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  1. This, as we all suspected, has been coming for a while. It begs the question of what xrp's potential is in providing liquidity for the many countries outside of those of the "first world." Hard for me to assess whether or not this will be a great thing for us moving forward, or is the U.S. looking to shove everything else out of the way and attempt to take over what Ripple has been working on all along. Thoughts or ideas?
  2. Thanks for correcting me as I don't like to spread incorrect information..... I still believe that we'll begin to see some significant price appreciation once SBI kicks into full gear as just their connections alone are significant throughout Asia.
  3. One of the most promising statements I heard on xrp price speculation, was that of a man who for all intents and purposes, is on the "inside." Who might you ask? Kitao. For all the crap people gave him for his $10 EOY projection not having come to fruition, I believe that they are missing the forest for the trees. He more than anyone on these forums, can see clearly the potential of xrp, and he's working hard to make that happen. So, why nothing amazing since his price prediction? It's simple, he like most of us thought that regulatory certainty would've come to pass much, much faster. With the April implementation of the Japanese crypto regulations right around the corner, I'd suggest people just cool their jets and wait and see how SBI's rollout affects the price. I predict by at least sometime this summer, SBI's efforts and corridor synergy will be a significant turning point. As always, we'll see.....
  4. In response to his question of if Binance will become an ODL partner, she replied: "I think it's a perfect match, but we'll have to wait and hear what they say." She later describes that they're still building out their network in the U.S., so possibly once this is a little further along.
  5. Yep, timing and context is everything sometimes. To assert that Brad was being dishonest or misleading is in itself dishonest when you attempt to separate what someone says, from either the time frame or the underlying situation. Besides, actions speak louder than words: Ripple halted xrp sales and raised over $200 million - this speaks volumes to the strength of their company and the network that they're building.
  6. Due to the SEC's previous statements about situations where cryptos transitioned away from initially being securities, I think that this is what will happen. After reading the pages from The Bank on International Settlement, as posted on youtube by the Bearable Bull: "Bank For International Settlements CONFIRMS Ripple/XRP Is The New Financial System," I think it's way beyond the point where this is even a question anymore as the biggest players in the world, the Central Banks, are becoming more aware of what xrp can actually do for them. CBDC's need an intermediary for a variety of reasons. Check out what the BIS has written, go to 13:45 in the clip - the part about November 2020 sounds interesting, although I don't really know what to make of it?
  7. November 2019 - 300 customers (Nov-Feb) That's 150 new customers in 4 months. Compared to 100 new customers over the preceding 9 months (Mar-Nov), the trajectory of Ripple's network expansion just turned skyward. I'll go "out on a limb" here and predict that the tipping point is imminent. Progress is in the eye of the beholder. (and at this point, from my perspective, it has nothing to do with price)
  8. It's pretty hard not to be optimistic about XRP's future when you have CEO's making statements like this: "...we believe it has the potential to replace current methods of foreign exchange trading." Check out this press release from Ripple back in November of 2019 - again, pay attention to what these three CEO's have to say after having actually used ODL: https://ripple.com/ripple-press/ripple-announces-more-than-300-customers-ripplenet-growth/
  9. If I'm interpreting your charts right, it looks to me as if there are several "waves" of transactions being put through. The increasing slope of the heights of each wave, suggests to me that there are simultaneous pulse-like increases of liquidity, in order to match the demand before reaching the software's spread limit. ODL's growth, as seen when transaction values ramp up in accordance with the maximum spread allowed. Thanks for your post!
  10. "And now we know that it's latest product, FastSend, won't be using XRP—even though it's a product that would be suited to fast, cross-border payments." That's purely the author speculating in order to bolster his earlier presumption of Ripple being shunned. Has anyone within Visa or MG ever stated that FastSend will be used in cross border transactions? Or how about in cross border transactions other than the major currencies? "Moneygram shuns Ripple" tells you right off that this is nothing more than a thinly veiled smear attempt. (now to go check out what Crypto Eri has to say about this nonsense)
  11. Take a better look at the "Back in November...." post. Three CEO's sharing their experience with actually using xrp/ODL - and just think about what's happened since then even, with all the announcements and partnerships. It's a "scam coin" alright - xrp is about to scam TF out of an army of fudsters - the Ripple team is doing everything right in my opinion - but don't ask me, ask them CEO's - or maybe just hold onto your panties and patiently wait and see.
  12. From back in November 2019 - https://ripple.com/ripple-press/ripple-announces-more-than-300-customers-ripplenet-growth/
  13. This!!! "Dalia El-Baz (Vice Chairman of the NBE) also added that the RippleNet network includes more than 300 banks and financial institutions spread in all countries of the world and it is expected that the number of subscribers to that network will grow exponentially,..."
  14. No I don't. I've no clue as to when a critical mass will be achieved resulting in the "tipping point" to which Ripple mentioned. I'm not attempting to dissect the ODL percentages in order to forecast mass adoption, I'm merely stating that everything is ramping up smoothly and that I believe that we will witness exactly what Ripple was alluding to: probably within this year. It's all about the synergy and the resultant utility that all these network collaborations will enable, that will boost liquidity and in turn, xrp's utility.
  15. Sounds to me as if Ripple is in the clear and they know it. Accordingly, it now makes perfect sense as to Ryan Zagone's recent departure, as the major focus of his efforts would have been achieved. Yet another piece of the puzzle that ties in nicely with some of Ripple's recent statements in regards to the coming "tipping point," and also in regards to people later underestimating a technology's potential for exponential success, after having demonstrated an over-exuberance early on. April showers (Japanese regs) bring May flowers - - - I'll be surprised if xrp hasn't broken $1 by May....
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