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  1. I have to admit that I don't follow any more. Flare, Songbird, the claims, the delays, the different distributions,... Is there someone that can answer my questions in a simple way? I have XRP on my own Ledger, set the message field to my ETH address of my Ledger to claim FLR. - Has the Songbird distribution started already? If yes, how can I access my Songbird tokens or what do I need to do to get them? - When Flare distribution starts, what do I need to do to acces my Flare tokens?
  2. Okay, so... in a way it's normal I don't understand how it works :-) We'll need to be patient then, the network launch is supposed to be in about 2 months from now so I guess new information will come any time. Thanks!
  3. Thanks @Seoulite for your explanation. However, no matter how many explanations I read and how many videos I watch, I still don't understand anything of this whole Flare network :-( How do you lock up XRP exactly, to get FXRP? Do you transfer your XRP to an agent for example? And how can you get passive income exactly, what do you need to go? I read about voting for example, how do you do that? Can comeone provide a simple explanation or are there any good explanations out on the web, or videos I should watch?
  4. Yeah, this was https://twitter.com/Basque_XRP Sad story, either way. You can still find his original Tweets in the Google Cache. Afterwards a friend confirmed on Twitter he had passed away, which resulted in a large discussion whether this was real or a scam. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:aEWPodPTIFcJ:https://twitter.com/%40Basque_XRP+&cd=3&hl=nl&ct=clnk&gl=be&client=firefox-b-d https://coil.com/p/Ferdi/What-happened-/eaBwXlEjv https://coil.com/p/Ferdi/Cry-for-Help-/6UbTDZDvb
  5. This question has been discussed many times before. For Flare it does not change anything what you do with your XRP after the snapshot. If the exchange participated in the snapshot, they will receive the Spark they are entitled to based on the XRP in their wallets at the time of the snapshot. Now you will need to trust the exhange will actually give you the Spark based on your holdings at the time of the snapshot. So the exhange also will need their own snapshot data with account balances of Dec 12. You need to trust they will give you your share of the first distribution (15%) and every monthly distribution (2-4%) for the years to come. You also need to hope they stay in business until all Spark are distributed.
  6. It is indeed straightforward. They overcomplicate things because they don't even bother reading the FAQ. How many times has it been told that unclaimed Spark will be burnt, still you read all kind of assumptions over here, on Twitter and anywhere else. The distribution ratio Spark per XRP only depends on the participation of the exchanges. In order to determine this ratio, they remove the XRP held by Ripple and the XRP held by non paticipating exchanges from the calculation. Only non-participating exchanges can therefore make the ratio move above 1. Spark that are not claimed by June 11 will be burnt. Some groups are taken into account for the calculation of the ratio, but won't actually receive their Spark: Jed, fraud & theft accounts and whales that are capped at 1 b XRP. Those Spark go into the incentive pool instead of being distributed.
  7. If that exchange gives them to you, and continues to do so in the next 3 years, then yes. So you need to trust they keep their promise and stay operational for a couple of years, but if they do you will receive your tokens no matter what you do with your XRP. Only the balance at the moment of the snapshot counts.
  8. Despite all due diligence by Flare, to make sure exchanges supporting the airdrop also meet the requirements, I would never even consider leaving my XRP on an exchange for the snapshot. If you do so, you will depend on that particular exchange for years. Furthermore, you will need to trust they stick to their inital promise, and you will also need to trust they will stay in business throughout this period.
  9. There is a lot of information about Flare/Spark on this forum, and there are many knowledgeable people over here that understand how everything works. There are simple and step-by-step explanations about how to claim Spark, how the distribution would work out, and we have discussions about wheter or not we should keep Spark, or sell it straight away: But for those who want to hold Spark, what exactly can we do with the tokens? How can we, as simple XRP / Spark holders participate in the Flare ecosystem? How can we put our Spark to work and contribute to the system? What do we get if we do so? Unfortunately, I am not enough of a specialist to understand the whitepaper and answer those questions. Maybe we can put our ideas together in this thread.
  10. No, Ethereum addresses are in HEX so they are not case sensitive.
  11. Yes they are. But they are burned. The others won't get more. The amount held by exchanges that won't cooperate is not part of the equation though. This may lead to participants getting a higher Spark:XRP ratio than 1:1. But I still don't understand how they are going to manage this as the exchanges' accounts are not public.
  12. What I am wondering... Flare says they will burn the Spark that are not claimed. This means they could theoretically burn billions and billions of Spark right from the beginning? Since they do not know how many XRP holders will finally claim Spark, they will eventually end up with any number between 55 billion and 100 billion Spark, with 55 billion Spark in the hands of the company and the Foundation. Is it not important for their operations how many Spark are available in the market?
  13. Someone know how it went when Ant Financal tried to take over Moneygram lastyear? Was there also official announcement and offer to all shareholders?
  14. Yes!! I try to talk as much as possible about it and I see nobody really knows about it. That make me think we are still at the very beginning of everyhing. We know with some other familly members how difficult it is to transfer money abroad. And expensive. So they understand the problem. And the solution sound logic! It sound so easy everything. So they decided to invest and keep finger crossed!
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