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  1. Acomplished what I wanted with ripple-rm. Managed to bring the wallet balance to 0. Thanks to everyone for helping out.?
  2. ? None of the reasons mentioned above. For personal reasons I want to get out of the crypto world. Completely. I will try the ripplerm wallet and will come back with an update on how things worked out.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion but I do not have the necessary technical skills.
  4. Thank you for answering. I see that the rippex website has closed. Are there other wallets that offer this possibility?
  5. Is it possible to set a custom fee for a transaction to burn the wallet reserve so that the balance becomes 0? Are there any PC wallets that permit this?
  6. But the public markets are very volatile and I believe their first choice would be Ripple. Retailer's accepting XRP is an alternative use-case, one that probably will not be backed by Ripple in the near future. There was a post here from someone that wanted to start an exchange that used XRP to transfer value and found basically no support from Ripple.
  7. Hello everyone! HODL-ing for a while now and a tought crossed my mind. If XRP will be adopted by the financial system on a large scale how will this affect the average retail user/HODL-er? I mean even though I have XRP the banks won't buy it from me or from a crypto-exchange, they will buy it from Ripple. They will buy it directly from the public if the demand for XRP in the financial system would exceed Ripple's supply. Or in a hypothetical future in wich Ripple sold all of it's supply and because of the burned XRP in transactions the XRP of the average users would be needed to keep things running. In an even greater long-shot XRP will be globally accepted as currency and banks will offer deposits in XRP. The only real use cases for retail users I see are: the banks buy your XRP, XRP becomes accepted as a world-wide currency, alternative use-cases are developed for XRP e.g. Codius. If none of these happen XRP is just an upgraded Bitcoin that gains value from speculation.... Opinions?
  8. It seems to me that if national electronic currency becomes global the majority of altcoins and maybe even bitcoin will die. Why? There would be no demand for them. Why would you need bitcoin then? It has no value. It is not backed by anything except hype, speculation and maybe the need to exchange it for other coins (it is easier to exchange bitcoin for altcoins than to buy them directly with fiat). It is true that fiat money is not backed by any commodity either but it does have the government of a nation to offer it value. Ripple on the other hand is different because it is a payment system. The XRP is a means not an end. If it will be adopted on a large scale then there will be a need for XRP to ensure liquidity. Growing demand => growing price. How high will that price go is another discussion.
  9. And what need would there be for cryptocoins? It would offer the same experience as cryptocoins without anonymity.
  10. And if that happens what would happen to current cryptocurrencies that are not regulated by the government? Seems to me that they will dissapear...
  11. But there is no government control. By creating a national cryptocurrency and eliminating fiat there would be total control and transparency of all the money in the economy. This would be especially useful when it comes to theft and other illegal activities.
  12. Hello everyone. I am new to the cryptocoin world and I was wondering if it is possible in the future that governments will start creating their own cryptocoins like e-dollar, e-euro, etc. , that will probably replace fiat money? What would happen with bitcoin, ripple and altcoins if that happens?
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