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  1. There is a lot of information about Flare/Spark on this forum, and there are many knowledgeable people over here that understand how everything works. There are simple and step-by-step explanations about how to claim Spark, how the distribution would work out, and we have discussions about wheter or not we should keep Spark, or sell it straight away: But for those who want to hold Spark, what exactly can we do with the tokens? How can we, as simple XRP / Spark holders participate in the Flare ecosystem? How can we put our Spark to work and contribute to the system? What do we get if
  2. No, Ethereum addresses are in HEX so they are not case sensitive.
  3. Yes they are. But they are burned. The others won't get more. The amount held by exchanges that won't cooperate is not part of the equation though. This may lead to participants getting a higher Spark:XRP ratio than 1:1. But I still don't understand how they are going to manage this as the exchanges' accounts are not public.
  4. What I am wondering... Flare says they will burn the Spark that are not claimed. This means they could theoretically burn billions and billions of Spark right from the beginning? Since they do not know how many XRP holders will finally claim Spark, they will eventually end up with any number between 55 billion and 100 billion Spark, with 55 billion Spark in the hands of the company and the Foundation. Is it not important for their operations how many Spark are available in the market?
  5. Someone know how it went when Ant Financal tried to take over Moneygram lastyear? Was there also official announcement and offer to all shareholders?
  6. Yes!! I try to talk as much as possible about it and I see nobody really knows about it. That make me think we are still at the very beginning of everyhing. We know with some other familly members how difficult it is to transfer money abroad. And expensive. So they understand the problem. And the solution sound logic! It sound so easy everything. So they decided to invest and keep finger crossed!
  7. wow so sorry for everybody that have lost well earned coins!!!! hope you get them back somehow.
  8. My mother, girlfriend, some school friends. Not large amounts but still. They are watiting for some price movements. They asking me every day. But I told them it would be long term investment.
  9. 1 hour ago, XRPonTheIronThrone said: This cannot be emphasized enough. Counterparty risk is what almost took down the entire system in '08. Indeed!!
  10. Probably a friend of his is enjoying his XRP now :)
  11. This may be a stupid questino but can you elaborate on that? I am following those twitter discussions and I am always happy when people write about large transfers and institutional Investors joining and xRapid usage and so on and so forth. You always read about xRapid that is starting up and growing and then there are always people like you killing the dream. So how can we know?
  12. Nice, I would also like to buy Ripple stocks!! But they are no public Company.
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