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  1. I don't know how the mining is related, but there should not be wild price fluctuations during the few second long transactions
  2. For some non-techy individuals storing your own keys might be a less secure way. It's a difficult matter.
  3. Skippy

    New hardwarewallet from Ledger?

    PIN or fingerprint... gonna lose your fingers anyway when the thugs get to you
  4. I'm going to pull $1,33 out of my ass. Small ups and downs, some spikes up and down. Next year is the year of accumulation. 2020 is the real year
  5. Yup, many parties are indeed selling XRP. The difference compared to other cryptos is that it's very predictable and open. Bitcoin is inflated by 3,85% yearly https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Controlled_supply + others. Who knows how much ETH foundations, not to even talk about other coins, sell all the time...
  6. Skippy

    Coinbase 12 days

    XRP could not come on the last day because then everyone would know it. XRP could not come on the 2nd last day because then everyone would know it will on the 3rd last day, because it can't be announced on the very last date either. ... XRP cannot be announced.
  7. Skippy

    Paper Tigers and Real Bears

    I just started to read your last week's blog, slow down!!
  8. This scenario only happens because you buy more cheap BTC in the second example than the first (400 USD worth vs. 300 USD worth). Why would you buy the expensive BTC first anyway? Why not the cheap?
  9. Skippy

    World Bank outcome?

    Crawl walk run. A year ago basically nobody wanted to touch crypto or blockchain or DLT.
  10. But this is no gladiator fight, dude
  11. I believe xPring's only purpose is to make XRPledger and XRP more used. So I would say it's a solid 'yes'.
  12. Skippy

    Navin Gupta @Bahrain FinTech Bay

  13. Holy damn!!! It's happening! The flippening (soon)
  14. Damn that beer in his hands make the video so much more plausible.. He is confident, he is sexy... I'll listen to anything he has to say.