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  1. Bithomp tools works also https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools It has offline functionality (offline computer, online mobile phone). Does XUMM have this? Can't remember.
  2. Your bank very probably doesn't have any custody options for cryptocurrencies. Banks don't hold crypto.
  3. where's the "I don't know nor do I have the tools to estimate such a thing"
  4. Very nice view. I too think the faster we defeat the obstacles, the better.
  5. First post is very FUD and biased. Thank you @kenrinofor the balance.
  6. Now is not a good time for jokes. Serious times, buddy.
  7. What the hell did I just read? And the famous Spark token or FLR or whatever, that will be airdropped, will be burned soon after? And I have to choose which Pokemon I swap it into? Is this even related to the same project? I have a feeling someone is just trying to steal my ETH/mnemonic at some point in between.
  8. I think this only shows that people are holding more XRP in the exchange wallets rather than cold storage... For each seller, there's a buyer.
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