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  1. Well no But it's quite risky for being investing
  2. I wish you luck since I feel these things are more or less a gamble. But it's hard to know what Flare will become since it's not even released yet. 99% of crypto which are supposed to "become" something haven't and never will be anything. So I like the idea of staking and delegating and such but for sustainable value in many of these utility coins one might think it's supposed to really "become" something useful.
  3. I think most might understand this but I always feared airdrops because you essentially have the same mnemonic/secret key for many chains at once. This has benefits but also very obvious negative aspects. Especially when it's not easy at all to do offline transactions for these small airdropped cryptos. In this case, you obviously shouldn't hold any ETH in the same address as you gain the SGB/FLR. But in this case also, when you claim your SGB (or some new upcoming airdrop with the same release logic) you will risk your FLR address also.
  4. No. The whole point of a hardware wallet is that you can access your crypto without digging up the secret key/exposing it to the internet. This is always done so that the wallet is set up with a mnemonic seed, which the secret keys for different cryptos and adresses are created from. You store this seed somewhere deep and anyone can re-do your whole wallet if they know the mnemonic seed. If you would import a key, this would not be included in the mnemonic seed's generated keys. So this would probably create too much confusion if a hardware wallet were to have such a possibility.
  5. FLR is not released yet. Bitrue is offering an IOU of the initial airdrop. The initial airdrop is 15% of the total which will come in months to come (two years total? Cant remember exact). I should add that the FLR amount being traded now is very limited. Only people who held XRP in Bitrue have gotten the IOU and could sell it. On the other hand, anyone such as you, can buy it. If it's a good investment or not I don't know. Definitely risky, as most crypto are.
  6. Actually got it figured out already here I didn't really get the hang of MEW. Had to export the private keys which wasn't super easy anyway since I had to change the derivation path to get the 2nd ETH address. It wasn't on the list of coinomi addresses since FLR/SGB and ETH don't work the same from the 2nd address forward...
  7. Thanks guys! Worked it out! One thing I was lucky with was the Ian Coleman derivation of the addresses. The 1st address when choosing derivation path "Coinomi" with Ian Coleman was correct. However for some reason the second address wasn't in the list of addresses (the list was wrong except the first address). I had to change the derivation path's last parameter from 0 to 1 and this is how I was able to export the 2nd address. I am still quite baffled how I managed to do this. Anyway, got my funds in Bifrost.
  8. @brianwalden @RambeauTeasebox Thanks guys, will try
  9. I have two FLR claims for two different XRP addresses. Now the both claims are for my single Coinomi wallet (18 word seed) for ETH addresses #1 and #2. Apparently Bifrost wallet does not support 18 word mnemonic, so I cannot import the wallet straight. I had a thought of using the Ian Coleman tool to export the private keys but I don't even know what to do with them since I don't have any tool that would support adding SGB private keys thus I cannot even interact with the network. Besides that, the Ian Coleman tool doesn't support SGB (though I guess you could still export the keys using the "ETH" coin option?) Anyways, I need help getting my SGB to Bifrost.
  10. I used coinomi which uses 18 word seed. Apparently Bifrost doesn't support this and I seem to be helpless right now Can anyone help me ?
  11. I think most of the time these wallets are not open sourced because of copying/security reasons. They might have been audited by some 3rd party but in the end it relies on trust quite much I guess.
  12. How can I know if this wallet can be trusted?
  13. I find the sentiment here funny. Reminds me of posts where one would tell people that the price is going to plummet at the very top beginning of 2018. The post got sh*t on so hard even though it ended being completely correct. I'm not saying this post has any point but the forum is very biased towards positive thinking
  14. Didn't watch the videos but probably has something to do with the fact that Flare has nothing to do with the Ethereum network. They only use the same address format.
  15. I guess Ripple stands somewhere in the middle of this with XRP ? CBDCs and XRP don't overlap too much IMO but do you think the big banks and countries are scared to use XRP because of loss of power ?
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