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  1. newbee

    Be careful out there

  2. Thanks for your votes and make things clear to me! Hopefully XRP will end at position 3. IMO Ripple had to start a kind of loyalty program for XRP holders in the form of a dividend. Pay (Tenx) is a good sample of this. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@yoenelmundo/tenx-pay-long-term-investment-with-dividends-cryptocurrency
  3. FORBES QUOTE OFTHE DAY The time to ‘kick’ people--and by kick I mean ‘challenge’--is when they’re on the way up, to remind them that when you’re growing, make sure your head isn’t swelling, too! Jack Welch, Former CEO of GE
  4. newbee

    XRP Rings - Coming soon!

    I will wait till xrp price goes down
  5. newbee

    The future of banks?

    Hi there, I don't want to create FUD but what if banks don't excists anymore in 20... With the upcoming wallets/apps where you can hold assets and pay directly with coins for goods the use off banks will be less imported IMO. Decentralisation is the keyword. Hopefully Ripple is not betting on one (bank) horse! Your thoughts please?
  6. newbee

    A great idea is not a plan!

    Nobody really nobody knows how things going on! Accept nostradamos:-)
  7. Tip! Create an account on steemit to publish your very helpful blogs and earn some steem dollars:-)
  8. Nice pic! Dream or reality?
  9. newbee

    Gatehub - Getting Started Problems

    A friend off mine issued same problem yesterday but get his verification e-mail today. There is a sort off delay but be patient and you will get them in your inbox the sooner the later!
  10. newbee

    When Will You Sell?

    $50 50% $100 20% >$1000 30%
  11. newbee

    Can Ripple be fined?

    I guess Tulo is upset because lots off his bananas where eaten last days!
  12. newbee

    XRP promotion video

    Hi Zerpers, I was thinking is there a creative video editor in the zerpbox with a Trump voiceover who can create a promotion video for xrp like this one. Location: Consensus 2017 XRP first and BTC second.........and mess with al the other altcoins:-) Location: Consensus 2017 XRP first and BTC second.........and mess with al the other altcoins:-)
  13. newbee

    Chatbox gone

    @karlosMy suggestion is to delete all accounts created after 1st may and let newbie pay a small amount (e.g. 20 xrp) so you know this are real xrp supporters with interest in ripple. The news spreading in the zerpbox is so valuable.