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  1. One day when you grab your keys and drive off anywhere, I'm gonna come grab your three headed dog and go make my fortune in a traveling Circus Sideshow!
  2. Hard to say what it's about - it is tax time though, so unloading some of your stash doesn't sound at all unreasonable to me. Looking back over the transactions throughout the years shows similar stuff, so I'm not concerned. Everyone expecting xrp to have taken off yesterday, has stirred up a lot of fears and insecurities, when in reality, the progress on so many fronts is actually hard to keep up with. People just don't want to hear that this might take another year or two to be reflected in the price, but the reality is that the potential for extraordinary appreciation is still there, it just takes some patience.
  3. The potential here is huge! With over 1 billion active accounts, even if xrp at some point 'only' achieves a 1% utilization rate, that equates to 10 million accounts. This has got to be some of the biggest news as of late as it's hard to ignore what the impact of access on this scale would mean. Each 1% increase would add another 10 million accounts - Wow!
  4. The power of networking should not be underestimated. I wouldn't be surprised if July becomes xrp's "independence day" from Bitcoin, as SBI finally goes live with xrp utilization within MoneyTap. The rails have already been established into both Mexico and the Phillipines, and Japan is next to "go online" with over 60 banks! As always, we'll see.....but I predict an exiting 3rd and 4th quarter for 2019.
  5. The "market cap," as in this particular instance, isn't a reflection of the value of the company, but rather of the carrying capacity of their digital assets. To repeatedly suggest otherwise is merely FUD imho. If world-wide adoption of Ripple's software suite; in particular, xRapid; continues at the current pace, it won't be long until the price of xrp will need to greatly increase in order to support the necessary liquidity.
  6. One of the key indicators of a company's "health," that savvy investment analysts are always on the lookout for, is the growth of staffing in their various markets. Ripple expanding the Singapore branch by 100% is a statistically significant predictor of their pending success. As opposed to unwarranted 'hopium' this indicates real progress in achieving their objectives. Good stuff!
  7. This is a very good sign. A while back WU claimed Ripple/xrp wouldn't save them much, if any money, over their already established network of outlets. Recently I read a piece that sounded as if they did an about face: sort of. It dawned on WU that there still remained many markets that they didn't have a presence in, and that Ripple/xrp could quickly open up a variety of these previously unserved markets. Now, there will be Phillippine and Mexican workers scattered around the word using their services for remittences, at least a portion of which, will rely on xrp. If my understanding of this is correct, then this is a BIG step forward in xrp adoption. Once SBI's MoneyTap gets Japan plugged in the growing xrp network, things are going to heat up fast.
  8. "I'm still here since 4/5/2019" - actually, 9/2017, but who's counting?
  9. I for one love hearing of these xrp donations - it speaks to the heart and soul of this company. It's great that the Ripple Team is not only a brilliant collection of talent, and that their vision of creating the IoV is revolutionary, but the fact that they're so philanthropically oriented, at such an early stage, says volumes about their character. As the value of xrp grows, what they will be able to accomplish in this regard will surely grow with it. It's a win-win situation imho, as they're not only solving financial problems, they're addressing the humanitarian possibilities as well - the world will take note as their 'crawl, walk, run' scenario unfolds in this regard as well.
  10. I just came across this: "mihaisyblu 12 hours ago For those who still think this move is a simple pump and dump (a manipulation). Some data according to https://coinmarketcap.com/charts/ Over the past two days Market Cap has increased from 145B to 171B USD. The volume traded in these two days is huge. In fact, we have a new record in terms of volume traded in 24 hours: In the past, the highest volume traded in 24 hours was on January 5, 2018 (Bitcoin was at ATH). That day the volume traded was 65B USD. Today, April 3 marks a record high in the volume traded in 24 hours: 82 B USD. This data says a lot. This is a healthy growth of the Crypto Market. Such huge volumes are only recorded when there are trend backs. A lot of money has entered this market over the past two days. Big boys have seen cheap prices and have decided to get massive buying. Of course, in the coming days, there may be some corrections for some swing traders or day traders to sell some of their holdings. Many of you were wondering where the money was? Here's the money! This massive move will help change the market sentiment and help shape the future bull market. So far we have begun the consolidation period, and this will take a few months, probably by autumn or winter this year. Follow the news feeds in the past 24 hours and see that more professionals say the bottom line was hit on Bitcoin (3150) and yesterday is the first day I left the bear market. I will return in the afternoon with new conclusions. In short: these record volumes traded over the past two days confirm a reversal of the trend. Good things come."
