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  1. From Ottawa, Ontario but living in Asia at the moment. GO SENS
  2. Glad I picked up my TRX at the beginning of DEC! It's been a decent sidekick for my beloved XRP. Keep your seat belts fastened folks!
  3. Think of your coins as in the blockchain and under your control with your private keys. As for the Ledger, yes all you essentially need are the words in correct sequence. A quote from the site: "The 24 words you copied on your Recovery sheet when you first handled your device is your backup. These 24 words are your "seed", which is like a passphrase that generates all your public and private addresses." https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000820045-GENERAL-OVERVIEW There's some fairly basic but handy information from their site on that link!
  4. That's what your recovery phrase is for!
  5. I noticed Evercoin is exchanging XRP now again, although I haven't personally used them yet! Good luck!
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