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  1. I've got no problem in saying that yes, for the most part, we are just noise and should only be considered as such. I want Ripple to focus on their vision, and to not be at all distracted by what Joe Schmoe little me is feeling over here in some forum, having believed in them enough to lay down some decent cash. Nobody at Ripple needs to expend any unnecessary energy on appeasing my a**, as I want them to focus every bit of it on bringing this all to fruition. In the end, this will erase most of the complaints that XRP holders can come up with.
  2. What suggests that "we" are noise, when there's so much junk written in this new space as a whole, on virtually every little aspect of everything having anything to do with crypto; especially the price? I absolutely LOVE what he's saying, as it tells me that they're laser focused on their objectives and not on how people perceive their progress. Case in point: "The market price of XRP, of stocks, whatever else, will fluctuate due to expectations and hype and whatnot. Underneath that, we'd like to improve the fundamentals for the company, the XRP Ledger, and the world as a whole so that money can move faster, benefit more people, enable more types of work that people want to do..."
  3. 'The more that has happened in the cross border payments space the more obvious it seems to me that nothing has come close to the XRP Digital Bridging Asset concept." I wholeheartedly agree with this and would add that no other company, crypto related or not, has so rapidly earned the respect of both governments and financial institutions that Ripple has. Having fifty of the world's central banks attend a conference that your company hosted, being invited to be a member of a variety of both government and private task forces and committees, and having a flawlessly operating infrastructure up and running world-wide, with well over 200 financial institutions already on-board, is nothing short of phenomenal. Especially considering the relatively short time frame in which they've accomplished all of this. Reading the individual powerhouse bios of the team at Ripple, and then looking at the broad scope of their vision for an IoV, and both the Xpring and UBRI initiatives, tells me that XRP is poised for incredible success. A company wouldn't be able to sell, literally hundreds of millions of dollars of their product to institutional entities, if there weren't both a strong demand for your product, and a genuine respect for your technological objectives. The RippleNet foundation has just barely been laid, and yet already there's "...over 130 exchanges worldwide,: and "...Xrapid transactions increased 170% from Q1 to Q2 and Ripple had a 30% increase in the number of live Xrapid partners in Q2." The momentum is clearly building and whether or not the market is slow to reflect this is irrelevant at such an early point in time. Utility will prevail.
  4. "Something should happen by now but in reality XRP aren’t doing much commercially." I'd say just the opposite. Ripple has not only gotten the attention of the world of finance with their focus, they've also opened literally hundreds of financial institution doors with what everyone is proclaiming to be a much more elegant suite of software solutions for money transfer. The impatience expressed on these boards illustrates how blind people are to the necessary work that goes into building something of rock-solid value. Most people just can't imagine the nightmarish complexity of building out a secure and reliable money transfer network that's interoperable the world over - just navigating all the different regulations is a task that's beyond the scope of my imagination, and yet, Ripple is all over it. XRP's time will come, but it won't be on our schedules, it will roll out methodically in a controlled fashion so as to ensure it's future success. Nothing even comes close, therefore I believe that xrp adoption, barring any unforeseen regulatory shackles, is well beyond a question of "if," it's reached the point of "when." As always, only time will tell.....
  5. Wow, the more I read the more impressed I am with Ripple: they're all over this stuff on so many levels! Compared to anyone else in the entire crypto universe, Ripple's involvement with almost every issue imaginable, that has even has just the potential to impact adoption, is making all the others look as if they haven't yet begun to crawl. Most of these companies can't even barely roll over, and as such, I expect that we're going to see a lot of SIDS in the future. (sudden infant death syndrome) Ripple's progressed to the point where I'd say that they're now beyond walking even and have begun to jog. I can hardly wait to see what their run is going to be like as I imagine it won't last long until they break into a full out, sustained sprint.
  6. Thanks, I amended my post to "them" as being the Fed.
  7. Thanks, but what I was referring to was an internal SWIFT document that highlighted an internal structural change to their software. It seemed to reveal that a change was forthcoming that actually would allow for settlement, that was initiated through SWIFT, but completed outside of their banking consortium's gip framework. I don't remember the wording of the particular bullet point that was within their document, but it sounded as if this was a potentially big change in their future handling of transactions. And the way that it was worded, it sounded as if it might be a bit disruptive overall. I might have read much more into this than actually exists, but it was a very curious inclusion in their internal "what to expect" memos/documents. I'm sure it's still out there somewhere, it's just that I rarely go back to find stuff that I've once dug up - I just keep moving forward expecting that if any of the stuff that I've uncovered, actually has any merit: figuring that it will ultimately be revealed over time. I apologize in advance if this in any way fuels what many refer to as "hopium," but I come across so much interesting stuff, that I very rarely stop to make footnotes of these things, or where I originally found them - i'm just trying to get an overall feel as to where things might be heading....
