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  1. "SA: We have government affairs, full-time representatives in the U.S., in Europe, in Asia Pacific. We regularly meet with regulators to educate them, to get them more comfortable with what we’re doing and trying to do, which is to solve for the very real-world problem of being able to move money cross-border without a lot of friction and expense." "We’ve also sat on the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force. We’ve hosted a summit for central banks to learn more about blockchain. We regularly speak on panels. We’re often invited by regulatory organizations to come speak or serve on panels. I would say we’ve engaged with more than 50 regulators and policymakers worldwide on this issue." This alone, shows you how head and shoulders above the rest of the crypto world Ripple actually is. They're not merely out pumping some grandiose idea of what their cryptocurrency "might" be able to do, they're actually doing the leg-work to bring about the changes necessary in order to make it happen. Ripple is building a foundation which will, I predict, one day be looked back upon as not only being solid and outright transformational, but brilliant beyond most people's comprehension. The IoV is on the cusp of changing the world, and Ripple is clearly leading the charge.
  2. "....snorting it off hookers." How often do I get a multiple choice answer like this one? How could I not check this box?
  3. Another great example of Ripple having put together an exceptional team. Stuart appears to be the perfect "fit" for the job - loved his reasoned approach to seeking regulatory clarity while at the same time, moving ahead based on what's known now.
  4. "Thank you - http://alivingledger.com" Wow, so cool - it's like watching something in it's infancy and imagining how wild it's gonna look in the future, as it grows up. Visual representations are just the coolest!
  5. "....and that means that someone who is new to Ripplenet, can get going not in weeks, but in days." This!!! Their pace may seem painfully slow to many, however, they've been very busy establishing the much needed connections, and now it sounds as if their software suite is finally up to speed and actually able incorporate xrp at will. I still say that SBI going live will be the pivotal "switch flipping" that gets everything really running, and ultimately, results in the opening of additional corridors.
  6. The OP left out a critical part: "....as a sign of faith." De-risking along the way is the most reasoned approach to any investment no matter how much you believe in it's potential for future success. There's just absolutely no way to be able to predict what the future might throw at even the best of technologies, be it regulatory, economic, social, or even the outbreak of a world war - we just can't accurately predict these things. I therefore see his remarks as a further illustration of his remarkable intelligence - this guy rocks!
  7. "What if the road to 100K goes through 10K, 4K, 20K, 12K, 40K, 18K, 35K, 12K, 50K ... How do you anticipate one can handle losing 28K in potential appreciation?" I framed the 1000 xrp in the context of a company, much like Apple, that had the potential to revolutionize an aspect of our lives, and therefore, that this ought to be a "get it and forget it" type of investment. And also, that much of the "fun" in this would to be to witness the unfolding of the chapters that are yet to be written, and to conceptualize their money as being "gone." I realize that when we follow something like this too closely, for most people, fear creeps in when the euphoric, massive appreciations are quite frequently followed by equally massive, terribly disheartening downfalls. This is where the community comes in, as we all can support one another by encouraging everyone to step back and take a look at the big picture. To focus on the progress, on the ideas, and on the possibilities. One of these friends and I were both fairly heavily invested in Apple, way way back, before all the splits, when their shares were selling for a mere $18. Both of us got out of Apple, feeling pretty good about ourselves, after more than doubling or tripling our money. In hindsight, we have both realized that the allure of having our money in hand, had blinded us to the incredible potential of the company. I believe that both Ripple, and xrp are poised to literally transform much of the world of 'finance' (and even philanthropy!) as we know it. The IoV is truly just now in it's infancy, and I believe that I'm not alone in grasping some of the implications of this. Significantly, I want to be along for the ride: for a long ride. If, as I expect, xrp someday actually takes off like the proverbial rocket that so many are hoping for, it will be interesting to see just how many of my friends and family can hang on, and actually enjoy their rides - as always, we will see....
  8. While I would normally say that this is a good rule to abide by, I figured out a way to "put my money where my mouth was." After doing what I would consider extensive 'homework' on Ripple, a couple of years back, I came to the conclusion that this might easily become the investment of a lifetime; not only for myself, but for my friends and family as well. After myself buying a significant chunk of xrp, I then turned around and offered 1000 xrp to each of a dozen different people, at about a 50% discount to the market, just to get them involved. The biggest PITA was in having everyone get accounts set up in order for me to transfer over their xrp. Since that time, only one of those friends has since cashed his back out, and I don't really think it was about him losing faith in xrp, so much as needing the money, as he actually went for 3000 initially and not just 1000. The greatest thing about this is that these people now share much of my enthusiasm, and surprisingly, almost all of them are hoping to hold onto their 'coins' for ten years to see just how much they can grow. I told them to look at it as a back-up retirement plan, bet/gamble, such that if it paid off even marginally, what did they really have to lose. If it 'only' ever makes it to $100 in ten years, then these 'guys' will have $100K for next to nothing - except their patience. If it ever were, crazy as it may sound to many, make it to $1000, I'd be nuts beyond belief with excitement for them: much more so than for myself even!
