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  1. I find the sentiment here funny. Reminds me of posts where one would tell people that the price is going to plummet at the very top beginning of 2018. The post got sh*t on so hard even though it ended being completely correct. I'm not saying this post has any point but the forum is very biased towards positive thinking
  2. Didn't watch the videos but probably has something to do with the fact that Flare has nothing to do with the Ethereum network. They only use the same address format.
  3. I guess Ripple stands somewhere in the middle of this with XRP ? CBDCs and XRP don't overlap too much IMO but do you think the big banks and countries are scared to use XRP because of loss of power ?
  4. Now FLR is a bit different since the coin hasn't been even released yet AND the upcoming for is already known. The upcoming fork is basically already priced in, and we can only expect a sell-off right after the second fork. I believe the price of FLR in the first month will be determined by very different things than the upcoming split... We'll see.
  5. What some do is that they anticipate a price drop right after the snapshot/fork of a coin and sell RIGHT BEFORE the token actually splits. They basically think the new coin will be worthless and the original coin's value is higher than it should be because people want the "free" coins. Now this is actually the opposite what you describe. So it's not all that black and white.
  6. Oh yeah! I totally read the original post poorly. What I meant in my reply is that you must add the Message Key to the XRP address which held the funds during the time of the snapshot. If you just moved wallets without sending anything between XRP addresses (so you only have one rXXXXXXXXXX address, the public address of your funds) then it doesn't matter HOW or in WHICH WALLET you add the message key to it.
  7. No. FLR will be its own network only using the same address format as ETH. Has NOTHING to do with the ethereum network.
  8. Set MessageKey is essentially a "transaction". You DO need to enter your secret key to add the address.
  9. I agree with @Julian_Williams here. They are just BTC maxis. Crypto-space can be very confusing and people try SO HARD to understand how everything works and how everything will affect the future. Which coins will last. At some point, the psychology just kicks in: people want to believe their coin is the best. I am an XRP maxi and I know it. Deep inside I just hope for the best and really stopped reading about other stuff long ago; it doesn't matter what the whitepaper reads. It doesn't matter if the code is good. Nobody will know what coins will rise and which will perish. Maybe someone does...
  10. I don't think it's the top off the bullrun just based on high fees on Bitcoin. Most activity happens off-chain anyway I think. On exchanges. Most don't even know what the fee is, probably just that it's too high to send funds for fun.
  11. If in doubt, you could always create a ticket in Bitstamp and ask about it. Bet they are pretty busy though.
  12. I believe this was caused by the thin order books after the maintenance. Not really a nice thing to happen. The price indeed dipped to £0.47 which was nowhere near the "real" price of XRP but instead caused by the missing liquidity after the maintenance. edit: This is what I think happened, I don't have any other facts.
  13. Now also, every time someone sends you a link like this be careful. They might be just to steal your funds. You could open these web files on an offline computer, which will never be connected to the internet again, and then do the conversion to be safe. Cheap computer for this purpose could be worth the investment.
  14. I am not sure how toast works but bear with me. If you had something like mnemonic (12, 16 or 24 words...) or the XRPL master key (starts with an S-letter, so sXXX1234XXXX...) these are the "passwords" to your funds. These grant the full access to your money. The public key starting with R-letter is only the public address for reading what the address holds on the XRP ledger. Without the master key or the mnemonic you will not be able to access your money ever again. These you should have written down or saved somewhere very well and securely. Now Toast and XUMM are only tools to access these addresses and to send commands to the XRP ledger. Your funds are not "in" Toast or XUMM. You could have the secret key or mnemonic set up on both at the same time, then you could send transactions via both apps to the XRP ledger.
  15. You can also do an offline (safer) transaction with Bithomp tools https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools
  16. Bithomp tools works also https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools It has offline functionality (offline computer, online mobile phone). Does XUMM have this? Can't remember.
  17. Your bank very probably doesn't have any custody options for cryptocurrencies. Banks don't hold crypto.
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