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  1. Yeah I agree, there has been too much weight on coinbase listing xrp, they are just another link on the chain of liquidity that the ecosystem needs to have a deep market for crossborder then (hopefully) between border transfers.
  2. step in the right direction for building in robustness and decentralization which is the strategy of Ripple.
  3. For the regulated banks to add xrp to their balance sheets and regulators to “approve” of xrp, there needs to be hedging instruments swaps/futures/options on xrp. This will allow the banks to hedge price risk as they hold xrp as a bridge currency. Which the company is working on as we speak per there Q417 report.
  4. Let’s hope that the Chinese will be as “accepting” of cryptos also going forward!
  5. I'm not sure I follow that logic. Just because there is $27trillion in nostro/vostro accounts to mitigate counterparty/settlement risk with the current Swift setup will not mean that with xrp they will have to hold the same amount of $value in xrp. From my high level understanding, xrp will drasitically reduce/eliminate the counterparty/settlement risks associated with crossborder money transfers, so will the need to hold these nostro/vostro balances. This is the core value proposition that xrp will deliver. The question is how do we quantify and measure the utility of xrp???
  6. ps...please list more positives for Ripple and XRP
  7. Think long term guys, there is a pipeline of good news to come from the company i.e. 3 big names in remittance, maybe central bank adoption of ripple etc., etc. It is hard to a position while prices are declining but it is just profit taking and nervousness shaking out from the stack. We are at the infancy of a paradigm changing wave for fintech and intestinal fortitued is required.
  8. the derivatives (futures/options) will be cash settled no physically settled so no xrps or underlying crypto currency will be required.
  9. we can assume with high confidence as this is Ripple/XRP's core strengths, but there is nothing explicitly stating it?
  10. I meant Western Union
  11. Here is a link (7months ago) that talks about WEstern Digital integrating with Coinbase, and mentions pilot program with Ripple (that never materialized but technology was promising). Read!! https://www.coindesk.com/western-union-reveals-pilot-coinbase-integration/
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