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  1. The Founder of Tenx, Dr. Julian Hosp, recently did an interview where Ripple was discussed. He disclosed that he met with "One of the bosses" from DBS bank in Singapore last Friday. He discussed how when Ripple was brought up in conversation "her eyes lit up, she was such a fan of Ripple, and DBS is completely sold on working with Ripple." See 17:36-18:34: I felt obligated to post this because of all the FUD about banks not interested in working with Ripple!
  2. Dang. Article has been edited. The mention of Xrapid was replaced with Xcurrent. This tells me the mention of Xrapid being used was either incorrect, or shouldn't have been disclosed yet (NDA)... lets all hope its the latter.
  3. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/ripple-the-company-behind-cryptocurrency-xrp-is-betting-big-on-asia-2018-1
  4. "Hold on to your seats" .... HMMMMMMMMMM. Now why would he say that?
  5. The founder is Chris Dwyer, a "global payments specialist" from Australia. http://chrisdwyer.net/
  6. Hello all, I was looking to get some answers as to whether or not Ripple is controlling the price of XRP to keep it stable for FI's. I keep coming across these statements in various XRP chat postings, and am curious as to the validity of these statements. Has this been confirmed, or is it just speculation that the price of XRP is being controlled? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  7. https://www.coindesk.com/sia-group-r3-team-up-for-blockchain-finance-app-network/
  8. @miguel - would love your insights into this if possible. The seemingly conflicting statements about Caullix have me, and I'm sure many others a bit confused. Any insights/clarification would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Is this new information? Ripple/XRP are mentioned on page 104 onward. Some great info in here! ( I.e. Using XRP for international remittance saves banks 60%). Holy cow! #xrpthestandard
  10. Nadz, I appreciate your out of the box thinking... but I must respectfully disagree with your assessment. God speed, sir.
  11. Hello! I am looking to withdraw all my XRP from Gatehub and transfer them to a Ledger Nano S. Fee question: Will there be fees involved in doing this? If so, is it a set fee? Furthermore, if there are fees involved, what is the best way to minimize the fees when transferring from Gatehub to the ledger nano s? Process question: Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to withdraw your XRP from gatehub and transfer them onto a ledger nano S? ___ Thank you in advance for your help!!!
  12. Happy Saturday all! I am looking for some input as to the direct or indirect benefits of XRP-II sales on XRP. Any knowledge/insights would be greatly appreciated. Is XRP-II basically "wholesale" XRP sold to banks/partners to cut deals and/or provide incentives? As an XRP investor, should we find news of increased XRP-II sales as a good thing? If so, why? #thankyouinadvance #noobalert
  13. At face value, this news seems huge. Thoughts? 10/19/2017 CSBS Announces Fintech Advisory Panel Members https://www.csbs.org/news/press-releases/pr2017/Pages/10192017.aspx CSBS Fintech Industry Advisory Panel members: ACTIMIZE AFEX Affirm, Inc. Alipay US Amazon Payments, Inc. Avant BitPay, Inc. Circle Internet Financial, Inc. The Citizens Bank of Edmond Common Bond Enova International (NetCredit & CashNetUSA) Envestnet | Yodlee First Data Corporation Funding Circle USA, Inc. Green Dot Corp
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