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  1. crazy, probably worth it for the scammers...
  2. I think many agree that the transactions themselves don't affect the price. But the increase in entities working with XRP thus hoarding it for use, speculation. Speculators are a huge impact of course, as in every asset class (?).
  3. Just a joke. I don't believe you can extrapolate from the small set of data (1->7.9) to very far timeframes.
  4. Just extrapolate some XRP future price for me please?
  5. He sold like 7% of his stack? Who knows what's happening in his personal life. Maybe that 7% (I think it was 1-2 million XRP) will secure his and his family's lifestyle for the foreseeable future. It's just too small to say anything about.
  6. https://medium.com/nexo/earn-interest-and-protect-your-stablecoins-with-nexos-1-to-1-conversion-guarantee-dbdefa8a8152
  7. Even if you get 8.6% yearly on your Bitcoin or any crypto, JUST REMEMBER: Volatility of these crypto assets is HUGE. 8.6% can be a daily jump in one direction. So most of all you should think what you buy first and not about getting interest. Secondly, 8.6% is NOT MUCH to risk keeping your crypto on some shady website. NOT WORTH RISKING THE VALUE OF THE CRYPTO. ONLY use the BIG ones. EG. Bitfinex offers marging funding with rate of 0.0063% daily on Bitcoin (2.3% yearly returns?) https://support.bitfinex.com/hc/en-us/articles/213918969-What-are-the-risks-associated-with-offering-funding- https://www.bitfinex.com/stats NEXO is the only one I have used, but they only support EUR and stablecoins. Not crypto at the moment, but they do advertise that in the future crypto is supported. Still I would consider twice. Not your keys, not your crypto.
  8. I know it's not given that they do. But it's indeed great. And for what we know, they should have the funds to do that.
  9. Sorry for Jed for being so cynical but this is exactly what I thought at first. Stellar is just trying to be Ripple as much as possible and ride on the ripples that Ripple has started.
  10. It's just JPM coin and Ripple separate for sure...
  11. Coil adoption needs to come via economical reasons. Or social, since Coil pays off quite well. Of course spreading the knowledge helps... Hopefully there's lots of brewing going on behind the scenes.
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