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  1. While I certainly understand the frustration of watching everything move but XRP, a little perspective for everyone: September 1st 2018 prices of the big 3: BTC - $7,000 ETH - $300 XRP - $.34 So we've actually been the strongest asset of the big 3 if you zoom out a bit. And when BTC gets back to 7K, that alone will drag us back up over .40
  2. This was a really interesting read for me, thanks. Helped me remember that I decided long ago that day trading was not for me. Me and FOMO aren't a good mix.
  3. FWIW, I found out recently that the gaming industry makes more money than movies and music combined.
  4. Predicting what will happen in crypto in 18 months is like predicting who will win the Super Bowl in 2034.
  5. I did so a few months ago, mostly because I was tired of the bear market and staring at all these coins losing money that I don't even believe in. I figured I might as well consolidate into the one I actually understand and believe in. Got rid of a few more coins this week to do the same. But OP, if it makes you feel any better, I'm STILL feeling the fomo even though I consolidated and have been buying XRP only for months now. In short, greed is a helluva drug.
  6. Are you picturing some sort of secret liberal meetups where the elites discuss which crypto they will promote? Do they have weird ceremonies and human sacrifices too? Good lord, get a grip people.
  7. I think maybe what you're missing is that at least here in the US, Coinbase is most peoples' first experience with buying cryptos, and they can buy them directly with FIAT as opposed to buying BTC and using that to buy XRP. So they'll start with buying BTC, ETH, and LTC on coinbase and then move into other exchanges to buy other coins as they become more interested. Just like anything else, the easier something is to access, the more adoption it will get.
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