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  1. There is a more meaningful way for these things, called charts. They track the relative performance of two assets. Here is the BTC/XRP chart from Bitstamp from March 2017 to this date. It shows how many BTC one XRP costs, currently in 1790 sats per XRP, and at the high peaks XRP was over 20000 for a brief moment.
  2. I don't know I just press buttons edit: Sorry I shouldn't publish meaningless posts. Let me explain; I think FlareFarm is confusing but I have opted to just press buttons. I would also like some new information on how these things work. What is a 'pool' for example.
  3. Yes, well for some the "exposed" version is the norm. Having the crypto stored in an exchange is equivalent of "not your keys, not your crypto". Of course, you should do as you think suits you the best. But yes, for airdrops your own address and trustline set. (XUMM is the most user friendly, probably)
  4. Most airdrop amounts depend on the number of XRP held on the address that has issued the trustlines. You should most likely withdraw your XRP from Binance to your XUMM address. You can check the trustline address here https://bithomp.com/explorer/ it is the one starting with r (eg. r4v8bP3AjGANjzR9V2uQ6U1GenZcEtCvva) if you have any backup phrases/passwords/12or24 word mnemonic words/secret keys starting with s.... (eg. sh2oSNhJqq4Um1zviHfDEhpRqHFaC) DON'T EVER WRITE THEM ANYWHERE ONLINE However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING TO ATTEND ANY AIRDROPS if you are even a little unsure of what you are doing, which it seems like you are. NO AIRDROP IS WORTH risking your holdings of XRP. I don't know what is B2P address refers to, but you should have proper backups of the XUMM wallet etc. before you do any transfers between addresses. I believe XUMM also has test network support, maybe you used this? I'm not sure. You are not able to issue any trustlines if you haven't got any XRP in XUMM. So it shouldn't have been possible if you haven't sent any XRP yet to XUMM.
  5. But I don't think JPMorgan knows whether XRP is going or not, and definitely not if, to the moon.
  6. I heard somoene say in twitter $10000
  7. David think Bitcoin is underrated! Derisking XRP! Connect the dots people! (joke)
  8. Nice! However, I have a follow-up question: How can the "currency code" be something like "XRdoge" to begin with? Yesterday I thought the Bithomp tools was working fine since I saw this on xrpl.org Does XUMM (or bithomp tools now) somehow translate the XRdoge string to the hex code behind the scenes, or what? Why are 3+ currency codes possible if they shouldn't be edit: I guess I'm just confused why 3+ char currency codes even work on XRPL
  9. I do trust NEXO a lot. But anything can happen, exit scam is the least probable one imo.
  10. With 4% yearly gains it would take 18 years to double your investment. If you let NEXO hold your funds for around this amount of time, what do you consider the chances of them exit scamming/losing your funds some other way? What about the price of XRP, do you believe the 4% even matters? I'm personally a believer of "not your keys, not your crypto" which means that I wouldn't deposit my XRP into nexo for 4% interest... but I might be old fashioned. Nevertheless, I don't think it's anything I will regret missing out.
  11. They will just wait a year and people will forget. Then they dump it. edit: Why wouldn't they just hold it? Increase company value.
  12. Can you elaborate, how can you get in trouble with trustlines?
  13. I guess it could be a good and fun thing to learn. Maybe I'll look into it.
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