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  1. It's just JPM coin and Ripple separate for sure...
  2. Coil adoption needs to come via economical reasons. Or social, since Coil pays off quite well. Of course spreading the knowledge helps... Hopefully there's lots of brewing going on behind the scenes.
  3. I would like to share a good documentary. I think it was good and I learned a lot from it. Certainly made me think about XRP's position in the future world economy and if/how would it get implemented? I certainly think the ones in power would want to benefit from the future world (crypto)currency i.e. "the banks are not going away". It is a long documentary, but I would really like to hear some opinions from people in this forum. Flaws/good points.
  4. They = High liquidity exchanges that don't want to get trouble for not doing they KYC/AML
  5. They could put an alert to the specific address and ALL other addresses that the XRP touches, when someone deposits XRP from them. And then they will just investigate a bit further where that XRP came from. Doesn't mean the people behind the XRP are malicious but ... raises eyebrowns.
  6. They cannot sell those XRP ever. Any high volume exchange will instantly freeze the XRP received from anything that has ever touched that address and the authorities will decide what's next.
  7. Are you saying... XRP is a security? FUD Just kidding.
  8. I remember the one guy in 2018 who started flooding the forums with every god damn C-grade spam crypto site article... then he was mad after nobody appreciated his efforts. Sorry, but why do you bring this stuff up?
  9. Stop getting hopium from the word "settlement". The word is known to be used with both liquidity-on-demand (XRP) and prefunded (nostro-vostro) cases. Means nothing.
  10. Well, yes but with xRapid the banks essentially hold XRP for just a few seconds. I still strongly believe that wide xRapid adoption will increase the price of XRP. 1. Market makers holding more XRP 2. Speculation; making XRP more robust and legit 3. Banks eventually wanting to hold XRP for additional savings 4. Perhaps a lesser effect of locking up the XRP since "XRP is too fast"
  11. Are you really giving this advice right now? Like do you think DS gives you a handshake "Thanks, didn't really think about it!" For companies like Uber or Amazon to use Ripple's services, they need to be somehow connected to banks or FIs who use them, since these companies aren't.
  12. Yup. Trump showed interest and Brad is taking a nice little advantage of it.
  13. It doesn't matter. All that it could matter is that some people are threatened by the immense supply of XRP that Ripple has... And if they were to burn it, it would be only because they believe it is better for the ecosystem, trust etc... it all really depends on how Ripple uses their funds. IMO, if Ripple use the funds properly, I wouldn't mind them holding a nice bunch. Charity and XRPledger
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