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  1. I don't even know any exchanges that would support trading them. Nor that I care. But I will take anything that's free. Well... Not anything.
  2. I would not say it is more secure. It really depends how you create, secure and store your passphrases. At least you can blame yourself if something gets lost or stolen. If you pass away, your close ones might not be able to recover your funds etc.
  3. With XUMM you essentially are responsible for the XRP and Spark tokens yourself. You have to be able to create an ETH compatible address and secret, which will be identical in the Flare-network (the public address will be added to the Message Key of your XRP address in XUMM). If you have doubts about your doings and security, you shouldn't risk your XRP because of Spark tokens. If you have any questions, just ask. Bitrue (if you trust Bitrue) will support Spark and maybe some others too. https://bitrue.zendesk.com/hc/en-001/articles/360053316913-Bitrue-Will-Support-The-Spark-Distri
  4. I wish I could answer you quickly now but I will instead guide you here if you have the time https://xrpl.org/consensus.html
  5. First come, first serve. Any valid transaction will be completed if it's valid, the order shouldn't matter (?)
  6. After seeing BTC go up 10000x you might just want to keep the last 10% of your stack forever
  7. From the 24 words you can derive (at least practically) hundreds of addresses to almost every crypto which all are indexed. Maybe when Trezor sees only one, it only checks one. It doesn't bother to check undefined amounts of addresses. You can eg. load XRP addresses by using almost any wallet app (like XUMM) by putting the 24 words in. You don't need a hardware wallet for that. A hardware wallet is only good if you need to sign transactions from an online computer.
  8. Yes, it is but still works... they still support broadcasting the tx blob
  9. You can use Bithomp tools on (an offline computer) to create the transaction blob, (then broadcast it with your phone.) https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools For example... disclaimer:
  10. This is 100% a scam. There is no "redistribution program". Don't send your XRP to these addresses nor give your secret key/24 words anywhere, please.
  11. So as far as I understand, I need to add the ETH address "thingy" to the XRPL address "Message Key". Do I need to post my public address to somewhere also ? edit, found my answer: Once the Flare network & team is ready (they will announce this in advance), they will read all XRP ledger accounts pointing at Flare network accounts, check their balance and distribute an equal amount of Spark tokens to the Flare network account pointed at in the XRP ledger account. https://coil.com/p/wietse/Prepare-for-claiming-your-Spark-token-Flare-Networks-a-tool-for-XUMM-XRPToolkit/NkX
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