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  1. Skippy

    Purchasing XRP with credit

    Great post overall. This part gets me still... I feel bad for not telling people about XRP because if/when the price goes up etc. some of them will probably ask me why I didn't talk to them about it. Well, to overcome this, I have "planted the seeds" and mentioned some things around. Not preach, not try to convince anyone. Just told them I know little something of this one thing I think is really going to change the world, almost like many new technologies around us. My mother (mother story lol) always told me to save money, not invest. She played the safe way. It worked for her and I guess she never cared about being wealthy, but being healthy and playing it safe. When I told her about Bitcoin in 2011, she convinced me not to buy. And I would've done it without her (but I would've sold EVERYTHING 100% at latest 100$/BTC. No way I could keep that hot thing on my hands back then. Who knows if I had "forgot" about it. Maybe then...).
  2. Wish I understood enough about the global economy to say anything to this. Can only say that crypto is a new asset class which is quickly gaining reliability.
  3. Skippy

    JP Morgan quote Ripple

    No need to bash Stellar XLM here with my biased opinions but I think that's like hedging gold with chicken doodoo
  4. If Uphold can do it, so can other platforms/exchanges. For now, not trusting my funds on there.
  5. This chart shows very little IMO. The others not so much either. We can see little narrowing down, but taken that the lowest point in this chart is zero, it shows the ratio between to charts poorly. I don't even know what Google trends mean.. what does it mean to be at 100 or 25 in this chart? edit: BUT what we can (slightly) see here is the rising interest in Ripple and the decreasing interest in BTC during the last few months
  6. Check this thread lol...
  7. Only one who loses here is the bot's owner, no? It doesn't sound good if a bot "goes wild"
  8. Doesn't mention how much of the $400M Yale has invested but whatever
  9. Skippy

    XRP News: Post-SWELL Edition

    SWELL resulted in me probably HODLing every zerp even if XRP hit like $10 during 2019. Because the value of XRP increased so much in my mind
  10. I can hear the Ripples coming
  11. Skippy

    Swell 2018: The 800 Pound Gorilla

    video so quiet
  12. Just read the @galgitron 's blog about xRapid. I'm on phone so cant link but use google
  13. Skippy


    Too many marathon references I suppose
  14. Skippy

    Guys the 800lb gorilla is....

    Oh my god, it's RIPPLE Don't you get it? If XRP succeeds, Ripple will become an incredible powerful private owned company.