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  1. I'm of the feeling that due to the huge increases in the liquidity within the ODL corridors, that this will result in significantly increased utility within each corridor. At some point, this should result in more support going forward, even when speculation is the driving force behind these increases. I'd then expect to see a fairly consistent pattern of higher lows without as many big retractions following these run-ups. More of a sawtooth pattern up, or even sideways, with only an occasional sawtooth down. We'll see....
  2. If he was "man enough" to make a bet with her, then he should be a man of his word, and not be a little ***** and whine about losing the bet and selling them. Besides, if it were tools or something that he put to good use, then it would be a different story, but in this case it sounds like 'toys' that he doesn't even play with. I've got a friend who's been a collector of old antique bottles for years. I helped him and his wife move once and those bottles were a pita and he was a nervous wreck saying, "oh, oh, be careful, that one's worth $30" every two minutes. His entire collection probably w
  3. I've gotta wonder if Jed wasn't responsible for that big offloading of xrp and was buying up xlm to stir up its price. Although both xrp and xlm have seen better than 50% gains in the past 24hrs, xlm's 7 day rise is around 100% compared to xrp's 140%, which suggests a bit of a delay to me. We know that his sales are xrp volume dependent, so this would make sense in that regard. No other cryptos had been seeing anywhere near the % gains that xrp was enjoying until just recently as xlm started pumping as well. Although this makes sense to me, I obviously could be missing something. And yes, it
  4. There's some very strange flows going on, that's for sure. Yesterday, utilizing a maps overlay, I was attempting to trace where some of these flows were ultimately ending up, as many of them didn't appear to be over land masses. Ultimately I determined that one stream was ending up in the Azores while another looked to be going to Bermuda. Today I've identified a stream going off the western U.S. coast to who knows where. Another stream was ending up off the west coast of Africa, presumably in the Cabo Verde islands, and yet still another appeared to be going to Ascension island. Idk if the a
  5. I might tend to agree with this if it weren't for my observations of fiat leak yesterday. I leave fiat leak running in the background on my computer as it's often kinda fun to watch what the trends are, however, yesterday I noticed something different. Those little "bubbles" that go streaming up from the currency abbreviations listed along the bottom, have previously been associated with only a few countries. Yesterday, I noticed ones from Brazil, Russia, the UAE, Singapore, Thailand, and South Africa. This was definitely a change from what's been the "normal." As xrp's price, for whatever re
  6. I see an amazing philanthropic opportunity for Ripple's utilization of the escrow, and based on their past efforts, I think that this would make for a spectacular business plan. If they were to balance the company's ongoing needs with regular generous philanthropic disbursements, the governments of the world would have to take notice and would have little to complain about. Approximately 50 billion of an asset could do wonders for this world, if it were to appreciate into double or even triple digits. For example, that 50 billion could erase all current U.S. student debt at $30 per xrp. Howeve
  7. Ripple addressed this months ago, with their Wall Street Ad, which I interpreted as being their first 'warning' of needing to take business elsewhere. Being the reserve currency of the world, and acknowledging how cutthroat competitive the business aspect of anything "money related" is, it's not surprising that our regulators are heel-dragging, as they're scrambling to figure out a way to sidestep losing their immense financial leverage over others. XRP's near immediate transfers, combined with infinitesimal fees, almost certainly results in it being regarded as a threat to the U.S.'s ability
  8. Ever notice how it's always everyone's left eye that gets a little squinty in pictures? I've noticed it in my own pics even....
  9. Something of note in this announcement is the focus on what appears to be an intent to preserve the correspondent banking infrastructure, thereby maintaining their monopoly. "Built on Microsoft Azure, RTGS.global promises to completely overhaul the machinery of correspondent banking. The network safeguards existing commercial banking relationships, but will change the way they work" This sounds to me as if they've figured out how to "overhaul the machinery of correspondent banking" thereby still making it necessary for all the other banks to go through those big banks in order to pro
  10. "Available" to 43K banks, not on-boarded banks yet, or even any mention of estimates of those intending to utilize it. A key question is that of the necessary software, what's involved in it's integration, (how long, how hard and how seamless?) and significantly, the usage fees. A strong competitor; or ultimately even the "winner;" quite possibly; but at this point it's only an initial stages announcement, and it won't be until "Autumn" that we have any real idea of what the scope of this announcement will ultimately mean. The ability to integrate with existing infrastructure and the associate
  11. This is from almost nine months ago, how relevant is this today. I'd love to see how the more recent transfers are panning out. Liquidity is a frustratingly slow process, but I've got a hunch it's building up steadily. Maybe not near enough to satisfy the actual demand, however, that's a great problem to have if you're on the right path to satisfying it.
  12. This is interesting as an updated "README" file was listed for only four days ago. According to a youtube xrp blog, Codius was said to have been released today - this certainly seems to support that claim.
  13. "...in being part of Ripplenet, when a bank needs to complete a transaction, the transaction while find "the path of least resistance" which in many cases will likely be the ODL route once the market is built up enough." Once there is no regulatory risk or uncertainty for a bank to allow Ripple's software to route a payment via xrp, the banks won't care one way or another which path their payment ultimately takes, as long as it's secure. Nearly instant transfers, at mere fractions of a penny, will take hold as fast as Ripple can build out enough liquidity to prevent significant slippage.
  14. While they might not have referenced xrp directly, it surely appears as if xrp ties in perfectly with their intent: Taking the exploration of the standard model of digital asset transactions as the direction, Taking the research on the confirmation path of technology-empowered asset as the focus, Taking the promotion of digital assets’ global mobilization as the goal.
  15. It would be nice if there were a little info accompanying this post as not all of us choose to be signed up with Twitter. (or instagram, snapchat, tinder, tick tok, etc, etc, etc)
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