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  1. On the app screenshots, the one on the right, says "Ripple" on the top
  2. You can but the rate XRP/USDT is higher too. $0.035-6
  3. Depends on what you mean by price increase. 500% in past month was a small increase?
  4. I think this is about to happen
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/Persistentsys/status/850233976941756417
  6. Any idea on short term targets for some real usage from Japan? Thanks
  7. Yes, that's probably a buy at market and because liquidity and spread aren't great, by buying at the market you get that average price. Probably better to place an order near the spread and wait for it to be filled
  8. They are 6x more expensive now so it corresponds to 1.2b xrps from last month
  9. "Effectively, Swift would be willing to disrupt itself to keep away competition like Ripple" Too late swift?
  10. And....he is back! Sorry for the off-topic but Dennis is not only an old timer but one of the best posters about Ripple/XRP. Welcome back and can´t wait to hear your thoughts about the current Ripple situation.
  11. Do you still have your secret key? the one that starts with an "s" ?
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