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  1. Exactly 5 months later, Jed has resumed sales. Eager to see what happens with the main funding wallet once he gets through the funds in the smaller accounts.
  2. It's been almost a year and a half since the escrows were announced and this keeps happening every month... The level of understanding of basic transaction types within the wider community is so low... But I guess the percentage of people in the community that care about the technology and what is actually happening is insignificant. @DividendGamer there's no purchase here, just escrow released. What happens with it we don't know. Yet.
  3. Tacostand just received it's usual monthly funding from Ripple so have to assume that the XRP are still Jed's. I expect sales will come back soon. And I hope they do so he depletes the next several hundred million and we can see whether those 4+ billion still go to his account
  4. Why R3 for internal payments when there's a dedicated system for euro payments?
  5. I believe it's pretty clear he's been doing it since forever and will probably keep doing it as long as possible. The question is if that's enough to keep XLM rolling...
  6. Plenty of charts will look like this at the moment.
  7. I assume the GBP/EUR is being done by MercuryFX themselves outside of xRapid.
  8. No, his sales are still limited based on the daily volume. He could accumulate more XRP, but he can't sell it all at once.
  9. Has Jed's script stopped working and no one noticed yet to fix it? No sales since Friday, 11 Jan which is unusual. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rEhKZcz5Ndjm9BzZmmKrtvhXPnSWByssDv
  10. What part of this is new?... You need to drop your obsession with the pairing as it would put off anyone who has studied any type of economics from going to your exchange. P.S: I don't want to engage in this discussion again, there's enough in the other threads and the first page of this one.
  11. With all the regulations in Japan, I don't expect to see a gateway doing these transactions any longer on the XRP ledger.
  12. The real price is whatever someone is willing to pay for an asset. Exchanges are generally the best way to find the current market price of something due to their relative openness and potential liquidity. If you want to obtain information from the bank, you would simply be getting a price quote that the bank is comfortable with.
  13. I agree completely, since it's a very specific bank corridor, this is likely just pre-funded and using xCurrent.
  14. Great analytics to show I was thinking about this before I saw your post. On one hand, getting no sleep is something that counters the suggestions of them being the same person. At the same time, one using entirely an iPhone and the other a computer, and small overlap between the times they post, might suggest that the person is focusing on 1 account at a time and tries not to use both at the same time Of course, it might just be timezone difference. P.S: I don't believe them to be the same person.
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