  9. Crawl, walk, run! I know for many "mooners" it's been a frustrating wait, but Ripple has just been tearing it up as far as building a solid foundation is concerned. Once you get the critical mass utilization of the bulk of their product suite, you know it's only a matter of time before we'll begin to see widespread adoption, and use of XRP. I believe that once SBI is up and running with MoneyTap, that "run" will be a gross understatement. As always, we'll see......I for one am happy to be witnessing this slow, methodical progression as the anticipation of what's to come is exciting AF! (pardon my 'French')
  10. Although I'm not a big fan of Bitcoin, I've got to take issue with this: " For me the BTC believers that say ".......but BTC is a store of Value" are duping themselves. Something that has no intrinsic value cannot be a store of value, it kings no clothes stuff." The value here is the cryptographic nature and the widespread acceptance of BTC as something representing an "agreed upon" value. Fiat is similar in the respect that the paper is essentially worthless, it's the "agreed upon" value that makes it work. The flaws in the design of BTC will ultimately degrade its value, imho, however, for the time being it's holding up surprisingly well. If trust in the fiat of the world's major powers is ever lost, then a rush to "safe haven" assets will ensue, and BTC will likely benefit greatly. Even gold and silver have lost some of their appeal due to manipulation enabled by the overprinting of certificates: essentially false promissory notes that allows for this manipulation. There's even a legitimate concern that much of the world's gold reserves have been infiltrated by gold-covered tungsten blanks, as was uncovered by the Chinese some years back after purchasing thousands of U.S. 400oz gold bars, which they drilled to asses purity/integrity. Rampant world-wide embezzlement, manipulation, and theft has left most of the traditional "safe havens" much less secure, which has resulted in BTC gaining some credibility for this purpose. How this will all play out is anyone's guess, however, should fiat start to crash, I would expect crypto to soar.
  11. Whether or not xrp is still correlated with bitcoin is about to become superfluous imho, and here's why. Whatever the cause of the present rally, these massive increases in liquidity that are being generated, are going to be like rocket fuel for when all of the xrp corridors start launching - I expect that's going to occur very soon - especially with SBI coming up. It's a win-win either way, as many of us felt that xrp was near to decoupling anyway, but the timing of this rise is nearly perfect. Maybe DS knew that the writing was on the wall, and felt almost compelled to sell a big chunk beforehand, in order to not run afoul of the SEC for insider trading. It wouldn't surprise me.
  12. The 800b gorilla in the room is that the U.S. doesn't want to lose it's ability to use the dollar as a weapon. Economic sanctions are primarily only possible because of the U.S.'s ability to use SWIFT to punish countries that trade with those with whom we are at economic war with, and against whom we've imposed sanctions on - widespread crypto adoption will allow for an end run around these. It's all about power and control, whether they acknowledge this or not. Just look at his statement: "I look for colleagues to join with me in introducing a bill to outlaw cryptocurrency purchases by Americans...in part because an awful lot of our international power comes from the fact the dollar is the standard unit of international finance and transactions," Sherman said.
  13. It's also quite possible that he feels that xrp is on track to smash it, and knows that with his enormous stack, selling even millions now will still leave him wealthy beyond imagination. At "only $10," each of his 100K xrp becomes worth a million. If he has reason to believe it will one day reach $100, or even $1000, then what would his sales anywhere along the way really mean - nothing more than just raising a little capital. He actually says that he's following a 'de-risking strategy" that he agreed upon with his wife: with some sadness even. He knows it's gonna go up, but he obviously agreed to take some money off the table along the way. Given his tweet, this actually could be a very positive sign - only time will tell.
  14. One day when you grab your keys and drive off anywhere, I'm gonna come grab your three headed dog and go make my fortune in a traveling Circus Sideshow!
  15. Hard to say what it's about - it is tax time though, so unloading some of your stash doesn't sound at all unreasonable to me. Looking back over the transactions throughout the years shows similar stuff, so I'm not concerned. Everyone expecting xrp to have taken off yesterday, has stirred up a lot of fears and insecurities, when in reality, the progress on so many fronts is actually hard to keep up with. People just don't want to hear that this might take another year or two to be reflected in the price, but the reality is that the potential for extraordinary appreciation is still there, it just takes some patience.
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