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  1. Im sure youve done this form in past. Relax, im sure nobody was misled by my statements. My general message is you dont have to do it. I can even post the bitstamp email to confirm if need be. You had some cool points though lol.
  2. Right and i didnt have an account to give...i actually emailed bitstamp about this and they said i did not have to do it like i originally stated. Even spoke with a hedge fund manager.
  3. This isnt true for bitstamp per say i am a U.S resident and i too thouvht i had to report. So i went ahead to do it and they only want your bank account number associated with foreign acciunt and amount. You never receive an accouunt number for bitstamp.
  4. Miguel stated few banks would be using xrapid this year i hope hes right, if not theres always next year
  5. Hey guys if youre interested in checking out Tron dogs visit my store and support a fellow zerper out. tron.game.com/#/store/ThrowADawgABone Thanks, if you own a store let me know so I can return the favor
  6. Sorry for misunderstanding then just seemed like you were trying to be matter of fact with him and it bothered me haha.
  7. You spent the time to browse through all his posts to do what exactly? Were all arguing that you shouldnt listen to his predictions yet you want to prove/disprove if he ever made other predictions in the past. Hence my previous post.
  8. Its easy to search for flaws in others yet not within ourselves. The fact youre now focusing on the above shows that you are either: 1. Forgetting the underlying theme of his statement 2. Realizing how foolish you sound complaining about someones guess and are now looking to save face by meticulously picking apart every word of his statement(HA youre wrong) or 3. Both. Applying your logic, if you were the respectable blogger in the community, wouldn't you be doing a disservice undervaluing a project? Surely someone would want to maximize their profits. I think the moral of the story is, you cant make everyone happy. For what its worth @Hodor spends alot of his own time and effort to put a well articulated blog together, the least we can do is let his creativity/imagination run. God forbid he makes a statement and doesnt have a resource to back it up
  9. @Max Entropy this is the only scenario that would make sense. But this could also be without ripples consent as well. Say someone with vested interest is demonstrating the stability of cryptos say until next year to seem more alluring to institutional investors. Honestly I wouldnt be upset one bit. Xrp has proven to be most stable in the most unceetain of times and if they need to suppress price momentarily to demo strate cool. However once banks get on board i dont feel a whale will have any affect anymore. Edit: wanted reiterate i dont feel they want xrp to fail in thus event
  10. "GREED, Fear, and Xrp" i dont read hodors blogs to see a dollar sign I read them for his insight and to connect some pieces I cannot see myself. To hold anyone accountable for a price prediction is both irresponsible and naive. His price predictions are to keep people like you satiated with potential gains so you are excited for the future. Ive never acquired more xrp because of a number hodor said, but his words sure do instill confidence in Ripples mission.
  11. Looks like nice steady growth though. I cant see them manipulating the price especially considering most coins are locked up now. I dont even think they possess the xrp thats sold its in another entities hand to handles institutional buying. Only way i could see ripple manipulating is if the employees were whales themselves. But they could be identified and punished for doing so. Doesnt seem likely ripple would do this.
  12. Could this be why bitstamp is enabling their .01 tickrate? They did say to combat market manipulation and ripple has invested in bitstamp
  13. I dont see why everyone is caught up in @Hodor prediction. Its a blog post where hes entitled to his opinion based off the information he relays to us, After all it is his perception. Another point I may add is the ones crying about price predictions are probably the ones he was referencing in said blog. Good work Hodor you definitely capture crypto as a whole with this article.
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