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  1. I am using an Android device, gmail and Google Pay. Think about that for a second. I just discovered that Maps has this feature where you can pick a date in history and it shows which route I have taken throughout my day, which images I have taken (and probably what I have purchased). Will I disable these features? Probably not. I am naive enough to believe they are more use to me than harm, nobody will get access to my Google account and Google won't sell/use my info for my personal disadvantage. It's still pretty scary, and it will only get scarier.
  2. How should I know, the more the better eh? ...infinity?
  3. Well it's perhaps about where the $$$ goes after selling... building the XRP ecosystem?
  4. XRP has a built in feature of increasing tx fee if the load gets very high. The fee is still negilible to one single transaction. (min fee currently four millionths of a dollar) There was a bug which caused this fee to be high and some entity, who hadn't set up a 'max fee' (usually 0.1 XRP) paid like 100K XRP in one tx. This was fixed though...
  5. Great, love it. Being humble without shilling XRP while sparking the curiosity of the reader. Wonder how many readers this has...
  6. I don't like being the winner because others are losers but what can you do?
  7. Oh don't say "smart contracts" near the ETH fanboys.
  8. I did increase my DCA but thank lord mighty I was out of fiat at the $0.84 'dip'
  9. Pretty bold but I like it. Definitely effective but you took the bullet for all of us here
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