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  1. bm32533476

    Interesting Accounts Discovered

    It's just people playing around and testing, I wouldn't say there's anything behind it.
  2. Would only get replaced if one of the Ripple-operated one disappears... Hasn't happened yet.
  3. I think this specific critique is spot on. At the same time, it feels to me that this is the approach Ripple will take... And it might be wrong. They are likely going to announce in a similar manner that they've helped company Z run their validator, etc. And this could definitely be perceived wrong and be used to attack the decentralization of the network.
  4. bm32533476

    Current stable version has changed to Rippled 1.0.1

    Huge if true! Can someone VALIDATE? :)))
  5. bm32533476

    SBI VC Ripple pairing

    Seeing as they added BCH/JPY, it's unclear whether XRP will be used as a base for trading into other cryptos at this time.
  6. bm32533476

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    I'd reach out to Stefan on Twitter, I think receiving those questions will be of big help for them to get the proper documentation and FAQs ready and posted. They obviously wanted to get the publicity, attention and engagement as early as possible so it seems a lot of this hasn't been prepared yet.
  7. bm32533476

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    There's also probably no contracts actually being run at the moment.
  8. I can't see SBI being that significant to bring XRP to a $10 value. We can already see significant volume in Japan and we know that OTC purchases have been strong there for a very long time. I believe that most people who wanted to buy XRP would've already done so by the time SBI goes live. I expect a pump around the time SBI opens and the price to drop back to a bit higher than it originally was when that happens. If the SBI banks start using xRapid via the new exchange... That would be a different story and I'd expect price to go higher as a result of actual volume. But I don't expect that to happen immediately after the launch.
  9. Exposure to some more users is fine, but it doesn't mean they will be buying.
  10. I believe the SBI VC launch will be a non-event for XRP price.
  11. Some strange statements here. Do we believe that Ripple will integrate BTC with ILP? It's there already - they've done it, including Lightning. They've also done ETH. Also, XRP is NOT native to ILP. It's native to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and that is not ILP. Ripple products are ILP-enabled instead. As mentioned above, Ripple believe that XRP will be the long-term winner in an ILP-enabled world and they are trying to level the playing field to prove that.
  12. bm32533476

    4/26 - Amazon Earnings Call

    Within an "XRP Trading and Price Speculation" section? The only thing it can do is create false expectations, especially as the opening post doesn't really state why this is here and how it relates to XRP at all.
  13. bm32533476

    4/26 - Amazon Earnings Call

    Topics like this one are really useless and poisoning the community here.
  14. bm32533476

    Will The Federal Reserve Use Ripple?

    Sorry, not much input from my end, but looking at the topic title for a few days I just wanted to come in and say: No. These surrealistic expectations are crazy and keep setting up the community for disappointment.
  15. That's why it's news! Applicable for Paris now!!! Seriously, we really shouldn't be expecting an announcement from this. These types of interviews are mainly for those that don't follow Ripple closely in my opinion. I don't expect to hear anything that I'm not already aware of.