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  1. Presuring Amazon reader's comments on Wells Wilder Jr. books: New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems rating: 4.3/5 "I usually say J.W.W. is the father of mechanical trading or at least the guy that brought up the concept of it with this primordial work. This late 70's work is undoubtedly the mark zero for many systems used nowadays and the cornerstone for a group of specific class of "indicators" to say the least." The Delta Phenomenon: or The Hidden Order in All Markets rating: 3.3/5 (Note each market has its own turning points set) "Have you ever seen one of those 3D posters with all the dots? They were popular in the 90's? You had to look at the poster for quite sometime and then magically the image would appear. For some it never appeared. No matter how hard they looked. The Delta Phenomenon is a lot like that. Some will never get the message. Some will give up trying. J. Welles Wilder gave us RSI. Parabolic SAR and ADX." Comment from David Wilder his son: "The Delta Phenomenon fundamentally changes the way you view the markets. If you understand the basis of the delta cycles, you begin to realize that these exogenous cycles provide a time template that is absolutely defintive to markets and to life itself. I have read all the reviews here, and over the years I have spoken with quite literally a couple thousand people who have read Delta. And like these posts, the comments I have heard have covered the spectrum. And at the risk of sounding arrogant, I think I know why. The science of Delta is sound. It is based on the total interaction of the sun the moon and the earth. If you are now rolling your eyes, I understand. In my opinion, most "financial astrology" is so subjective that it is quite worthless. But stay with me...delta's cycles are based on astronomical relationships. End of story. So, trust me- the science is sound and it is definitive. The art of delta however, is where most people fall away. The interpretation of the high and low points turning points can be tough. To put it in a nutshell, perfect order does not mean perfect accuracy. Still, if you really study this, you will be amazed at the insights you gain with Delta." As far as I am concerned the longer four year time frame, the most "tradable". Long term positioning can be quite profitable I see long term cycle analysis at the fringe of TA. It requires patience and waiting years before entering a position. The right brain approach of pattern matching, the required chart self-study may have contributed to keep the system an open secret. Pattern matching can be approached using neural networks, a software simplifaction of how the brain functions. It can be viewed as a form of statistical analysis rebranded today as AI. One such automated trading systems designer reported their finding price being influenced by three equal factor: TA, intermarket analysis, fondamental news. One of the hurdle to such implementation is devising an appropriate and accurate dataset along with significant computing power, capital and patience. People who purchased the Delta package also signed an NDA which may have contributed to the system confidential nature.
  2. I expect the decoupling to continue, however unbolting BTC is possibly difficult, neither in the best interest of the space. I know I may diverge on the topic on this forum. Bitcoin has a first mover advantage along with significant support and active development. Once and a while I look up at the first 2010 Bitcoin obituary. “Why Bitcoin can’t be a currency” – The Underground Economist | $0.23 This has to be the worst investment advice ever... I support diversity in projects, each has its own merit. Amazon was not even on the horizon when the Internet started, neither Netflix nor Google. Ripple is a startup and within that space, who can at this early stage to decypher the ultimate winner. I like to think people can come up with solutions and surprise, the success of others being a boost for the entire space.
  3. I invested in XRP in the first place because of the CME Group involvment. Major exchanges are in a consolidating phase, NYMEX (oil), COMEX (gold, silver), Euronext merged with NYSE Group, ICE owns 12 exchanges. The CME Group just acquired NEX (forex and bonds). I view XRP being mentioned on the NASDAQ site as significant sign. From the perspective of those players the entire crypto market is relatively tiny (comparable to a large corporation) as outlined in this video. Will investment pour into companies with blockchain exposure or into cryptos themselves is the arbitrage XRP holders have made. Utility token versus equity. My take is that exchanges will list any securities regulators will allow. I concur that asset class will be presented within mainstream medias with a positive spin again.
  4. The four year cycle has been discovered by Jim Sloman in 1984 and Welles Wilder reported paying one million dollar to secure rights. Welles Wilder may be remembered as the father of TA, J. Welles Wilder, Jr. (1978). New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems. The four year cycle discovery spans all assets class, however there is a catch. There is a range within the turning points (each market has a specific set) wherein the market may inverse, highlighted in dash on the gold chart. If Bob Loukas uses the Delta system, then the BTC inversion window range is already behind... Bob Loukas February 2019 low would translate into flat to higher thereon.
  5. Your last joke made my special XRPchat joke indicator cross its 50 MA. When everyone gets serious, it's time to buy... Waiting for the low still...
  6. Cryptos work in tandem for most part. Is XRP price action correlated to BTC? For those who feel so please ponder over the following cycle analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfts2qHGle0
  7. Ask between which exchanges the arbitrage is possible...
  8. Does a trader without any outlook need to hold any position? I am long 8000 satoshi and holding the BTC play.
  9. Please review the following "predictions": Granted the market top got in at 3.40 USD, the timing months ahead... Bernanke trade was near "spot on"... Granted my notice was posted almost two weeks after I wrote it. Now on this Jan11, 2019, I circonvene any publishing delay. There are a few six month outlook data points I'd like to pitch: XRPBTC 0.0003 top XRPUSD 8.00 top I anticipate a series of spikes. I intend to sell some XRP on the second spike. I anticipate sharp market short lived unbalances. The critical data point I want to convey is to position orders ahead of the price action in order to be the liquidity provider. I feel compeled to give long terms investors and traders advanced notice.
  10. Wait a second if everyone gets rich on crypto who will do the real work? Guess what, we'll replace, bankers, notaries, lawyers, accountants with smartcontracts, most labor with robots (who needs to drive trucks), people will get basic universal income. Those who care to be hyper-productive and rich will enjoy a life of creativity unencumbered by rules and regulations which stifle productivity.
  11. Was I supposed to buy XRP on margin? Reminds me today I sold 20 000 XRP short by mistake
  12. I might just stop talking crypto with nay-sayers. I've done all I can to inform my fellow humans. This guy is my friend. The more unsubstantiated facts I read the more future buyers. I smile and give thank. I become more and more zen, reading the opposite view. I know blockchain technology is sound. I know they will figure it out someday. What a wonderful alchemy for ignorance to turn into my equity!
  13. For all that's worth, I predicted XRP to reach 4.00 by the end of June 2018 one Dec 16 when XRP traded at 0.70
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