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  1. Haha very clever. I'm not smart enough to contribute though.
  2. I'm backing A in this fight. I could sell right now and x4 my investment but that's not what I bought in to do. Long hold here. Just for kicks.
  3. They have their hype, rumours, FUD, etc. Same as the rest of us.
  4. Random predictions now with pictures of things that happened once! Subscribe today!
  5. Reminiscent of females online who seek validation for their claims by virtue of being female as if it matters. Maybe this ones hubby is a SWIFT employee.
  6. Not sure what this implies. He knew nothing about it, it's cheap so now hes thinking the price will rise. This will sound rude because there is no tone associated with it, but so what? Edit: No I still don't like how it came out haha. All I'm asking is what does this mean to you?
  7. I always planned to hold long. I dont flinch at the market and look at the price perhaps once a week. Just seeing where it goes.
  8. Great pic up my friend. I wonder what special powers of prediction this site uses when coming to these figures. Perhaps it's just intuition!
  9. What a blatant attack. Not even hiding it any more.
  10. Then they become very very quiet or indifferent. Thats if they dont go complete 180.
  11. Absolutely. Now is the time for them to capitalise on the momentum. Im sure thats exactly what they are working on.
  12. Thats just a Reddit thing. Very Liberal attitude in general.
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