  8. It's interesting that although TCH is owned by "25 big banks" they've only managed to get 16 to go live thus far. Also of interest was that the FedNow target date is for 2023-2024, and even then, that Ledford saw this as requiring a lot of work ahead of them. (them being the Fed) Domestically, there's really no need for Xrapid or XRP as I see it, but to connect internationally, I still see a big opportunity for Ripple. Who knows, maybe RippleNet is still a viable domestic option.
  9. Interesting TA analysis. The "...take until November...." fits nicely with several things that I've been reading about Ripple lately, such that if even a couple of the more significant ones pan out, I wouldn't be too shocked at some significant upward price action. One of which was an internal SWIFT document, posted in a youtube video, that was highly suggestive of a change in their software that would allow their platform to utilize third party solutions in order to facilitate transactions. I might have misread or misinterpreted the meaning, however, it sounded to me as if the R3/xrp route might become possible starting on November 17th. If anyone has a link to what I'm referring to, I'd love to re-read it, as I don't save any of this and I'm always scouring the net for everything I can get my hands on - negative, positive, or "who knows" kinda stuff. I also recently heard a quote about some country's regulatory guidelines having a November due date, but I can't remember who it pertained to - sorry for the fuzzy memory, but it might have been in regards to India.
  10. A long but interesting read. It leaves me wondering if she sees Ripple as being one of the Red Pandas? What a regulatory mess to have to sort out and clarify. I still get the feeling that Ripple is considering moving operations to a country, such as Malta, Bermuda or Switzerland, if the U.S. doesn't soon come up with their own regulatory clarity. This was not only alluded to in the WSJ's open letter to Congress, but by Micelle Bond in the above interview. There's no way that super conservative banks are going to go "all in" with Xrapid and xrp until there are some clear rules in place. Not that Ripple is in any type of panic mode thus far, but I'm sensing that their frustration with this is growing by leaps and bounds.
  11. "We are proud of our strong record of cooperating with and supporting private-sector services, while fostering competition for public benefit. We have provided vital support to the sole private-sector provider of real-time settlement for faster payments, and we will continue to do so. The Federal Reserve provided a joint account to enable the private-sector operator to offer real-time payments. Moreover, today we are announcing our intent to explore the expansion of Fedwire Funds Service and National Settlement Service operating hours to support the efficiency of the joint account structure for the private-sector real-time gross settlement (RTGS) service and provide broader benefits." Who else but Ripple could "the sole private-sector provider of real-time settlement for faster payments..." be? There was an article in the WSJ today that quoted the Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell as saying, "In many places the Fed operates alongside private-sector operators, so it wouldn't be unusual or out of keeping with how we've done things in the past." I found the WSJ article very "curious" to say the least, as much of what it was describing sounded exactly as if they were talking about Ripple: without ever mentioning their name. Something's up, but it's hard to tell if this is a really really great thing, or it's something unexpected altogether.
  12. Brad said it a while back, that the two most pressing issues facing xrp adoption were liquidity and regulatory clarity. The MG deal and the programmatic institutional sales are addressing the first issue. The monthly escrow sales are not our enemy, as they're laying out a network of exchange and institutional "rails," that absolutely need to be robust enough to handle the traffic that they're ultimately aiming for; and they're building a base of liquidity in the process. The ongoing fight to get the second issue resolved has now reached a boiling point with the FB Libra white paper release, and Ripple's subsequent WSJ message. This is some serious business, both figuratively and literally, and I for one, would much rather see a well structured, methodical build-out of the overall Ripple network, to ensure what I'd describe as a necessary, "other-worldly" carrying capacity to be able to efficiently handle what's likely to come.
  13. "R3-Ripple Solution: High potential to become a global standard for financial operations such as international money transfers and trade finance." (my emphasis with the bold/underline) This about says it all for me, as it's coming from someone on the "inside," more or less, on three different fronts: from R3's perspective, Ripple's, and from a large consortium of Japanese banks. Kitao is in the privileged position to see how well this all works together, so despite the naysayers on the inevitable delays (i.e.: regulatory/security) I believe he's in the best position to see how this is all likely to play out. And let's not forget "Slide 132" - ‘Full-scale efforts towards increasing financial services using Ripple’s XRP and R3’s Corda.’ Hopium is not the problem that many are describing it to be, it's all the "I want it nowium" that's brought such an immature perspective to evaluating both Ripple's progress and potential. As always, time will tell......
  14. Wow, impressive work, Thank You! Just your initial efforts on this quickly demonstrates how significant these research projects have the potential to become, and how varied they are. This is again, is a stroke of genius on Ripple's part, that will pay dividends in the long run that are almost unimaginable.
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