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  1. You are right... but what you're missing is that the vast majority of people investing in cryptos right now are not the hyper-libertarians that created this space. To the average consumer, upending governments and banks is not only stupid, its unrealistic. I'm not commenting on my beliefs one way or another, but if you haven't realized yet that the anti-government libertarian is a small minority of investors, now you do. So, what does that mean? It means that most people who are investing want to get rich quick on the next dot com boom or the "second age of the internet"... to them, a large financial institution saying BTC is a fraud is bad no matter how you slice it. The dumb masses are easily sway able. For XRP and us, I think this is great.
  2. Agreed... at this point, the lawsuit is something that needs to be watched but its a moot point until a decision is made, which I don't believe will be any time soon.
  3. I think XRP has the potential to become somewhat independent of BTC. At least, more so than any other crypto. No crypto is completely independent of BTC, but its got the best shot. It did act of its own accord today during the BTC price correction, I noticed that as well. I agree that looking at the end of day results matters, but you can study a currency and charts in smaller time windows and learn a lot - which I think is the case here which @Dorious smartly pointed out.
  4. Anyone think the Jamie Dimon quote will actually help Ripple? If the uncertainty is that BTC might be banned by governments and banks, would it not make sense to invest in the currency that works with governments and the banks? I could see the masses swinging towards that line of thought.