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  1. And what are you supposed to do with an installer? You need a wallet and a password, or you need a secret key. If you dont have that, you're out of luck.
  2. First they ignore stuffie, then they laugh at stuffie, then they fight stuffie, then stuffie wins.
  3. The time is determined by the exchanges. You could complain, but it probably won't help. Is it normal? Don't think so, but exchanges are busy handling transactions.
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roslynlayton/2021/02/10/sec-v-ripple-mining-for-clarity-in-regulatory-chaos
  5. I heard it depends on the state. https://uphold.com/en/legal/licenses-for-residents-of-united-states
  6. Wow, I just payed for porn with securities!!
  7. BTW: i don't know what Pornhub is.
  8. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/91817/pornhub-adds-xrp-bnb-usdc-doge-crypto-payment-options
  9. https://xrpl.org/run-rippled-as-a-validator.html
  10. Hi all, I read a lot about burning XRP lately, especially burning the XRP in escrow. I don't want to discuss if it must be burned or not, but i am curious about what it is exactly and how this can be executed. For this, I have found two tweets from David Schwartz (Ripple CTO): And: "XRP Ledger amendments require an 80% approval rating from the ledger’s validators. If an amendment stays above that threshold for two weeks, it is activated." So, i read three options: Paying it as a fee Sending it to an account whose public key hash has insufficient entropy to have a corresponding private key anyone could ever find. If the community wants it But what does it mean exactly? How can it be executed? Are there any other options? And what does 'burn' mean? Does it decreases max supply, or is it just that this XRP still exists but can't be accessed anymore? If I have lost my secret key, is my XRP 'burned'?
  11. Yes, we all know that, you don't have to yell.
  12. https://twitter.com/s_alderoty/status/1347273044818096134
  13. Because XRP is a security and XLM isn't
  14. You know, I was wondering what happens if XRP is declared a security. In this situation you will have a US company that has created XRP that is used as a currency all over the world, but not in the US. It sound like a situation where Tesla creates cars that are used all over the world, but are not allowed in the US. Second, the US is tearing down their own biggest innovative Blockchain companies, and let those useless energy consuming currencies like bitcoin and ethereum unaffected. The US must be very stupid to let this happen, despite all the regulations and greed behind this. I think, somewhere in this process, politics will win in the favor of Ripple. For the US it will be better if Ripple wins and XRP becomes the #1 currency.
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