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  1. Thanks for the documentation what about signing. I need this for Swift or dart that could work with flutter.
  2. @nikb While we have your attention, I could not find documentation on how to create seeds and sign tx outside of using the ripple-keypairs node module. I had to get our mobile app(currently in development) to run a node.js server on the device so it can make use of the ripple-keypairs module. This works but is not optimal. PS. I drink and program so plz ignore the tone ?
  3. @splash Both, us and whatever third party we used for market value. However, this could all change with Codius
  4. @Ctrl-Z That would be the risk. A user would need to understand that their escrow would be dependent on multiple third parties.
  5. @Ctrl-Z Yes, it's possible.
  6. @splash Escrow allows you to have crypto-conditions and timebased conditions. While we could have a condition based on market value, you'd be relying on us to release that escrow based on the market value.
  7. You would need to communicate directly with the XRP ledger yourself or use a service that did this for you. We have gotten a few request for a Linux version so I may push it up higher on the priority list.
  8. Reservoir Lite is not required to release your funds from escrow. Upon creation of your escrow we provide you with the TX hash and fulfillment you can use these to release your escrow outside of Reservoir Lite. We also have a Wallet that allows you to create escrows as well Harbor Wallet
  9. @Sukrim I'm a Marine not an ex-soldier But yes, it's a cultural thing here in the states.
  10. Are you saying you lost the secret key? What wallet did you use to create your XRP address.
  11. When you create a new wallet an encrypted file is saved to your local machine that contains your wallet information. Your antivirus software may be seeing this as malicious, so what you can do is add harbor to your antivirus exclusion list. Let me know if this helps
  12. @Malloy @pucksterpete Links should now show correct version number I would also love to hear your feedback on the wallet.
  13. Ahh Yes we are changing that. We will be pushing version 1.0.2 that includes auto updates for mac once that is live we will change the version number on the site.
  14. @pucksterpete If you are on windows you will just need to close and re open the application we are currently working on auto updates for mac.
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