezuela I repeatedly encountered so many outright mistruths and lies that I was shocked. I was also reminded of what I had read on Wikileaks years ago about journalists on the CIA payroll whose primary purpose was to sway European public opinion in favor of our desire to invade Iraq. I was saddened to say the least, however, I'm now much more aware of the "reality" of the ways of the world in the manipulation of public opinion. Skepticism is a necessary filter through which to view what is pushed as being factual. Fortunately, in the field of medicine, residents, through something referred to as journal clubs, are taught how to thoroughly scrutinize and therefore somewhat vet the published research and studies. This is done by looking for a wide variety of possible errors, flaws, or even hidden variables that might distort or even negate the findings. It's a healthy way to approach what is far too often presented to us as being "fact," and which is easier to just accept as such. This is why whenever I'm challenged on something that I have put forth in a conversation or debate, I'll frame it with an openness to go back and research the foundation of my beliefs of the "facts" a bit further. Clarity is often a very elusive objective, and understanding this, it becomes painfully apparent that there are those that have become master manipulators in this art of deception. More than ever, DYOR is critical to having even a halfway decent understanding of something. This was a good piece: Thank You! I appreciate your concern over this increasingly common problem.
  11. I'm doing this backwards, AND I'm reviving a topic that's long since smoldered out - or has it? I keep thinking about all the institutional sales that Ripple has been catching so much "dumping" flak over. The non-arguable reality of it all, is that there are at least hundreds of institutions out there, that at their worst, have "placed a bet on xrp" - to the tune of literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of heavily discounted xrp. One could presume that the majority of these institutional buyers, have some sort of business related interest in the transfer of either money or value. Now consider how valuable Ripple's escrow "war chest" has been in the furtherance of their business interests. As the utilization of xrapid grows, then the chances are that the price of xrp will also grow as well: even if slowly. What I predict will ultimately happen, is that once xrp reaches and holds support anywhere above $1, the value of the equity that these institutions would then be holding, will lead to a nearly logarithmic increase in xrp useage. These same institutions would now have multiple hundreds of million of dollars worth of xrp with which to do their business with. Although $1 feels right and I can't predict at what precise price this coming onslaught of utilization will occur, I do believe that it will be like "flipping a switch". (now to go read Shane's theory) The combined, interconnected utility of hundreds these new institutional "war chests" are going to work synergistically to "power up" in a way that's going to be more reminiscent of a rail gun, as opposed to an old horse and buggy rocket. Hopium? IDK, but I say continue on with the 100's of millions of dollars of institutional sales, because one day, maybe even soon, the logic of this strategy will become "massively" apparent.
  12. Thanks for posting this - a very good video indeed.
  13. Well for one, bringing the unbanked of this world into the possibility of tapping into the massive economic engine of the world, #2, Donor's Choose (all those teachers are gonna go out an buy lambos, right?) This donation, btw, funded EVERY SINGLE CLASSROOM on the list, which impacted nearly 1 out of every six public schools in America, (BOLD for those asleep in the back, as obviously quite a few of you are) #3, UBRI which will help further the educational opportunities of students interested in this tech, #4, lowering or all but eliminating the exorbitant remittance fees that foreign workers face, and which cannibalizes the money they so often use to support their families back home (those greedy peasants, right?), and certainly not last #4, $4 million to help begin the construction of a mountain gorilla sanctuary (who needs gorillas anyway, there's already more than enough in our zoos). OMG but xrp's price hasn't moved in nearly two yearrrrrs, they're flooding the market by expanding their liquidity, omg, I should've invested in BTC or ETH, omg, omg they're hiring too many brilliant people and opening offices all over the world when they should be focusing on making me some quick money, omg, omg at this rate I'll never be able to get MY lambo......
  14. Ater re-reading the OP's original title, and after having watched the clip, I'd suggest modifying the headline to read "....attempts to rip Ripple and XRP a new one" The only thing that comes to mind as actually being ripped here by Chico is maybe some toilet paper.
  15. It reads to me as if this is basically just a legal disclaimer necessary for them to actually proceed with their pilot. I don't see where this provides us with any great insight into "what the big guys" are thinking, but more so on the areas that they feel that they need to be most careful about. In medicine this is referred to as CYA, or cover your ass, and is why a lot of unnecessary tests are run - just in case.
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