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  1. The record sale "announcement" came from Brad a while ago. Also, anyone can see the hundreds of millions of XRP sold by XRP II. This should be already priced in and I don't expect it to move the market.
  2. This. Unless the report includes confirmation of new customers actively using XRP (which it won't...), there will be no effect at all.
  3. bm32533476

    When's the Q3 report coming?

    We already know the volume going out of the XRP II wallet and it's definitely significantly higher than ever before. Source: https://bithomp.com/explorer/XRP-II I'm more interested in the volumes sold at exchanges. I want to see if Ripple continued to sell at the same % while the exchanges were seeing higher trade volumes.
  4. He's the one that we're missing information about holdings that was around the time of these large distributions. It's wild guessing really, but since AB's holdings are a big unknown it is viable that these are his wallets. I am not saying that he is selling to hurt the ecosystem, but he might have a different reason to do it.
  5. Seeing as the amounts differ, I believe an algorithm is in use to determine the exact amount transferred, likely due to an agreement or selling strategy. I don't believe these are sold at once on exchanges as they are not as consistent as Jed's sales for example. This could still be a market maker for all we know. It could be Ripple's systematic sales. It could be Arthur Britto. It could be someone else that received a significant amount of XRP a few years ago... DS perhaps? It's all guesswork though.
  6. Arthur Britto looks to be the most obvious answer, but we might never know.
  7. We don't know, but it is unlikely to be R3 unless an agreement was formalized a long time ago as the sales from these accounts started much earlier than the deal between Ripple and R3 was announced.
  8. You seem to be confusing this with the discussion around Jed's XRP. The bearwhale is likely not Jed.
  9. Probably nothing to be fair. It's a small amount now.
  10. That OTC buyer needs to find a seller. The seller needs to obtain their XRP somehow - OTC or on an exchange. If at some point there's no supply OTC, they will go to exchanges to buy XRP and thus would affect the price. Likewise, if no one wants to buy OTC, a seller might go to an exchange to get rid of their XRP. While OTC markets don't instantly affect prices on exchanges, they definitely have effect on the overall price in a delayed manner.
  11. @JoelKatz @nikb is there any ongoing work to further diversify the UNL?
  12. bm32533476

    Any one knows price of xCurrent??

    No, they are part of the product / suite. And what customers pay exactly is unknown, but I believe it has been mentioned to be related to the volume they process through the product.
  13. bm32533476

    Sibos 2018 22-25 october

    Not the first time so not really a surprise. Would actually have been a surprise if they weren't there Bit I don't think SWIFT can afford to not accept them to SIBOS - it would be too significant for the audience.
  14. Just 100 billion you say... :))
  15. While being a loophole, the American entity wouldn't be handling or selling XRP so that shouldn't in any way be a concern for the SEC. The formal arrangement would just be one bank contacting another one in a different country for some kind of bank transfer. Any regulations as a result wouldn't be SEC-related in my understanding. How that foreign bank provides liquidity is a different xTopic