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  1. Sorry for spamming. Seems like the previous stream went down. Heres another one.
  2. There is also this stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r3sswSiiWY
  3. eToro closed it's XRP markets. What a joke. I need to migrate to a different exchange.
  4. Well, investment is such a strong word. Most of the people would probably cut their losses by switching to another asset during correction, right? Now imagine every single altcoin being coupled to BTC, they would be falling at the same rate. I do understand that this would be seen as oscillation in the XRP charts, but with great enough volume it would certainly increase the price of XRP making it even more attractive option. You are right about the long term investment not being suitable for most, but I think there are individuals who tolerate risk better than others. What do you think about the price staying low for a few months, until there's clarity on the lawsuit? Wouldn't it be amazing to see tens of headlines stating the rapid price increase? Oh well, hopeful thinking.
  5. I would say that at this point in time, it is generally thought that XRP has hit bottom ($0.20 ish). This would mean that at least some of the people feel comfortable allocating funds to XRP during BTC corrections, and I think we are seeing this happening currently. I am not so sure how long this kind of thinking lasts though if the XRP price starts to rise. I feel that currently we are truly decoupled or "inversely decoupled" from BTC. Wouldn't it be great to keep this going until the SEC case is settled ? I would imagine funds then flowing from more highly priced assets to underpriced XRP.
  6. I bet this was a good lesson for new investors about cryptomarkets. It is tempting to sell when the balance goes negative.
  7. My understanding is that they haven't announced the Q4 report release date yet.
  8. I also tought that, but then I started to draw some random lines on the chart and told myself just to hodl.
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