  11. I'm not sure what there is to be disappointed about? I read through both of these and in both he says: "Ripple’s network for cross-border transactions will grow significantly, attracting more banks and corporates, which will lead to rising transaction volume." This sounds pretty good to me.....
  12. "It's may be a bear market for all digital assets, but IMHO for Ripple as a company their direction and focus has not looked stronger and they are already positioning themselves for way more than just the banking industry when it comes to the digital asset XRP and the Ripplenet." And let's not forget their University Blockchain Research Initiative, as this may yet prove to be one of their most brilliant moves yet. Ripple is obviously looking at the big picture, and they're getting it right on so many levels. Ripple for Good is a brilliant example: can you imagine any other start-up that would even consider giving so much to worthy causes? They not only gave to Donors Choose, they totally covered their entire $29 million wish list! As Bob Way stated recently, Ripple has a team that is genuinely interested in exploring their philanthropical potential, and already it's showing. Once the liquidity becomes sufficient, I can envision a point at which a portion of the xrp released from escrow each month, will be designated for other equally worthy causes. This company is exciting on so many levels - way beyond the potential to make so many holders wealthy, but to literally change the world in ways we've yet to imagine.
  13. As Bob Way alluded to, xrp will be used on a level where it's use is essentially invisible to those who are using it. The network that Ripple built over the past five years is impressive by any standard, and it's this alternative to today's antiquated infrastructure that will essentially become a 'backdoor' for future xrp usage. Even within the R3 Corda settler, it's entirely possible that xrp will become a behind the scenes means of international money transfer for SWIFT, whenever xrp proves to be the best route/option. Even with all the talk about banks creating their own 'stable-coins,' the neutrality of xrp is what allows it to be a bridge on a global scale. As their network of exchanges, money transfer companies, and banks grows, so does the value and utility of xrp. Ripple has the software solution that's proving to be a secure, reliable and inexpensive option for connecting banks and FI's around the world, and their years of testing and pilots has given them a lead which is being underestimated. Banks are both super conservative and laden with rules and regulations, therefore it won't be an easy task to bring a worthy competitor to the market: especially one which is this fast, reliable and inexpensive. True progress takes time, persistence and vision, and Ripple has demonstrated that they've not only got what it takes, but are on the right path to capture a significant portion of the market. Ask yourself this, if you believed that a small biotech company had developed a reliable, inexpensive cure for cancer, would delays by the FDA, or even in the clinical testing process, change your mind on the value of their technology?
  14. As far as "hopium dreams" go, I believe that some of it is based on the realizations that no one can accurately predict the scope of possibilities for xrp. Being the first to market with a coin that was "correctly" engineered to enable the creation of the IoV, and to carry nearly instant value transfer throughout the world, Ripple's got a shot at something that's very hard to quantify. Coupled with a software suite buildout that's included the banks and financial institutions, Ripple is going about this in a methodical manner that may indeed result in xrp becoming the standard, or even "just" a leader amongst a field of other choices. Layering Xspring and the University Blockchain Research Initiative upon an already solid foundation, will bring about untold advances and possible use cases. Just as the cargo container brought uniformity, speed and ease to the shipping industry, and transformed it, xrp is poised to do the same for the world-wide transfer of money. Opening up previously "sticky" markets to the smooth, instantaneous and inexpensive transfer of money or value, has the potential to reshape trade and social economics in ways we've only yet begun to imagine. Only time will tell how "crazy," or not, some of these predictions are, and I've got a sense that if Ripple achieves even 50% of it's true potential, in five or ten years, they're not gonna look crazy at all.
  15. In today's world of hackers, and with all the examples of crypto thefts, why would anyone tempt fate and post their holdings, especially when the amounts are this large? Even a "measly" couple thousand of xrp might someday be worth a small fortune, and to leave breadcrumbs for others who would steal them just doesn't make any sense. (unless of course, you're just a kid living in your mom's basement, and are having fun making up tall tales)
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