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  1. A Sell offer of 100 XRP for 0.25 each (total value 25.00 USD/Bitstamp) is the same as a Buy offer of 25.00 USD/Bitstamp for 4 XRP each (1/0.25). With the rippled API, you could also use the tfSell flag to change the behavior orders that execute immediately (in full or partially). With ripple-lib, you can set the direction to "sell". I'm not exactly sure how this maps into the client you're using, though.
  2. For storing the seed, I'm a fan of "fireproof" physical storage. Cryptosteel or Blockplate may be good options. You could also buy 2 and put half the seed in each one, so that a thief who steals one still can't access your wallet.
  3. That's correct: I wanted to encourage people to subscribe. You're right that this can be confusing, though, so I've changed it so that the public can also view messages without subscribing. But if you're interested in ripple-lib, I still recommend subscribing!
  4. We've created a new mailing list for ripple-lib (RippleAPI) release announcements. I expect to send about 1 email per week: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ripple-lib-announce Similar to the ripple server list for rippled, we will send updates to this list when important changes or releases are made. We'll also notify this list if any bugs or issues are discovered. If you use ripple-lib in any capacity, I highly recommend subscribing. The list is public, but you need to join/subscribe before you can view its messages. The list is intended for announcements only; to communicate questions and feedback to our team, please use GitHub issues. Again, here's that link to the new list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ripple-lib-announce Thanks!
  5. Hi @tulo! I just got started recently. We've fixed the freezing issue mentioned earlier, and will be looking into returning more data for getOrderbook. Thanks for your patience!
  6. IMPORTANT: Do not use minimalist-ripple-client with Safari. minimalist-ripple-client uses ripple-lib version 0.12.5-rc2, which can generate incorrect addresses when used in Safari. This problem does not seem to occur with ripple-lib 0.13 or later. (Apologies for resurrecting an old thread; I just want to make sure there's a warning posted here.)
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