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  1. Nobody would care of these grades if they were based only on random blogs and articles. They review every source code of all cryptos lol.
  2. Yeah, as much as I appreciate your efforts @Hodor I think this link is too far fetched and your tweet-trigger finger was a bit hasty on this one
  3. Why FUD is irrelevant

    The journey doesn't matter if you'd 'HODL' anyway
  4. XRP Update

    I went to Reddit just to upvote your post. I want all the newbies to see it.
  5. @Tripple @zerpdigger Not directly, but I assume this helps a lot competition and Ripple's performance will be greatly highlighted.
  6. I think he means the + in "1500+" and the fact Stephan Thomas had said Ripple wants a bigger number.
  7. Go Ripple! Eat them alive!
  8. Representing Ripple

    Making yourself a nice target, just saying. I am paranoid.
  9. UniCredit and Ripple

    Grain of salt just means you should not take rumours very seriously.
  10. It's good to see hype gaining

    I couldn't really watch the video but I noticed it had 500 000 views...
  11. The true HODLers

    remove d
  12. Wallet activation requirements

    It should be kept high, to prevent flooding of wallets and to promote exchanges to use just one address instead of one for every user. For individuals' cold storage purposes, $40 might seem like a lot, but the held XRP amount should be lowered when the price of XRP appreciates anyway. Also, Ripple would probably never make the held amount higher again, so it should be a bit higher than desired anyway. For industrial purposes where Ripple and XRP are currently meant for, $40 is nothing.
  13. Now we wait. Like the day before. And observe how Ripple moves. Or just forget it. Do what you want.
  14. XRP to CASH in KOREA with CENTRA Cryptocurrency Card!!

    Why would anyone sell their XRP?