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  1. UniCredit and Ripple

    Ok, sorry dude I get it. So far the rumors on this forum have been quite succesful
  2. UniCredit and Ripple

    I only mean, this could be 1. Made up story 2. Just some speculation about what the customer service said
  3. UniCredit and Ripple

    Grain of salt.
  4. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Yes, I know. My point was: Bitcoin enthusiasts, Ripple haters and just general doubters say things like "It's just a pilot" and totally choose to ignore it as the price of XRP doesn't rally to +100% region. edit: Great tweet! Thanks!
  5. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Don't expect too much. Pre-known news are usually already "baked-in".
  6. XRP Rewards

    I don't have kids but I don't plan to sell my XRP before I have. So, I guess I'll just put some aside then. Not a concern for now. Such a boring day. I guess I'll have to watch a movie or something. Was waiting to watch the charts.
  7. Banks adopting Ripple and Ethereum

    I think this is actually a bigger phenomenon than we think. It's easy for us who follow the scene to think that everyone else does too.
  8. Ripple Says XRP Will “Come into Play Later”

    OMG XD Thank you for reminding me about this.
  9. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ripple-price-posts-double-digit-rally-on-amex-partnership-announcement/ I can see the negative response for the AmEx news in the internet. People generally think of two things: 1. XRP not being used 2. This is just a 'pilot' for testing the technology What people lack is the vision of the bigger picture (future of the cryptocurrencies, expanding the RippleNet). edit: Forgot to mention that GBP <-> USD is probably very liquid and doesn't require XRP anyways. So no point anyway.
  10. Hello! XRP vs IOT?

    XRP could become anything and IOT could become something which is not yet defined. If you like both, best to split and also buy both!
  11. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Interesting indeed. Scary also.
  12. Swell Part 2

    Did you find that image somewhere or will you just update this thread with unreleased SWELL news, or what is this thread about?
  13. Swell Part 2

    What is this?
  14. Fork Cancelled

    I think it's a good time to pump this thread up a bit. SegWit2X was cancelled... or was it? The fork has a real chance of happening still, even if it was "officially" cancelled. For what I believe. I am not aware of who actually promotes the fork happening or not, but I believe it is in the hands of the miners mostly. This day, like yesterday, will be exciting I believe. Watching the block 494,784 crush down and see what happens to the markets. https://blockexplorer.com/ Not many more blocks left. This might be the reason for yesterday's Bitcoin rally.
  15. I Don't Get It

    With great things comes great resistance. When the rally finally starts, it will last for the rest of the decade. Only an idiot would try to time this one!