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  1. It’s simply following, but always a bit worse than btc self.
  2. Yes, Swell 2017 was underwhelming because of the narrative you just spoke of. But that narrative is slowly changing and I would like Ripple to emphasize on that
  3. I expected more people to talk about this. What can we expect to see and hear this November @ Swell?
  4. How about the simplest of indicators. The MACD on the weekly for the BTC ratio.
  5. Yeah sure. During the 2014-15 bear market there were truckloads of positive developments as well for BTC and others. They're all fine and dandy but in the end it comes down to market sentiment. And in that regard I was talking about Swell and how it is undoubtedly useful for Ripple, but for the daytraders market it is a pump and dump. Like it Always is.
  6. I get your "This time it's different mentality", it's what people Always say to defend their shabby positions, but we shall see what happens after this typical pump the news event.
  7. Same Swell FOMO last year before and boy that was a dissapointment. Briefly went to like 0.5 If I recall correctly, then tumbled to sub 0.3 very quickly after banks repeated what they will repeat this time: "Regulatory issues will take years...will use ripplenet but not XRP...better alternatives...and more. Oh, and same ridiculous targets were mentioned. Let's not forget that alll currencies have been pumped in the December rally even though many have little in common. Lots of FOMO, very little fundamental interest. If BTC decides to tumble below the triangle of triangles, in which i
  8. Just know when to get out when the long term correction starts. It's going to be hard and deep for all crypto's. Would be sorry to see it all go to waste.
  9. As far as I know nobody buys this stuff looking at the charts.
  10. It's not about use case at this point. It's speculation. And overly liquid and old fat coins are not gonna move. We have new ones for that. Ofcourse they will die out after every bubble.
  11. And as much as we aren't 'investing in ripple', we are investing in ripple by the plain fact that we are paying their salaries with their XRP sales. Their blatant pumping and hyping with no result is something I hold to Ripple as well. You know what, there is no ******* reason to be here anymore. Cya!
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