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  1. I love the idea of asking people to match the donation. I had considered the idea of giving away to a few friends when XRP reached its highs. Matching donation incites to vote using disposable income. What if the road to 100K goes through 10K, 4K, 20K, 12K, 40K, 18K, 35K, 12K, 50K ... How do you anticipate one can handle losing 28K in potential appreciation?
  2. Reading answers in this thread, I've come to wonder if the best time to communicate about cryptos is during market declines or near bottom right now. By bottom, I mean even if BTC goes back towards 6000, that would be good positioning to enter.
  3. For me it's a bit of a "no brainer" as from the technical viewpoint XRP as many other cryptos aare a database secured by many parties. People like to use the word "decentralized". I view it as a vault for knowledge very difficult to tamper with. From the financial side, cryptos implement triple entry accounting, that is transactions are instant reconciled. A transaction is equivalent to a debit a credit and a receipt. There is zero benefit in auditing XRP, BTC and other transactions compared to a bank account where accountants have to verify transactions and balance do square up and add up. Those two points add significant productivity improvements it may take the next 20 years to harness and benefit from. The bottom line is I invest in trust technology. I only ever heard one of the Winklevoss use that term. It seems few are able to convey the value of this innovation. Every time I explain this is trust technology, people get it and are interested to the point it surprises me. I invest and support in trust technology. Why would I refrain from letting everyone know it exists?
  4. Great. Did you turn into the local crypto guy?? What do you think made them believe it was a good idea to invest?
  5. Did you convey anything about you having no idea when a good entry point be? I have a friend I told about cryptos a year or so ago who suddenly decided last march to invest 5000 fiat. I told her about the possibility to buy in the top 10 coins. She decided that she only wanted the three top coins. So here you have it, someone owns some XRP and has only a faint idea of what it is. I did advise, yes, now I mean advise in an active manner, for that kind of money buying a hardware wallet would be the best way to secure her future investment.
  6. I had no idea the word inspire could describe an active action. Inspiring is for me a 100% passive phenomena. I am surprised at how curious people get when I explain what cryptos are meant to accomplish. I feel I owe my fellow human beings to disclose the shift and impact cryptocurrencies are engineered to exert upon society. For the same reason, when I short XRPBTC, I feel indebted to the community to disclose I am taking wealth out of the common stach. I view XRP going up 10x a 50/50 proposition. I am therefore increasing my equity, taking it out of the common wealth of society at large. Once a century those with little means stand a fighting chance for equity appreciation. I feel endebted to mention that opportunity, as long as the listener wishes to hear.
  7. I like to convey the potential future I see in cryptocurrencies. If someone asks me how to buy cryptocurrencies, I explain the risk.
  8. My girlfriend decided to invest into BTC it was 800 ... She recouped her original investment when it went up. The rest is litteraly free money.
  9. Did she mention any point that convinced her to go ahead and invest?
  10. I'd like to hear stories about you telling some people about XRP leading them to invest. I'm curious about details, such as how much they invested, how did it turn out and which was the deciding factor. Thanks!
  11. Please, see my update on XRPBTC short trade:
  12. At the time of the original post, I added to my XRP stake and went long XRPBTC. XRPBTC pursued on a down trend. Reality sank in, I resumed shorting XRPBTC as a mean to protect my XRP stake in BTC terms as per I bailled out circa 5000 satoshi. Yesterday XRPBTC outperformed the market and I resumed a cautious XRPBTC long. The only explanation I can come with for the current market development is for institutional money coming in.
  13. Trade update. XRPBTC keeps underperforming. Reality sunk in and I closed my long leveraged position on 2019-04-11.
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